can u post what u need to do to level up

  • i dont want to be a beginner i have devoted weeks to this game if u look
    i try to help ppl i steam i facebook i tell friends
    what are the requirements to be at least a student ugh i feel left out

  • ranking in this forum is a matter of posts, the more you post the higher your rank

  • i am not a comp geek i just play a lot of games
    and have a lot of comp basic skills I try to help ppl
    and just started posting on steam im trying....

    I play this game about 12 hours a day because i have cancer. and i
    cant really do much, but i try every time i see a problem i try to answer
    it if i actually know what the problem is. i support on steam and facebook.
    it should be based on play time using different material and construction time.
    combined with post and community support

  • well this forum is separate from steam, there is just no way for the developer to have the time to check the playtime of every player (don't even go to considering building skill, or constructions used) to give them appropriate rank in the forum :/

  • had not thought about that we should have our own ranking system that
    goes by play time crafting and exploration and dungeons and include on
    a small basis posts whether it be tutorial. crafting or whatever.....
    we are a rising world and need recognition for what we did or have done
    a scale of ranking i guess, i know red is busy but we all love him and
    support him priority is first and foremost,,, abilities display would enhance
    customer want and approval with the game

  • It would be cool if the forums rank takes the playtime etc. into account, however, we cannot implement that unfortunately. We have no reliable way to determine how much time a player spent playing the game. We could query this information from Steam, but that wouldn't work if someone has a private profile. And this only includes the playtime, neither Steam nor we have any data about how much dungeons you've discovered or what you actually did in the game.
    But even if we have access to these information, it would be a lot of work to create a custom solution for the rank. I'm not sure if this is worth the effort, since only a small portion of the players are actually active in the forums :/

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