Server Spawn

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  • That’s for me, from what i understand, i am talking about new people who come onto the server so let me back this up a little, if i use set spawn, that will also be my spawn point as admin. Like other games such as Minecraft you have your own spawn point and new folks have their own new spawn point

  • So you want spawn for admin and one for new players?
    There is really no need once you are on the server you would "set home" for your self.
    Other admin would do the same.
    Now are you talking about when you die and you want to respawn at a certain spot?
    The tent would server the same purpose I suppose.
    You could use area protection and make it Admins only.
    Hit me up discord more for info you like.

  • so you say their is a set home command, i will try that. but in the mean time, Now i went to my location, did the set spawn command, the system showed my new spawn location, so then i went back to my main location and did the goto #spawn command. next thing i know i am way way above main location, and not the spawn location I made. my goal here is to make all new players into the server spawn at the visitor center....

  • Oh, just to avoid any confusion: The setspawn command updates the default server spawn which affects all players. If a player did not set a custom spawn point for him (either by sleeping in a bed, tent or shelter), he will always respawn at this position (and especially new players will spawn there when they join the server for the first time) ;)

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