[SCRIPT] Zcript (Admin tools)

  • Yeah the script is throwing errors and kicks the client

    server/scripts/Zcript/script.lua:287 bad argument: userdata expected, got number

    Somthing seems to be wrong with target.setPlayerHunger(100);

    Edit: Got it.
    problem was dots and colons ;)

    It works this way:
    [lua]function heal(target)
    local tName = target:getPlayerName()
    target:sendTextMessage("You've been healed !")

  • Moin,
    first a thank you for that nice script. Helps me a lot...

    Yesterday i was downloading the script from Github and testing it on a single player game with the RW version (Steam)

    Everytime, when i enter the command /ahelp there pop up an error:

  • Ok, got it - thx :)

    But still the same error message. Now i was using my second computer as RW server (LAN).
    New Server installation and fresh downloaded script.

    The error message in the DOS BOX (Server):

    Zabka: thx and take your time ;)

  • Same problem as before.
    Edit the Script line 55 from
    [lua]event.player.sendTextMessage("[#00FFCC]/heal [#00CC88] <player ID or name>");[/lua]


    [lua]event.player:sendTextMessage("[#00FFCC]/heal [#00CC88] <player ID or name>");[/lua]

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