Garden in a box - Japanese Tea House

  • Farm with style ! Decorate your garden and eat your decoration !
    This 40x40 box includes a tea house and a garden with rock stones and premade spots on which you can plant your veggies. Terraforming is not required, you can even place the box in the air.
    As usual, i tried to keep the count as low as possible (ard 1690 constructions, 21 objects).

    Bauernhof mit Stil! Dekorieren Sie Ihren Garten und essen Sie Ihre Dekoration!Diese 40x40-Box umfasst ein Teehaus und einen Garten mit Steinsteinen und vorgefertigten Plätzen, auf denen Sie Ihre Setzlinge pflanzen können. Terraforming ist nicht erforderlich, Sie können die Box sogar in die Luft stellen.

    Le jardin + la maison mesurent 40x40 et peut être placé n'importe où (le sol en herbe est inclus). Vous n'avez plus qu'à planter vos légumes sur les boules vertes pour simuler des massifs. C'est joli et ça se mange !

  • Just wow... Each time i think i learned how to do things and getting better, a dagoline, kimbill and others are uploading another blueprint, showing me how much i really have to learn yet.


  • It is all too often that I look at the blueprints and say to myself. "Yes I can make all of these items". But I can never envisage actually how it would all come together into something that makes sense or follows a lovely theme like the above. These guys have amazing creativity and it is a good inspiration to see your creations @Kim Bill :):):)

  • Thank you all for your nice words ^^
    TBH i'm not that good at building technically, if you look closer, and i'm far from those Building Masters.
    But i know the art of hiding the flaws wrapping the whole in a nice package haha !
    I'm glad it inspires you as much as i am from you all.

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