Looking For Blueprint Of Rugs Please

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Posters work great for rugs. Copy yourself some rug pictures (make sure you actually get the picture and not the web site) easiest if you just copy and paste it somewhere then save it as a jpg or other compatible format for the game. (I usually use one of the paint programs I have then I can cut out things I do not want) Save it to a file you can easily remember or find. left click with a poster in your hand then follow the instructions.

    There are a couple of great rugs in the blueprints. Not sure where but look with all languages available. Then just look at them. You may find other things you like while exploring.

    Have fun.

    PS Perhaps this would have been a better post in the forums!

  • I'm using posters in png, so I don't have white frames around them and thin woodplanks. I have some very funny patterns for my bathroom. You can also use the size command for every size you want. You can use woodplanktriangles to make some geometric models.

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