Anti-Multiplayer & Other Thoughts

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  • From the amount of hatred and false paranoia I've experienced in Steam forums for other games other than Steam it makes me curious why people hate multiplayer games so much. I'm finding that the hatred for multiplayer in certain open world games is similar to how people hate zombies that it's far more baffling on the mulitplayer side. The whole toxicity, the whole flame baiting, triggering, and wanting to argue saying people desiring multiplayer are "ruining singleplayer games". I'm really trying to figure out this root of the cause as to why people are so paranoid of multiplayer that it makes me wonder if anybody in the Rising World community is "anti-multiplayer" in the same fashion that we have "flat-earthers" living on this planet. I guess micro-transaction is to blame in AAA games (i.e Battlefront 1 & 2) that it just ruins everything. More love is being put into micro-transactions while trying to separate people from one another and their money in online environments.

    As silly as Jimquisition is, I do have to agree with his certain points that I also want to mock and burn AAA games for constantly lying and stealing from their community. Taking things for granted by trying to keep to the same re-hashed' formula time and again. Simply look at Pokemon gameboy games that stay the same with little change to each game.....

    [Plugin] Animal Breed Master - Viehzuchtmeister V0.50

    I ended up playing Minecraft because of how vastly different it is from all the other games that I felt that an open world is where games should be. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and such. Even the awesomely tranquil games like Euro Truck SIm 2 & American Truck Simulator by a Czech gaming studio facing similar obstacles and hurdles to Red51's team. The amount of troll toxicity demanding things "NOW! NOW! NOW!" that they throw tantrums on steam reviews and such.

    After watching Jimquisition I'm quite curious if anybody can forcefully buy the Rising World property off of Red51 without his consent. Can someone just swoop in to "steal" and damage the Rising World property? If not that, I'd expect some clones to Rising World similar to maybe how Farsky is to Subnautica. Will we have to fear for Rising World's future once it goes to 1.0 release? I'm thinking Westwood here as well, and how Microsoft bought out Mojang after Notch went "meh, here you go" type deal.

    1) Why do people fear multiplayer in singleplayer games so much?
    2) Are there people who are phobic of multipalyer in Rising World that they only play singleplayer?
    3) People throwing tantrums whenever developers don't update content on a whim that they want things "NOW! NOW! NOW!" (I'm also guilty of this that I want to apologise once I saw the state the Player Foundation update was released in)
    4) Curious if someone can just swoop in to "steal" Rising World from Red51.


    Expanded thoughts:

    If this is too confusing, random, and rambly then I apologies. Sorry. I tried my best to make it coherent.... Just been watching a few more videos trying to understand the state of the gaming world as a gamer myself as to why things are the way they are.......

  • To tack onto this:

    I'm glad to see where Rising World is at because Red51 is just adding things whenever he's humanly able to. He's showing he cares, thus why I'm here being obnoxious as I am that I keep praising his hard work in a "respect where it's due" manner. I favour indie developers because they don't make excuses (except for some when it comes to multiplayer, yet it's also their gaming choices) that you have yet to hear them whine that "creating woman models is hard" in games. Thank you Ubisoft for that quote! :whistling:

    I play a lot of mobile web games such as Kantai Collection, Fate/Grand Order, Azur Lane, Alice Gear Aegis....... Japanese gaming market has a heavy market where you have to pay to ease any grinding that it frustrates me 40% of the time that I love relaxing in Rising World. When able, I want to bring the content from those games into Rising World via modding so I can relax. I wish people spending the time and effort making those web games could instead make a world like Minecraft & Rising World where we can mess about in a similar fashion to how Pixelmon mod was made for Minecraft. That was nice and relaxing. An infinite world, do what you want..... No daily login craps, no guilt, no whaling your money away, and all that nonsense..... This is where my pressure for Red51 comes in because I want to relax in Rising World, and I'm sorry to Red51 for pressuring him a few times for .pmx support.

    Jim Sterling also has a good point that people expect gamers to just by the same copies of the same main game that somehow our time and money is infinite (unlimited) that we can play the main game AND the clones. That the cloners can somehow gain the same success as the main game. Nope. Game shouldn't feel as a job, something I've been saying time and again. They should be "FUN" and "entertainment", something the Japanese mobile game markets tend to forget half the time that it's used to hook people into whaling. If you can't pay money you're eventually screwed.

    For Fate/Grand Order someone spent well over $300 to get a character named Scathach by blowing through their savings for a ".png" type file. I'd rather commission someone in the Rising World who knows what they're doing (or even Red51) to add in Scathach via a mod as a functioning NPC that does combat and such......

