It could be awesome if...

  • Hi! I love that game but like other ''minecraft look a like'' games, it's missing a lot of things... yes i know, the game still in development... but personally, i'm bored about crafting castle and medieval things! I would like a game you can craft a real city...a real fonctional city... i mean with passengers and freight train, cars, bus, 18 wheels truck, metro, plane, chopper, crane and freight boat... elevator, automatic sliding doors, fonctional garage door... and/or put all what we need to build all those thing... like engine and gearbox, wheels, steering, car seat with the possibility to change size of wheel and the power of the engine (for truck, train or freight boat)... making container to put on train/truck/freight boat you can take with crane... or like i say, make all the parts to create those vehicules! You can also put a half block with 22.5 degree of angle to make a smoother angle for road or bridge (2 block long of 22.5 degree each to make a ramp of 1 block height) because make a ramp with plank it's very long and not so easy to make a great job but with the blueprint option you just need to make one and copy it on blueprint(very useful) it's my suggestion for the moment... i love your game and keep on going your great job! make a Rising World bigger, better and totaly more awesome than minecraft please! Thx! Peace!

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