Area Protection permission request

  • Need some help with area protection (ap) :)

    It is wishful that players can sit down in protected areas of other players.

    But, when I use "other interactions" to allow other players to sit down in the protected area of the admin shop, players can also edit the shields of
    the "Active shield" plugin (which I use in combination with the iConomy plugin). That shouldn't be the case.
    Does somebody have a solution?

    @ Miwarre: Maybe you can create a specific permission so that other players only can sit down in a protected areas, without being able to destroy, remove or edit anything else?

  • I don't think what you are asking is possible with the old Lua AreaProtection script.

    The new plugin is not fully functional yet so you would need to write your own plugin to do what you are asking for.

    Miwarre hasn't been here for quite a while so I would assume he is really busy irl to make plugins for a game atm. :(

    PS: they are called signs not shields

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