API NPC Importer plugin

  • Just going to note this in general that we should have the ability to load in custom models (humanoids & animals) into Rising World. We should be able to have the ability to use any model, give them a character & AI class, then have them roam about the world as any pig, bandit, or other "living" entity in Rising World. Rising World is gradually becoming more and more powerful that I would love to eventually roam the world with custom modded NPCs (similar to Skyrim also) with how we can have Americanized & Japanese (anime), and even game characters roaming about the world. Granted, they're just body types, hair types and all....

    Think of Skyrim with CBBE, UNP, and other sorts while having their own presets also, but all unified into one model as their own living entity. Probably hard to imagine so I'll just leave that thought there.

    For example:
    2B - Nier Automata:
    (As it's own living entity borrowing Rising World or custom player made animations & behaviours)

    I don't specifically want her (I want something else), but for example's sake it would be neat if we were able to allow for these models to be their own living thing in Rising World, similar to bandits & dummy NPCs. That is, if Rising World's API is even capable of that. If the coding and source coding allows, then I would love it to be possible. This is also in response to the example object & item plugins we have going on. Again, that was an example. What I seek is different both model and object wise.

    Whoever allows for 3D models to be living entities in Rising World shall gain the highest respect from me that they'll be highly praised. Who shall it be? And when? :D


    Disclaimer: Not seeking this "now". I am however desiring it "soon", in the scale of "months", or eve a few years. The sooner the better though because who knows how long I"ll be able to play Rising World for.

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