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  • I bought this game early Jan 2015 :) , I haven't posted much on the forum waiting for last year, see what's new. I haven't regretted my purchase of this game played it non-idle for +400 hours.
    I was about to purchase this game for my father being the <3 2018 new year's present :saint: . He's 66 has about as much patience as :evil: John McClane :cursing: in Die Hard.
    I was wondering ?( if there's an easy way for us to play together as Minecraft where I just type in one person's IPaddress then their server password. He's in the same city but not a LAN.
    We both have steam accounts can we allow people in our friends list or anything like that?
    Or do I got to do alot of hoopla <X . Since I don't see alot of server's listed I am assuming the latter rather then former.

    I am an IT guy and even I don't ;( to setup java + mysql + run scripts for a simple connection.

    Father and PCs =

  • Basically there are these options to play multiplayer:

    • Host a server on your local machine (just download the server files and run them). Alternatively you can also start a "LAN" session ingame (the red LAN button). If you're not in the same household, i.e. you want to play via internet, you have to forward the ports in your router (4254-4259 TCP and UDP), but then you should be good to go :)
    • If both of you already haven an IPv6 address, you can start the game via the +ipv6 launch option and you should be able to play with each other without having to forward any ports
    • Host a server or start a LAN session and play via Hamachi or Tunngle (in this case you don't have to forward your ports)
    • Rent a game server, there are quite some hosters out there who offer RW servers. This is the easiest way (but there are monthly costs)

    Unfortunately the game has no support for Steams peer-to-peer networking yet (i.e. invite friends directly into your game). This, however, is planned and I hope it will be available within the next months :)

  • Thanks for all those options. I look forward to steam <3 peer to peer <3 networking.

    What do you mean by forward ports ? Are you saying just allow open ports on firewall? I think I already have those ports open in that range. If meant by that something else I guess I don't know.
    No Rent of a game server,

    I seen Hamachi and I thought about VPN
    I don't know how much third party software I want to stack on my PC it's already running so much each one causing a person to be exploited either by such third party or hackers. Also my dad would get frustrated
    if he has to create a new login + go to Hamachi + download app + remember all the logins + save all login info, that just to play a game.

    Hmmm. This ipv6 sounded like easiest for both us, I didn't know +ipv6 was an option. We both using IP4 but also broadcast Ip6 at same time.

    I guessing based on what you mentioned would this be how I would do this?

    PLAYER 1:
    1. adjust the start parameters of my game to +ipv6 (screenshot 1)
    2. go to then copy / paste my IPv6 address in - Steam send Player 2 a chat message of IPv6
    3. go to single player even if multiplayer hit LAN (screenshot 2)

    PLAYER 2:
    1. does he also have to adjust parameters? (screenshot 1)
    2. go to multiplayer then hit connect to ip (screenshot 3) paste in Player 1 IP6 sent him via Steam chat

    Is there a password something like that somewhere for login as an option?

  • PLAYER 1: ...

    Exactly ;)

    1. does he also have to adjust parameters? (screenshot 1)

    Yes, everybody who wants to join this server (as well as the host), have to set the +ipv6 option. In most cases it should still be possible to join IPv4 servers btw, even while the +ipv6 tag is set^^

    2. go to multiplayer then hit connect to ip (screenshot 3) paste in Player 1 IP6 sent him via Steam chat

    That's right :thumbup:

    Is there a password something like that somewhere for login as an option?

    Unfortunately there is no option to set a password for LAN games, but usually it wouldn't be necessary anyway, since your LAN server will not show up in the server browser (so if someone wants to join, he needs your IP address).

  • Thanks for all the confirmations on my guesses.
    It a little confusing going to single player - then hitting LAN -
    I was looking for Multi-player for connecting to him, all I saw was Hive-Servers not what I needed.

    Thanks for helping me out.

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