I can't find any aluminium underground

  • I can only find aluminium on the sides of mountains. I have tried 2 different settings for the Be Happy map. The first one is normal terrain with no caves, the second one is flat terrain with caves. On the first setting I can find aluminium on the sides of mountains but not underground and on the second setting I didn't find any aluminium. I have found gold on both map settings. It was frustrating when I found gold on the second setting but no aluminium.

    Is the above normal for all maps?

  • But you need aluminium to build the tier II workbench. You also don't need aluminium to build the steel axe, steel hoe, and steel pickaxe, but you need the tier II workbench.

    My next game, I'm going to play the Be Happy map with flat terrain and no caves. Since I can find gold with torch light and make a blueprint without the tier II workbench. I'll do without the head lamp helmet, steel tools, mining drill, chainsaw, and the metal detector. Unless I get really lucky and find aluminium.

  • That's really unlucky. Best thing would be to try on different spots in different places.

    At some point i was really broke of iron. But the more i excavated the more i found until the point where i really don't know where to put it.

    Just have patience and keep searching

  • I started a new game on the same map with flat terrain and caves and I found aluminium by a pond underground. So I started a new game, same map, flat terrain, and no caves. Now I just have to find that pond again. Since I know it's by a pond, I should be able to find it again.

    My game settings have high ores, all animals, plants, all dungeons, and all waters. The lakes and oceans don't spawn with flat terrain but the ponds do. The whole map would probably be under water if the lakes and oceans spawned. I like the flat terrain because I don't have to rake the ground to build and I don't like caves because I fall into them from my mine and die.

  • This game is different things, at different times, to different people. In order to fully advise someone on how to deal with the issue they are having, you must first determine their play style. From your posts, I am now beginning to think you might find it more to your liking to just give yourself what you need. Use the console which is the "`" or tilde key by default, to enter console mode. Then just type in 'item aluminiumingot 12' without the quotes. This will give you a dozen Aluminium ingots. No need to dig to find anything in this game, when you play in Single Player, you are basically an Admin in your own world. If building is why you are their, do not bother with mining or searching. Just give yourself what you need and build whatever you want. You can even just enter 'gm 1' to enter Creative Mode and use the workbenches to create anything. No need to even find the resources. Plus, you can use F2 to enter fly mode and go underground directly to the dungeons. So, no need to even look for them by mining.

    I have attached a list of all the items and objects for you to use. If you need help in the console just type 'item help' or 'object help' without the quotes.


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