Ancient Civilization Older Than Realized

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  • Well, Youtube was recommending me videos that I thought I'd check them out that they led me to some very interesting videos. First it was about Atlantis, then about Petra Monument,among others with how humans may be older than we realize that our linage may go back even further to 300,000 years, or so. It was around the time when Younger Drais may have hit Earth setting debri all around North American, Europe, and northern Africa that it may have genuinely reset ancient civilizations back to the beginning. All the megafuana wiped out.....

    Atlantis may have been effected by this causing floods, earthquakes, and etc that we lost it in western Africa. Maybe I"m being baited, just that there's interesting things her both on its own, as well as for potential content to check out for Red51 to inspire from.

    Take-away from this:

    1) Ancient Civilization older than we realize with far more unique ways of living in each settlement
    2) They were far more advanced than we realized.
    3) Geologits are shady arrogant attention seeking individuals that we shouldn't praise them blindly just because they're geologists & scientists. They have the capacity and intelligence to lie.
    4) North America may have been settled far earlier than the 'First Nation' people, as well as the Vikings, or even the controversial Chinese voyage in a giant Junk boat in the Pacific. Someone else far FAR earlier may have visited North America, and I believe it.

    Then there's a Scott Manley video talking about an impact crater which has been linked to a plausible ancient humans further back than what we may have realized.

    Disclaimer: I"m not saying I believe what he says 100%. I'm taking things with a "grain of salt" that it's neat to consider because we believe we know everything when we honestly don't. That arrogance causes us to lose sight of things, even lose everything. Maybe I'm getting trolled by 'Bright Insight' youtube channel, who knows.

  • Alright, I love learning about anything historical when it's in "bite sized" chunks that I feel 'Rising World' could use these sort of influences in abandoned dungeons, terrain generation, and such. Sure, I'm posting it in the off-topics, yet still hope/wish Red51 & friends shall stumble across it taking inspiration in whatever form they take it as. I love learning when I can easily consume it.

    Atlantis may be 'Eye of the Sahara', A.K.A 'Richat Structure'. I'll still believe in it until I hear actual genuine debunked articles saying scientists and geologists actually went there ENMASS to show me actual information either confirming or denying what's there. I'll continue entertaining the thought until I gain an actual article, not some 'National Geographic' article of people's doubts, and half-truths. Not going to deny facts, just actual articles and findings. I need actual solid information either proving or disproving Atlantis is the Eye of the Sahara.


    On a side-note to that:

    I've gained a curiousity for something history books rarely teach us because there's a void, and a void has to be filled. Guild Wars Nightfall touched upon the African culture that I respect that. I didn't understand the significance back then, I do now thanks to influences like KanColle for teaching me WW2, and Fate/Grand Order teaching me about history in both indirect ways. When you're interested about games you try and learn more that interesting things are noted that I love learning about African, Maiyan, and anything in general. It makes for good game & anime material that you'll know where some creators come from 8)

    You know how Atlantis was said to be an island? There may be evidence that it was a giant circular city located on a moderately large island before landmass shifted. The fun thing is, Maiyans & Aztec (probably confusing the two) have done similar things which interests me that I wish we knew more about them. Even watch the 'Machu Pichu' video I linked in main posting.

    Mexico City used to be a floating island city....... Spanish however ruined things that we'll no longer have such a view. See? See what I mean these could make good Rising World points of interests? arious features, elements, and things to play with implemented in the terrain generation in a very unique manner. Red51 could have fun making maps & scrolls hinting to various landmasses in vague & detailed manners where you'll come across terrain covered structures, & etc.

    This is epic on its own, awesome if it could find its way into Rising World. It's however in its own thread in off-topic with how "controversial" it may be. I don't believe in flat-earth, but I do believe in the possibility that Atlantis may be the Richat Structure because of how genuinely plausible it is.

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