    I love Rising World, yet I'm also trapped in my mobile games because they're 80% fun, 20% money pits.... :S

  • I don't understand the single vs multi that you describing, at all.
    Maybe because I am a first generation MMonrpg player. My first online role play game was a real a massive multiplayer game. Everquest launched Mar. 1999. In less than a year we went from 12 servers to 42. Each server held 2k players, and all of them were full.
    There were no player owned servers, there were no forums where we told the de'vs what to develop, there were no tantrums allowed. We talked to the devs, live in game as they played with us. We discussed suggestions on the forums. Rules were enforced. Banning was permanent. The amount of whining and hate was unthought of at that time because we were in a brand new era, and we played for the sheer joy of it.
    Something that is missing in the newer games I've watched the next gen play on line now: seek, rewards based on your own game play, and satisfaction derived from that alone. There was no game store to buy armor or potions or weapons or experience. We earned it. When we saw a warrior class in plate with a legendary weapon, we knew that he/she did not buy it. Or have it given to them. The items were Soul Bound - only the one who earned it could use it. It could not be sold.
    We formed guilds to band together and we policed ourselves along with the gm's who played among us. We were proud of the friendships and the banding and the quests we won.
    When it takes a full week to set up a raid with 12 groups of 6 players: complete with diff. classes that must band together or they can not take down a certain boss; and the knowledge that you may well have all 72 of you wiped in the first 15 minutes (happened to me in Plane of Hate, along with half the dang server, we learned). This will gives you gaming companions and memories and pride and most
    Without these ingredients, the player bases seem to just want to jump into a game, play it for a couple hours, buy or pay for what they cant figure out or earn, and move on. There is no satisfaction in this. This may explain some of the emptiness of a lot of the game play today.
    And the greed of the kind of games you yourself describe, contributes to that also.
    But as to why there are game players out there who call themselves gamers and then feel the need to hate on other games that are unlike their favorites is beyond my understanding. Name calling, hurting others, making an ass of yourself by acting like a kindergardener...I don' understand. i try not get involved with that sort of thing becasue I don't think there is an answer. I'm sorry for the wall of text, I think I'm trying to do the same thing you did, maybe, ask questions to which there are no easy answers. Or maybe I'm just totally off the mark :)

  • Ever since my friend got me to try a pirated copy of 'Black & White' I've always been on a hunt for that "everything" game with Minecraft coming close. Minecraft managed to hit all those right notes that I became addicted for those 2-3 years I played it. Nothing but Minecraft because of how I saw resources all around that I'm now in Rising World because I've sought out a more complex game fitting for NPC companions. This was back around 2000-2003 where I was even shown 'Morrowind', something I wish I tried in more detail. 'Black & White' was a fun game that I wish could have been more open world + had a fun companion pet that I wish was also in RPG games and such. Even Rising World. I wish to have a sentient enough NPC that that we can do various resource & combat based tasks with them. High customization & modding.



    I don't understand the single vs multi that you describing, at all.

    Look on Steam forums for any 'singleplayer' based game to desire co-op or multiplayer for it. Ask a simple question if you can have multiplayer where you'll be lethally jumped on as if you've committed a very unholy sin for some weird religion out there......

    1) Xcom - Back in 2015 I asked in a co-op thread if we could have co-op to find that I was 'banned' for a lengthy period because someone mistook me for striking things out as hiding things. People kept posting in the thread that co-op wouldn't fit the turn based alien killing theme of things, something that sounds like an automated response type fashion. I was combo hit with a posting ban & people siding on anti multiplayer that we never gained such.
    2) Stranded Deep - I chimed in asking for co-op/Multiplayer with one of the moderators going "Not this crap again" probably stating they'd have to spend more time adjusting things to make it all work.......... That's your fault (same mistake Subnautica devs made as well)
    3) Airport CEO - Developer & community both are against it that you're pretty much an outcast. People mock you being outright pessimists about not seeing how co-op could work.
    4) Subnautica - Developers showed desire to later backtrack with the community HEAVILY desiring it with an equally HEAVY anti-co-op that you can genuinely get murdered for asking. People jump in for the sake of jumping in to stab you, kick you, spit on you, and auto-post messages linking to threads. People keep claiming the horror immersion wouldn't be there, yet that doesn't make sense when the game has 'freedom' & 'creative' mode type options bypassing it..... People are stupidly programmed to murder other gamers out of Borg & tribal mentality that I have to call them vulgar names. (Subnautica was to gain multiplayer support yet no funds at the time so they had to go against it all that it's now biting them in the rear. People want it, yet others being vicious denying people that desire. Co-op mod is being made in that 'supply & demand' manner.)

