What's missing in RW

  • -It's great that we can use stone to make a lot of different blocks, but that's also what makes survival a bit tame. The game would need more ressources in order to make all those vastly different blocks of different materials, and/or different crafting stations to make the more intricate ones. It really feels like creative mode otherwise.

    -Better land generation. It doesnt look too nice sometimes, not enough flat land. always weird hills and mounds.

    -A real expansion on the combat mechanics and items. more weapons, more armors, and maybe even enchants and such. more hostile NPCs that drop good stuff. dont be afraid to go a little bit in the fantasy realm, minecraft did.

    -a more focused art style would be a good idea. in general it's not such a good idea to add walking skeletons (fantasy) with the ability to easily make blocks of the modernist art style. it just creates something weird. in fact I think the modern style furniture and blocks should be for creative only, or at the very least it shouldnt be that easy to mingle rustic world with modern art style. i use minecraft as a reference again, but they dont have anything that could be considered modern looking, and I think this is part of its success. player must be immersed in the Rising World universe, and things that dont go well together breaks this immersion.

    thats what i got for now. those are elements that should be expanded/worked upon asap, because for now I dont think building needs improvement which seems to be the main focus of the game. it's already better than 99%, maybe even 100% of the games, so work on something else for now in order to make this a more finished game.

  • there are a lot of placeholders in the game yet as it is still in development. I am sure the dev will consider more different stone-types in the future. I agree with you it would be nice to have marble and others needed to create the blocks. however for now i am fine with it as it is.

    better land generation - yes, taht is definitely in planning. probably could be released already but it held back because it would break existing worlds. as there will be several new things that can / will cause a world break these things get released together, to keep the frustration of starting anew at a minimum.
    if you look at the effort and time people put into their worlds this decsision can only be supported - even though its itching me, just as you probably, to see a more realistic world creation.

    combat mechanics - not sure what you mean with improvments here. RW isn´t a fighting type game and probably will never be. the API will make it possible though to add more weapons, tools, armor and models in the future. HP, DPS; etc. i am sure can also be adjusted then.
    originally the land above was supposed to stay free of magic in order to keep the realism-feeling. the underground and hell get the magic touch. for me this is fine, though magic was often requested, so a kind of fantasy biome is considered. also there the API will allow mods that can give the magic feeling as well.

    about the art style i have to disagree strongly. i am very glad RW is giving us the freedom to decide on our own what we want to do and how. i like to mix things. if you dont want modern - just dont build it. the crafting-stations will get reworked as well, so maybe the order in which you can build what level of items (old - new) will be adjusted.

    building is not what is currently getting worked on. not sure what you mean with your remark. survival is getting fleshed out, as well as means of transportation (horses already introduced, boats as well - now trains are in the pipline).

  • minecraft isnt a fighting type game either and the pvp scene and anarchy survival are very strong elements of the game. magic stuff like enchanting or whatever it can be, is purely game design, not something to add just for the sake of it. it adds longevity, survival wise. modern blocks should at least require some special crafting benches or processes, because otherwise it's very weird. with 1 stone you can create a lot of different things which would require a whole lot more machinery in order to achieve. 1 stone can be good for rustic type of blocks but not modern ones.

    i think if possible he could do like in minecraft; land already generate stays there, but only new land will have new terrain generation. or the ability to decide what version you want your server on.

    trains already? thats the problem here, we dont have any means to realistically build all of those things and somehow we can build them. like that inflatable boat .. thats what i mean by art direction, these are things that dont make sense. game needs an actual art identity. it doesnt have to be completely realistic means of transportation, but just ones that could make sense. the art style is realistic, so building things like trains and inflatable boats out of 2-3 pieces of lumber is very weird. minecraft can afford to do something like that because it's just literal blocks theres no real emphasis on realism.

  • Come on. The crafting will be reworked in the future. That's already stated.

    It doesn't make sense to optimize stuff and add crafting tables for each bit when new stuff will be added several times. First get everything in, then sort it.

    It's ea. Don't expect each step to be equal to a final release

    I don't get the point with terrain generation. Once you visited the chunk it won't be completely generated again. But your RAM won't be enough to store everything all the time. So chunks have to get unloaded and later loaded again.

    I truly hope though red51 will improve the view distance in the future. My buildings are... Big. And it annoys me that i can't see from one end to the other

  • I'm making suggestions here as far as I know there's no real roadmap even if you tell me crafting will be reworked, so I'm saying this. I'm not saying vague things I'm saying pretty specific stuff that could be overlooked.

    In minecraft already generated chunks stay there, while chunks that have never been generated, will have the proper terrain generation applied. I dont know what you dont understand.

    On a side note, look at this .. the ghillie suit isnt even the same color as grass, and we cant even aim it's over the sight. hoping this will be fixed soon because ghillie suit currently pretty useless except purely cosmetic

  • There isa Roadmap. Check steam, there its easy to find.

    Also in rw chunks stay once generated. No idea what's your critic here.

    In mc chunks get unloaded from ram once you are far away enough. Same in rw.

    Mc isn't a good reference though. It's a done and aged game with the financial background of Microsoft and a huge community.
    Aside that it's looking awfully blocky and not appealing.
    Though I like the mechanics. Redstone is unnecessary complicated but i love the world generation.
    Crafting and building in rw is so much better though.

    Just have patience. Once the game is complete you can compare better

  • We were talking about better terrain generation, you said he couldnt do it right now because it would delete all the old maps.

    I'm saying in minecraft even if you use a more recent version you dont lose your stuff, already created chunks dont magically transform to the new updated terrain chunks, they remain the same. The chunks that have never been created, will be the ones using the new terrain generation.

    What do you think suggestions are for? We can't suggest anything because the game isn't done yet? Mojang wasn't always a Microsoft company. I'm saying there are elements about minecraft (which are without a doubt elements that made the game the success it is today) that could be used here in RW. And I'm saying here that game longevity for survival, beyond just building, is necessary. So I've been making suggestions in the suggestion place. I don't know why you're coming up with all this.

  • Don't get offended, we are just discussing different points of view.

    Red51 will release several new things that will or could break worlds as one big update rather than several.

    Rising world is currently living from its builder community. They would run away if their great servers would need to be wiped several times.

    Currently survival is getting expanded. So there is the additional content.

    Just have patience. It's an ea game done by one dev. Good things need their time

  • I agree with your opening post. This is quite a boring game currently regarding crafting and combats etc. But personally I am more interested in building modern stuff so as long as that is possible in this game too, I will play this and love this game.
    I know that probably most people like medieval/rustic stuff more but I am interested in making modern things as this game is the best and easiest platform I've yet discovered for recreating my hometown in a digital form.

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