Medieval seaport/Mittelalterliche Hafenstadt

  • I made a video from my little Medieval seaport. I filmed the video with 4k resolution, very good qualitiy, but upload to Youtube reduces the quality. While filming I had no such lags, but
    in the video there a a few. But nevertheless you can see how beautiful you can build in Rising World. The ships are not mine, they are blueprints from the forum.
    Have fun

    Ich habe ein Video von meiner kleinen mittelalterlicher Hafenstadt gemacht. Das Video wurde mit 4k Auflösung gedreht, sehr guter Qualität, aber beim Upload in Youtube wird die Qualität
    reduziert. Während ich das Video aufgenommen habe, hatte ich keine Lags, leider sieht das auf dem Film anders aus. Trotzdem kann man immer noch erkennen wie schön man in Rising World
    bauen kann. Die Schiffe habe ich nicht selbst gebaut, sie sind Blaupausen aus dem Forum.
    Viel Spaß

  • Hi Deirdre,
    I love your harbor very much, but wondered if it is on a server, multiplayer or do you play SP. I only play SP and have built a small community my main focus is building which I love, particularly when faced with a challenging construction. Thanks for sharing :D

  • I have actually watched this more than once! The boxes and barrels on the side of the pier as you walk down it. Adding the dog nice touch. The ivy growing on the building, it looks 3-d. The netting was a great touch. Putting the spinning wheel outside of one of the buildings. Thinking about it it is a logical place to spin on a nice day. The logs on the wagon. The water wheel in the middle of it all with the waterfall in the background. Very nice. Those are the bits I can recall. But as I have said before I enjoy your work. Quite authentic looking.
    I love that the rat that was walking along your wharf.

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