Area within Area? 0.o"

  • Area within Area? 0.o"

    Good morning Community! :)

    I have a question:
    Im building kind of a Guesthouse on my server. Now of course i created a protected area for the house. r

    The idea is now to "rent" rooms to players. Therefore i wanted to create a new area (their room) within my area. where they could put their own furniture, place chests and most important. They could open the door while other cant.

    So creating the area was not the problem. But after creating the "Room-Area" if i type /ap and then go Edit Area (To add them to the area) AreaProtection plugin automatically chooses my bigger area. No matter where i stand AP plugin does not choose the Room-Area.

    Dont know how or if it is possible to choose the Room-Area

    Any ideas on that one?

    Thanks'n cheers


    (Maybe move this question to another thread. If needed)

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