    Subnautica has to be the worst community for desiring co-op with how VICIOUS people are on there. No joke..... I survived because I'm a troll at heart, yet trying to rid myself of that persona. There's always the "for" and "against" group that it's strange that it makes me thankful and grateful that both Minecraft & Rising World has multiplayer capabilities. Same with having modded Euro Truck Sim 2 & American Truck Sim into the mix. Even the CyubeVR game I've vented about being insanely rough around the edges SHALL HAVE multiplayer support in the future. :) People try to "defend" singleplayer games saying that multiplayer ruins the whole experience that it takes away from other gaming assets that they refuse to look on the other side of gaming that they either intentionally or unintentionally hinder game designs and progressions (note the two embedded youtube videos above to see how). Basically put.... "people" stick to "cookie cutter" formulas that it hinders any risk taking that you won't have CyubeVR, Rising World, or any of these fun indie games we have now.

    People wanted to play co-op in Skyrim that a co-op mod has been in the making since its launch. Still struggling. People wanted to play multiplayer trucks in Euro Truck Sim 2 & American Truck Sim, thus we have a modded way for that. Now you see a heavy supply and demand for it in Subnautica, thus a co-op mod is being made for it........

    Steam forums are the worst. I hate it! People want to purposely see games destroyed that you can see game reviews being bombed into 'mixed' & 'negative' that it constantly makes me furious. Imagine if people asked for co-op/multiplayer for Rising World on Steam forum right now asking for co-op right now.... What would Red51's response be if we didn't have co-op & multiplayer? The quote below + Red51 saying "Sure, it's on our list with an unknown ETA."


    The next update (which removes the hive authentication from the game) will be ready on Wednesday, 14th of February 2018 around the evening (GMT)

    Look at that banner to see why I keep praising both Red51 & Rising World. Sorry I'm obnoxious, yet I want to praise this over people being "anti-Multiplayer" & "anti-gaming"..... Red51's intentions are genuine that his actions are speaking louder than words, and that's a great thing. Push your game while supporting the multiplayer realm is awesome :)

  • Wow, videos just keep coming about how bad the state of the gaming industry is that I'm once again thankful and grateful with where Rising World stands. Same with SCS Software games, Subnautica, and such.....

    The following video is why we're anal about Steam reviews because of how easy it is to abuse.

    A shame trolls don't learn their lessons, such as Lord Sluggo on there trying to instigate fights. Just watching whatever youtube recommends to me.

  • This probably may be the last video to show why indie game developers are better than "Triple A" games that I'm just 'done' with lies and idiocy. There's a lot of crap others and myself had to deal with that I just love the presence of creative & innovative take indie game developers take that it's fresh air with no "woman are hard to model" excuses Ubisoft once made.

    Yup, I love being on the side of indie game developers because I'm finding I play more of their games than the craziness that's "AAA" copy-pasted asset flip games. Just look at how happy Weemcast & Vortacvid are with their indie game youtube videos playing Medieval Engineers, and other smaller developer made games. I love watchign their videos when it used to pop up on my recommendations. :D (A shame their videos stopped appearing on my recommendation feed)

    Also, in line with the topic of that video you'll only note micro-transactions being done by "AAA" game developers, nothing lower. Ylands has them, thus it's suffering in certain ways. Great concept game wise, yet bad execution micro-transaction wise. Minecraft has them on console + Xbox Win 10 version, yet that's only skins. Minecraft seems to be the only exception here because it's hitting so many bases all at once. Every other game I played is clean. SCS Software with their Euro Truck Sim 2 & American Truck Sim operate via DLCs that it's a mostly smooth road to travel, yet there's always something people will be unhappy about.

    I played many AAA games that I'm furious with them. My shelving unit full of "AAA" games just doesn't see the light of day. Unless It's something like Gundam, 007, or GTA it just doesn't see the light of day because of how copy and pasted they are. I miss playing my PS2 games on my PS3, something I can't do anymore because you always have to upgrade to something "better". It's similar with PC titles that what you buy is simply "throw away" games that you play them a few times (for a month), then they're gone. RIP.

    I'm sticking with Rising World, Subnautica, ETS2, ATS, Empyrion, Staxel, and all those other games. I just can't follow the "mainstream" gaming side of things because there is always something missing that just ruins things. Jim Sterling said he prefers more "linear" games than open world games, more so after the failure that is Tecmo Koei's failure of Dynasty Warrior's 9 take on open world where it's all open, yet no content. I don't really agree with him on that side because linear forces things to be cramped. You can't be creative. With what Jim Sterling mentioned is probably why people are desiring the whole Subnautica experience to be "guided" around, something I partially blame gamers for, yet recall I was overwhelmed by Morrowind myself. It's something game developers will have to keep note now to have things open world, yet somewhat 'guided' so players don't feel they're "overwhelmed" & "lost". With Rising World's tech progression from Medieval to Modern era I'm confident we're in the right hands. It's the same with Minecraft that your creativity takes over, if you allow it to.

  • Yup, it's all about the choice and I do tend to try my best viewing things 'logically'. I sometimes have to be reminded of it, yet it goes both ways for gamers & game developers.


    You just have to use a bit of time investigating them and go with the ones you like best. RW is definately one of the good ones.

