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    I've managed to fix the water when it leaves holes in the areas I make for it by using the bucket on the water in the place I made for it. So what you can do is use the bucket on the sides where the water is and dump the bucket where you want the water to be. It's a lot of work but you can make the water even within it's structure.

    I started a new game on the same map with flat terrain and caves and I found aluminium by a pond underground. So I started a new game, same map, flat terrain, and no caves. Now I just have to find that pond again. Since I know it's by a pond, I should be able to find it again.

    My game settings have high ores, all animals, plants, all dungeons, and all waters. The lakes and oceans don't spawn with flat terrain but the ponds do. The whole map would probably be under water if the lakes and oceans spawned. I like the flat terrain because I don't have to rake the ground to build and I don't like caves because I fall into them from my mine and die.

    But you need aluminium to build the tier II workbench. You also don't need aluminium to build the steel axe, steel hoe, and steel pickaxe, but you need the tier II workbench.

    My next game, I'm going to play the Be Happy map with flat terrain and no caves. Since I can find gold with torch light and make a blueprint without the tier II workbench. I'll do without the head lamp helmet, steel tools, mining drill, chainsaw, and the metal detector. Unless I get really lucky and find aluminium.

    I can only find aluminium on the sides of mountains. I have tried 2 different settings for the Be Happy map. The first one is normal terrain with no caves, the second one is flat terrain with caves. On the first setting I can find aluminium on the sides of mountains but not underground and on the second setting I didn't find any aluminium. I have found gold on both map settings. It was frustrating when I found gold on the second setting but no aluminium.

    Is the above normal for all maps?

    thx all, back to home and just watched the event's videos : amazing!! thx to Tali to stream that and again thx to the builders, amazing stuff each one in his own style !!!! and thx too to Jon_miner FelonyMelany and MissBehaven to launched that kind of event :)

    You're lucky you can hear. For me it's like watching a silent film without any text to tell me what's being said. I'm on limited bandwidth, so I only watch videos with subtitles.

    What I do is dig down at around a 45 degree angle and bring a sledge hammer with me. If I make the tunnel 2 or 3 blocks wide instead of one then it becomes much easier to smoothen out the tunnel with the sledgehammer. You can also use stone to fill pit holes that you get sometimes when you pick into the ground. Just keep plenty of torches on you and don't let it get too dark otherwise you risk picking into a cave and falling down. It also doesnt hurt to create rest stops every 100 blocks and make a chest and a shelter. You can probably make it to hell in a few hours. But you definately need to get down to -300 or more before you'll find mithril.

    Do you have your crosshair visible in your game? If you do, can you take a screenshot showing me the 45 degree angle against stone that you're mining?

    I have tried to figure out where the 45 degree angle is but I can't. I tried it in a cave but instead of going down, I mined to the surface.

    Steel tools are currently crafted on the tier 2 workbench. I realize a lot of this is brand new so recipes are subjec to change so I'm gonna wait further to see what @red51 does.

    I have seen the crafting option on the tier 2 workbench. I haven't been able to get past -98 depth in the game yet. My mines become death traps the deeper I go. I thought I had it figured out how to mine without failing to my death when going back into the mine, but I had to abandon my last mine because it became a death trap.

    I can't mine deep enough to get the ores needed to craft a lot of things in the game. Only if I find the ores in a chest can I craft them. Like the blueprints I made, the gold came from a chest.

    I like a lot of your ideas. I haven't been able to make steal tools or the drill in my game so I can't comment on that.

    I would like all ores and the coal to only be found underground, not on the mountain sides. I have more fun in the game when I can't find a map, tools, or a weapon in a chest. (When I do find any of those items, I feel like I cheated and start a new game.) I like finding records, ores, and pelts in the chests. I don't like finding caves under your mine, it feels like cheating to get lower without having to dig.

    Making the game more difficult by changing the terrain makes the game a bit more intense for me. I'll copy my post from steam cause I don't want to type it again. I'd like to keep a balance for the different terrain worlds, rather than just the standard terrain worlds.

    My post from steam, (indy-anna)

    I think the smallest smelter uses too much fuel for 8 ores. Since
    reading that not needing the anvil for tools is temporary, I have
    started to make a anvil before making my tools and weapon.

    playing this seed -15651569350896 with the flat terrain and no caves. I
    have to use the medium smelter because my only fuel is sticks. I spawned
    inside the forest with wild boars and bears, ran to the clearing, took a
    right and ahead of me is tigers. I grabbed what little food I could
    find and started digging. I have more than 64 iron ores but no coal. It
    would be impossible to do anything if I could only use the smallest
    smelter. The wild boars, bears, and tigers are close by, making it a
    challenge to get food and cut down trees, (ETA, without a weapon).

    I have the latest hot fix.

    I can't apply bandages to stop bleeding.

    I had the sound go in and out while being chased by wild boars, bears, and tigers. I kept running, so I had a lot of them behind me. After I died, (they got me several times so I was bleeding to death), I rebooted my computer and the sound is working again.

    Otherwise the game is running great.

    Edited to add. I still can't take screenshots in the game. After I tried to take a screen shot with the print screen, I noticed a log in the rising world directory. I'll paste it here, I don't know if it has anything to do with not being able to take screen shots. My game didn't crash, I don't know why it made a log. Here is the log.

