Undone blueprint reappearing in whole or part after removal

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Undone blueprint reappearing in whole or part after removal

    2 days ago I placed a blueprint and then undid it. After undoing that one I placed a bridge in the same area. I apparently did not realize that little fingers had helped when the bridge was still up high in the air. (who looks up). Yesterday when I went to the same area in the game I noticed a portion of the house blueprint I had deleted was there. All blocks were missing from the blueprint (base, second floor, roof) but all the bits made from wood,glass and the furnishings were still there. I took what reappeared apart. While taking it apart it was double everything but I assumed I did it when I had placed the blueprint. Also while taking it apart I noticed the bridge up in the sky. When I finished the house I then I started to dismantle the bridge. I ran out of time and left the game up in the sky on top of the bridge. Today I came in and started to work on the dismantling of the bridge and I look had an instance to look down and saw the shape of the house again. Only this time it was just all the furnishings that were in the blueprint. I know for sure that all of the house and contents were gone yesterday. Just an aside, the bridge is also coming apart as if it had been set at least twice. Again not sure if the little fingers did it or was done on its own.

    I did the report thing today not too long after I noticed the house bits. Not sure how much good that will do. Not knowing how far back the reports go the one I posted on the white line may give you additional information. It was in the same area but I did not report this portion as I thought maybe I had not deleted the house.

  • Toady April 1 I was no where near the area again when I logged in but I cleaned up everything yesterday & went back today just to see if anything came back
    Well The mattresses and curtains that were around the blueprinted bed came back...maybe because I did not dismantle that one until yesterday Perhaps this is related to the same problem
    Yes I am sure that each day on this I have removed everything the day before reporting
    did another report today in case that would show you anything

  • an old bug came back looks like. this was an issue before, resolved then cropped back up since latest blueprint update. a quicker way to replicate vs logging out then back in is, TPing to another area, then go back. when the world chunk loads back it will show any remnant of a blueprint.
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