Blueprinting suggestion

  • Hi @red51

    thanks a lot for the visual feedback since the last patch. I noticed that when i enable the snap-infunction for planks / beams or hold the elements in place (right ctrl) there is a note about this on the middle left screen. That is very helpful! I also would love to see such info-screen for rotation angle currently active, rotation angle of the element you are looking at and also for the size, positioning precision, etc.

    But my actual suggestion is, i don´t know if possible or not, about Blueprinting. Sometimes i want to blueprint only certain elements, not the whole square. I usually blueprint it, place it somewhere, kick off the unwanted parts and blueprint again. But depending on the degree of detail this can be very annoying and time consuming.

    is it possible to:

    1. reduce / enlarge the red grid of the blueprint marker?
    2. once an area is selected uncheck only certain blocks of the red grid to not blueprint these?

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