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    doe it matter if i play old world
    or is it better to start a new world
    orge's looks nice accept alu and zilver
    and a little bit few
    keep on the good work

    what about if you build a house you can let npc live in it :?:
    and have workers npc's to work in garden or schop trees
    and about monsters what about cat's or dog's and horses you can tame and ride on
    fun to explore the world on horse :thumbsup:
    and breading with cow and pig rabbit..... :thumbup:
    chikkens also and they give eggs you can eat or make food
    and towns with living npc maby trade options
    or if you want to build town give an area (areaprotection)to npc so he can build whatever he want
    and maybe you can choose what style the npc builds (don't know if this is possible :/ )
    and hope soon will be added new objects like different benche's and schelve's where you can put sommething on etc..... 8)

    other suggestions plz reply

    is it possible to create a map in gamefolder
    to put my own music in so i can play my music in the game
    would like that

    thanks nice to hear your working on it
    would be nice if areaprotection works without admin
    keep on the good work

    i would be nice if the doors can be locked
    by pressing F and then choose open/close or locked
    whith code or playername
    like animals invetory or hide body
    and some glass slidingdoors would be nice
    5high and 8 wide