The Cathedral (work in progress)

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello Hello,

    i just wanted to show you my new project.

    Its a cathedral designed in gothic/neo gothic style with some modifications. (Otherwise it would be to complex)
    For example the archs are straight conic in a 15° angle to the vertical line, instead of bend towards eachother. But optically that makes no difference as soon as each angle is equal.

    For sure i still need some weeks for this but i will keep this thread updated. Except i lose my mind

  • The progress was quite slow. I had problems with the transition from the main building to the tower.

    So i decided to start with the underground and catacombs and also the outside area.

    After some days i had fresh ideas to continue with the tower section. The connection between the roof and pillars for the tower are done.

    Also the inside starts to get more detail. Especially the pillars indoors to support the tower.

  • Huh! Almost two month since the last update.

    I didn't play RW for some weeks. But two weeks ago i started again, or better said I continued with the cathedral.

    The roof was in focus this time and the pillars inside. Due to some style implementations at the sides of the church i also amended the front a little bit.
    You can see now more of those spickes with thorns attached, similar to the ones at the cathedral in cologne or the Münster in Ulm.

    I couldn't continue with the tower. The roof has to be completed first but i hope end of this month there is some progress.
    The rest is just preparation for the surroundings and connections to the cathedral and the village.

  • Hello everyone,

    tiny update of the progress!

    What is the most important and visually impressive thing you can see on a church? Yeah the tower.
    Consider the tower as a main quest.
    What do you do ingame? Yeah side quests :D

    So instead of building the tower finally, i started with the second half of the main body and backyard, gardens and fences.
    The second half ends with a rounded hall with huge windows.

    See here the progress:

    But thats not all. As you can see through the big hole in the middle, i continued with the catacombs. Besides the service rooms and workshop i've added a prison.
    Things like treasure room and torture room for the inquisitors will follow^^

  • The roof is done^^

    Here is a tiny time lapse from last update till now:

    The roof also has two upper floors and you can now walk completely around the church on the first level. On top of the rounded roof at the end will be a small tower.

    Here are two additional pictures from that part:

    I continued a little bit with the main tower as well. I've redesigned the 8 pillars and added 3 big windows. Also the already finished lower level had some tiny adjustments to fit into the general design.

    For now i will continue with the surroundings. The whole property has access to a beach. There will be an old roman ruin and mooring. I thought that fits into the history of the cathedral since the foundation (catacombs) are also designed in old roman style.

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