    I agree 100% with this because my bitterness towards AAA games spawned from AAA games cutting too many corners taking too many things for granted that it forced me to research games before buying them. I watch Youtubers, check out steam pages, all the resources online before I buy a game. Right now I'm eyeing up Eco to see if it's my kind of game, and right now it seems "too complicated" for my tastes that I hate being time-limit rushed. With work hours being in the way both Minecraft & Rising World are better, even though I can alter the time in the meteor hitting your planet in Eco.

    I've spent a lot of time in 2015 researching Rising World that one or two of you actually mistook me for having bought the game back then, something I have now while accidentally being the "loudest" of the bunch here. I've dug so deep in my research that I can see what Rising World can be capable of in the future <3 I can't wait for that future.

    Walter is our second loudest in the community that he keeps preaching to people to do their research instead of writing up reviews on the same lines of "it's raining outside, thus this game sucks. If you disagree with my opinion then I delete your comments!" which tells you nothing about why a game sucks. Steam reviews are horrible, and you can see Lord Sluggo, Xandrae, and all those people twisting words while supporting negativity there. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Researching a game is key :D Walter keeps preaching these wise words, and I'm glad you (Graysilk) agree with this. Rising World is denfinately the "good ones", otherwise I wouldn't be here..... I have a short attention span that I tend to wander around easily from game to game. People have trouble keeping me in other games. Look at me with Subnautica with how much I praise it, yet I'm struggling to play it. I love the game, yet I lost that hook. I want to play more of it. Even with a Japanese game called 'Fate/Extella' where you can finally roam about in that anime universe, yet it's not done quite right. It's still that AAA gaming nonsense that it drives me up the wall. I enjoy the game, and I want to play more, yet I keep getting unhooked. Rising World has that magic and charm to it, as has Minecraft.


    On a side-note: I'm sorry for pestering Red51 about the .pmx stuff twice before, yet with the way mobile games on the phones go I truly want to see MMD models as NPCs in the game in a similar manner to how you can import models to VRChat to be your avatar. Have standard animations apply to them + your own created just to see them "living" in the game. If I can have that then the reason why I picked up Rising World from the start shall be fulfulled. My desire of having found an open world where I can have an NPC companion would be fully realized, thus why I joined Rising World. I've joined Rising World in hopes of finding a game that could add an NPC companion to be your friend; Your helper in the way of the 'Mining Turtle' from modded Minecraft. Sandboxes like 7D2D, Subnautica, and others all miss this that the worlds end up being empty. :( (I also enjoy Rising World as its own game because it improves where Minecraft hasn't. Rising World is a fun game in its own way)

    I feel so frustrated I can't find one proper sandbox game where you can have a companion NPC, unless it's some RPG, J-RPG, Skyrim, or Rimworld..... You can't really build or customize in those games as you can in Rising World that I'm trying to patiently wait for Rising World to mature. You can have companions in Skyrim, and they do become customizable, yet you can't build. There's always some sort of annoying trade-off that disappoints me that I"m hoping Rising World shall fill those in finally..... It's tough, and I'm still trying to say sorry to Dagoline. Sorry Dagoline, but I'm still trying to find a game that fills in the voids I desire. I'm trying to be as patient as possible that it can't be helped.

  • Rising World has it lucky right now because I just about got murdered again comparing "anti-multiplayer" folks to the extremists "Flat-Earthers" for how extreme and toxic they are on the Steam forums mocking anything to do with co-op or multiplayer side of things. Thanks for giving us multiplayer options from the get go! P2P, and all that :). One person on my Twitter timeline didn't like that because of how people hate MMOs, and how everything is online only..... Tell me this from the get go then so I don't have to picking for answers blindly. If you know something then TELL me.

    Also, I singled out this quote (view attachment) from Youtube because people make it sound as if multiplayer is a recent addition to games it it should be kept out. It's a taboo topic, it gets you murdered on Steam forums, and it's something people view as a sin...... It's also apparently a recent addition to gaming...... Rising World, you're lucky. I got murdered on Subnautica forums for this that I'm thankful you're one of those Indie games with co-op multiplayer from the get-go. I'm blaming this whole multiplayer toxicity on AAA game treating multiplayer, and how Battlefront 2 is the problem as well. Too much drama ruining it for the little guys that people start falsely White Knighting on indie game steam forums, and such......

    Be careful how you handle the word "multiplayer" because it's insanely volatile that it explodes right in your face..... It's constantly exploding in my face I keep getting dazed by it.

    Why do we want multiplayer/Co-op in games? Just to play with friends. Simple as god damn that.....


    P.S: Please stop murdering me on gaming forums over something as trivial as co-op multiplayer in games. AAA games ruining everything that everybody is apparently sinning with a taboo game feature. I"m furious right now.......

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