Question about water

  • The real problem with water, right now, is it does not behave very well. It is really hard to contain it. A tub made of wooden planks for instance will not retain it with sufficient depth to look realistic. It will start appearing outside of the tub. The same is true for stone arcs.

  • yes that is because water is in blocks atm you can't see them but it is. Dynamic water will be added at some point in the future and all these problems will be solved

  • Landmark had the same issues with it too. You could craft it but it was in blocks, stuck outside of objects, and was static.

    I dont know code but pretty sure a condition would have to be applied to everything else for it to behave, let alone the object itself. Going off the Landmark dev`s struggle with it, it isnt an easy deal.

  • ok what is the water called so you can build with it as in fill large structures without have to bring a pail back and forth for 3000 trips ?( As in the command item water 33 33 or such

    Ooh you can fill the bottom of the large contain with salt water and put a few blocks of fresh on top and you can drink from it. Though if you get to the salt water you cant anymore. 8o

  • Water is really weird right now. You can mix saltwater and freshwater in the same pool and they will stay separate in every aspects such as ability to drink or not.

    Water clings to walls. You can make a waterfall by throwing water against a block wall and climbing up it as you throw water from pails. In the picture below I am in the middle of a pool of water that was built hitting the sides. If I move left or right I will start to drown but I can stay in this parting of the Red Sea portion forever. However if you do this it is hard to fill in the blanks as the water does not stick to itself and flows to bottom. It appears if you throw it into an already existing block of water it will not stack at all to me not all but not very well. You cant see it until you get into it. Filling in the middle takes more trips with a pail than it seems. I think the water just goes through the ground but I cant comfirm it.

  • I've managed to fix the water when it leaves holes in the areas I make for it by using the bucket on the water in the place I made for it. So what you can do is use the bucket on the sides where the water is and dump the bucket where you want the water to be. It's a lot of work but you can make the water even within it's structure.

  • I had a real problem with water. When I tried to make a well i started filling and and nothing happened so I went into fly mode and took a look. A small hole in the structure was allowing the water to flow out and into the wellbore outside of the structure. I had a leach zone and nothing to cement it off with. Never could get it to fill so I just clipped the structure up higher and threw the water against the wall to hold it on. Almost had to plug and abandon the well <X

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