Green Valleys Reborn - 100% Survival, PvE, Auto Land Claims - ALL ARE WELCOME!

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello all!

    In anticipation of the coming update that will add hostile NPCs, I am relaunching my server, Green Valleys!

    We have auto land claims/protection! We have animal taming and breeding! We have planks n' beams! And we have the ability to set your home point, among many other features.

    I will be starting several new towns throughout the region, and the spawn point starts players by a large lake with islands (claim them quick!).

    We have an established player base that makes playing fun for all, whether you want to play with others or build your own hidden retreat!

    All languages, ages, etc., are welcome! :D

    Thank you,
    King of the Land

  • Hello Red Baron,
    I started playing on the server today, for 20 minutes, some players helped me and gave me some items to start, but after that time, I was disconnected from the server.
    I can not enter anymore! When I try to enter the server only loads up to 10% forever ...
    Is it because my ping was a little high? Adm Solitude was Online at the time ... did he banish me?
    I still see the server on the list with the players online ... but I can not log in, what happened?
    Gorax is my nickname...

  • Hi linkclock, were you able to get on again? The server probably needed a restart.

    We rarely ban players, and it's only ever if they are harassing or trying to grief others.

    Thank you for your feedback,
    Yes, somehow after that day, for 2 days, I could no longer connect to the server, but maybe his reboot allowed me to connect normally again.

    Thank you! ^^

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