Harder Gamemode

  • There should be a gamemode for truer harder survival. With this there should also be some new features.

    Inventory should be drastically reduced to only 2 slots (1 large or 2 medium items per slot, arms) when naked.
    Also, there should be more slots for wearables (Belts for example)
    Items to increase slots:
    Pants (+1 slots for small items)
    Belt with pouches (+2 slots for small items)
    Basket (+3 slots for small items) Wicker basket, plastic basket, etc.
    Cart (+1 slot for large items and +4 slots for small items) Wheelbarrow, shopping cart, etc.

    Wagon (+4 slots for large items and +12 slots for small items)

    Sickness and diseases should also be added. I will add more on disease later.

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