Mt Everest Litter in the Dungeons of Rising World.

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Mt Everest Litter in the Dungeons of Rising World.

      Not really a suggestion but more of an observation that without resetting the entire world how this is corrected? I very often travel around my server and notice that players tend to dig down find a bunch of stuff then lose interest. They get in the dungeons store dozens of weapons and suits of armor in their abandoned chests. They have holes with red markers to show themselves the way. Some even have signs directing themselves to check this way first or second. There is holes of digging out small pockets of resources then a tie into a dungeon. In the dungeon there are empty chest or no chests at all all destroyed for no reason so they cannot be restocked. bridges and stone bridges across spike pits and other obstacles.. make the dungeons appear littered and awful. Reminds me of the pictures of Mount Everest of litter all over the mountain. Rising World has dungeon litter. :/ X(
    • angriff wrote:

      Eventually a server becomes a hollow space .. if the owner does not tidy up and restock.. players dig to the dungeons then leave.. the next guy gets left overs.. would be nice to have routine to reset the dungeons without a server wipe.
      Yes, I totally agree. In fact, I was thinking to ask for an API method the remove all customisation from a world part (either an X / Y / Z extent or one or more chunks or whatever, according what is more convenient to implement).
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    • you mean to restore specific parts of the world or maybe single chunks?
      but what does it mean for a player who built something underground?
      will this also be reset?
      I understand your point of getting ores etc. ...
      At other/similar games there is exactly the same problem.
      the solution I saw:
      • play a real survival world without reset only by yourself or with friends.
      • define specific parts/areas of the world
        • built area
        • mine area
        • farm are
        • etc
      • If it would work with a "multiverse" plugin (to be programmed) you could create more than one world on a server. go to an other world through a portal or by tp-command

      • built world
      • farm world
      • etc.

      this is not a lack of rising world but rather of players.
    • @MasterLex: agreed, it is not a very high priority, but I still think it could be rather useful in a number of scenarios:

      1) a player was granted an area on a server, did some work and then disappeared; the grant can be revoked, but the area is spoiled;

      2) even in single player mode, I can realise I made a planning error or something equally structural

      In all these cases -- and other similar -- it would be convenient to have a way to reset a "piece of the world" to pristine conditions, without resetting the whole world. How the extent of "piece" is defined can be discussed (just an X range and a Z range, extending vertically "from Paradise to Hell"; a 6-value 3D span; any other way).

      What matters is that anything player-made (or played-removed!) within the "world piece" would disappear (or reappear!). Of course, it has to be a very privileged operation.
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    • I just got an idea!
      when you create a new world your "world-folder" contains only the generated spawn area.
      one file for every chunk? I dont know if it's like the minecraft world generator ....
      If you discover your world you will get more files in your world-folder.
      new discovered = new generated
      if you would know which area is contained in which file you could easily delete that file and restart your world/server.
      It should be like this part of the world never exist before.
      then if you go to this area it will be new generated according to the world-seed.
      That method has to be tested if it really works!

      furthermore if you know which coordinates are stored in wich file there could be the possibility to make a plugin to chose which area will be deleted and new generated when the server restarts next time. Or do it mannually.