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  • Right so we were hosted with zaphosting at one point that automatically installed rising world. After experience some ram memory issues (Which I presume is a plugin not dumping memory) I moved over to an OVH gaming dedicated server.
    The server is getting extra lag which makes no sense with such a powerful server on a very fast network.
    There is also very little documentation on how these issues can be resolved and ofcourse there is no error reports anywhere.

    In addition the dreaded 10% loading issue is here.

    It would be great if someone was able to assist. We are even willing to pay for their time but cannot continue shooting in the dark :(

  • Hi Stager! Remember, a 'dedicated server' that you rent is not really 'dedicated' when it comes to hardware. The RW server is dedicated yes, but the hardware it sits on is often 'shared' by many other customers.

    (1) Make sure you edit using the file management console of your host from "server_memory=1024" to "server_memory=4096" at least. The default server RAM allocation will not be sufficient at 1GB if you have an existing built up world. I use the following for my server: "server_memory=6144" (6GB of RAM allocated) as we have many towns and structures which requires more memory allocation.

    (2) go through all settings in and adjust to your preference.

    (3) restart the server after you edit file.

    The 10% load issue you are experiencing is indeed memory related. It usually stems from a lack of RAM allocated for a built up world OR a server that is way over due for a reboot (memory leaks which eventually build up).

    I hope this helps and please let us know if this helped you or not.


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  • Hi Juggernaught

    Yes my server admin presumed it was a memory issue. We have tried 10Gb, 4Gb etc but nothing seems to be working the server itself has 32gb so I tried the allocation memory on 16348 even but yet it struggles so I am now certain that it is not the allocated memory but perhaps rather a memory leak from some plugin maybe.

  • Maybe post a server log here, perhaps it contains more information about what's going on ;) 16 GB should be sufficient even for very big servers with huge worlds, and OVH servers are a good choice in general (so I highly doubt the performance issue is related to the server)!

  • that 10% loading issue was easily fixxed for me by turning the game debug feature on .theres a tutorial on how to do it if ya google it .

  • I hope looking at the below will help :D @red51

    I have looked at the errorlogs which have now started producing and they indeed confirm that Linuxgsm is only starting up with 2GB ram as per the command. Error below.

    All the linuxgsm .sh files I go through reference memory as a variable for example {MEMORY}. The actual linuxgsm startup file I have attached a screen of with it's formula that I tried editing to start with 8gb instead.

    I have also attached the allocation in server.prop

    ERROR ------------------------------ BELOW

    Rising World - - Dedicated Server
    Linux 4.15.0-46-generic Java 1.8.0_191 (amd64) Memory: 1908 MB
    2019/03/24 01:55 AM
    RW SERVER: Fatal error occurred!
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(
    at commons.util.Utils$ByteUtils.compress(SourceFile:1700)
    at$$Lambda$34/ Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

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