    LOADING CLASSPATH FROM: E:\steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld/data/classpath.xml

    Ticket: 14000000074AA85BF1836FF4C002840301001001B516245A1800000001000000020000008D3EC4638D3EC4634293170002000000B20000003200000004000000C002840301001001F0F104008D3EC4638D3EC4630000000091DD215A118D3D5A0100EDC70000000000000AE7BA054B65AFB09699CFECF39BEB84882977BBED0B8B9924F3A5B9DF134CAFF447757CB2105F6327E00C3381DAA99BC72FC2EA7111CFA17016D52C128B3CB27F6005673A7D0494F2F208240E7EF9222E688622ED3FB24E4A3848514F16E849F99CF66CFA85383A9C542D975E440C6F15DCDA03AF4729D0FAA29D03A141C41C
    Language: english

    Found display mode 1280x1024 @ 60 (32 bpp)
    created errorhandler...
    Language set to: English
    Rising World - 0.9 (Steam)
    2017/12/03 07:47 AM

    Windows 10 (x64) 10.0 Java: 1.8.0_131 amd64 0.9_37 -H:4096 -D:3072 (Steam)
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Z170-K, 16313 MB (4225 MB Heap)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 20171027000000.000000-000

    JVM Arguments:

    Initialize HIVE...
    HIVE is initialized
    Found display mode 1280x1024 @ 60 (32 bpp)
    Start game...
    Start context...
    LWJGL: 2.9.4
    Display Scaling: 1.0
    CURRENT RENDERER: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 (NVIDIA Corporation) 4.6.0 NVIDIA 388.13
    GL_ARB_draw_instanced = true GL_ARB_instanced_arrays = true
    Initialize Static Classes...
    Collision Shapes initialized!
    Constructions initialized!
    Items initialized!
    Projectile-Definitions initialized!
    Weapon-Definitions initialized!
    Record-Definitions initialized!
    Objects initialized!
    Plants initialized!
    Picking initialized!
    Food-Definitions initialized!
    NPCs initialized!
    Record-Definitions initialized!
    Clothing initialized!
    Crafting-Definitions initialized!
    read bytes from resource: 354
    read bytes from resource: 11417
    read bytes from resource: 7342
    read bytes from resource: 5351
    read bytes from resource: 32120
    Initialize Default Options...
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    1280 X 1024
    steam connect
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    [UPTIME: 0s] Connected to: /
    Send SteamTicketMessage
    BUFFER SIZE 482 10
    Initialize Bulletphysics...
    Initialize IngameContext...
    2 blueprints initialized!
    Initialize Materials...
    Initialize FMod for Windows64 ...
    FMod - Load native library: fmod64.dll Filesize: 1692672 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: fmodstudio64.dll Filesize: 1835008 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: fmodL64.dll Filesize: 1850880 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: fmodstudioL64.dll Filesize: 2584576 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: JavaFMod64.dll Filesize: 160768 bytes
    ... finished
    (0) Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio), STEREO, 2, 48000
    (1) Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition ..., STEREO, 2, 48000

    Construction elements quality 256
    Initialize Music...
    Initialize Sounds...
    Sound initialization done!
    Dec 03, 2017 7:48:02 AM content.Game initSounds
    INFO: FMOD Driver: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) ID: 0
    Dec 03, 2017 7:48:02 AM content.Game initSounds
    INFO: FMOD Mode: STEREO Channels: 2 Systemrate: 48,000
    Initialize RenderingSettings...
    Initialize SerializerRegistrations...
    Initialize InputMappings...
    Initialize LocalPlayer...
    125268440 bytes loaded
    Received SteamTicketReturnMessage -1
    Received SteamTicketReturnMessage -1
    -> 1
    load anim channels
    load anim channels
    Initialize AppStates...
    Initialize GuiStates...
    warning CollisionDispatcher.needsCollision: static-static collision!
    Initialize GUI...
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    Dec 03, 2017 7:48:04 AM com.jme3.texture.plugins.DDSLoader loadHeader
    WARNING: Got 11 mipmaps, expected 12
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    Unable to read from file: E:\steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\server.favorites (The system cannot find the file specified)
    Unable to read from file: E:\steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\server.history (The system cannot find the file specified)
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    load anim channels
    load anim channels
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    screenresolution 1280x1024
    aspect ratio 4:3
    loading texture dimension: 1920x1440
    read bytes from resource: 2139771
    skip registration/login
    Initialize PostProcessFilters...
    -> reattach
    WaterProcessor initialized!
    GrassOccludeProcessor initialized!
    WeatherOccludeProcessor initialized!
    SSAO Filter disabled
    SSAO Filter enabled
    SSAO Filter disabled
    Loadingtime: 8.87 seconds
    [UPTIME: 9s] Disconnected from: /
    HIVE ConnectionError
    HIVE Disconnect
    destroyed errorhandler...
    Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 324080
    Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: [API loaded no]

    I also can't apply water on the paper press. I use the bucket of water on the paper press and water covers the rags but when I press the paper press down, it says I need to add water to make paper.

    When I fulled the bucket the first few times it didn't show a water meter but as I continued to keep filling it the water meter started showing water in the bucket. It now shows everytime if the bucket has water in it.

    I also have the player character covering the ammo and equipment slots with 1280 X 1024 resolution.