Falling Objects move only a certain distance.

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    • Falling Objects move only a certain distance.

      I was breaking up some blocks that were way up on a mountain. They dropped and rolled away or so I thought. As I went down the mountain I saw the blocks stopped in mid air. As I approached they began to fall again as if I triggered something. They fell a bit and stopped again. This continued until I was all the way down and they were now on the ground where I assumed they originally would have fallen had they been plotted to the ground.. Weird? :huh:
    • That's because the collision of the world is only generated around the player - for reasons of performance ;) In most cases it's sufficient, but especially on mountains it's possible that dropped items leave the collision area - and in order to prevent them from simply falling through the ground (since there is no collision), they will be freezed until you get in their proximity again. We will probably find a better solution for this in the future, but it has a low priority at the moment.
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