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    Hi all just a quick video of my new house build been away from this game for a while but after the recent updates felt that I wanted to get back into playing this great game again, im still a noob but getting better :-) If you would prefer screenshots then ill add these later

    Also if anyone knows of any good Blue pints of garden chairs/ tables that i could include please let me know many thanks.

    Hope you like

    Ok so iv been away for a while playing this but after the recent updates wonted to get back into this great game again and was thinking that it would be a great to be able to place a window or door against the wall that i have already placed and for that item to automatically cut out the shape and place with out having to knock a hole every time, it could give us the ability to build the inner / outer walls without having to worry to much about having the uprights in the right place then just place windows/doors against the wall and have it inserted into the blocks.

    Im no programmer so iv got no idea how hard or easy that would be or even if it was possible to apply?

    Hi all well i guess the wait was worth it this game gets better and better, shame its just static water would be nice to see it flowing but still looking very nice for a alpha, so i went on a little walk about 10 minutes and found this

    You can have a look on YOUTUBE there are some playthrough's on there which may help a bit, but in my experince its trial and error which is the best way to start untill the game is more mainstream and tutorials are more available

    Ok iv finaly got my mouse cursor position corrected when running in 1080 + the undecorated mode running without any part of the screen being cut off, just had to run the compatibility mode and check the " Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" :thumbsup: all working fine now.

    Hi Red51 as always a a big thank you for the quick reply unfortunately disabling fullscreen & enabling undecorated mode didnt help neather in fact it sort of made it worse as in parts of the settings screen are now cut off, as you can see the right & bottom is now cut off so i deleted all containt and reinstalled game thro steam but even this didnt make no change " very strange " iv notice in a different thread someone is having a similar problem Recent update makes part of menu inaccessible, now im not to sure if this could be the same thing or not?.

    One other thing im going to try is ATM im using a generic driver from MS Windows 10 and my mouse is a Logiteck G700 so i will update my mouse drivers just to see if this is going to make any difference at all

    Found a couple of bugs after the new update

    1) Missing texture in shadows in the roof ( please see screen shots ) before update after new update

    All drivers are uptodate Nvidia 355.98

    2) When trying to run game in 1080 ( Monitor resolution ) my cursor position is off center by a couple of inches to the down & right of where it should be, all other resolutions are fine had this problem before and had to remove all games files & Reg entries before getting it to work in 1080 so I will try this a bit later and will report back.

    Apart from these loving the new updates music is a BIG plus keep up all the good work you are all doing.

    I was just thinking how good it would be if we could change the colour of blocks/planks and keep the texture the same then i saw this post :P im sure with this it would make a more personal touch to the players world.

    If this is implanted wondering if it will be a pe-set colour palet or adjusable with sliders? (maybe a very tricky thing to do).

    Hi just wondering if there is a limit to how many posters that you can used within the game or would it be depending on the machine's performance ie the more items within a area the slower it would render ? im guessing it will be the later, Ok i can hear you all saying "how many posters do you need"! well im decorating and using poster for carpets / wallpaper :whistling: as you can see in pic 3

    At the monent its only around 40 without any difference.

    Hi ok just a update after the upgrade of Windows 10 Had a couple of problems with Rising world "wrong cursor position & in game had very poor performance", but after uninstalling the game from my system including Reg entries and reinstall im glad to say that everything is now working great.

    Not sure if it was down to just doing an upgrade to Win 10 / Steam / or that iv install it in a different drive "maybe all 3" and somewhere along the lines the settings got a little messed up

    Spec's amd 5200@ 2.8 - 3.1 / Nvidia 660ti

    Now back to my Wild ~Wild ~ west ~ land More to follow 8o

    Just installed windows 10 and found a big problems with rising worlds, game loads ok but the mouse coursor is way off line in the game settings, i did managed to change the resolution to see if that helped but no joy, and in game was so unplayable i had to quit the game.

    All graphic drivers are up to date, iv also uninstalled the game from steam and reinstalled it but with no effect, im going to try a few other things and see how it goes, anyone els having trouble woth win10???

    Hi red thanks for your reply i did wonder if that was the case, and i know you & your team have more important things that your working on and hopefully that workaround turns out ok for you to include at some point, and thank you for working on a great game im always looking for the next update.

    Hi all iv just started on another building and was just wondering why there is only half blocks for blocks and not for any other shapes ? the reason why I ask is because im half way into building a new place and came across a problem that i needed a half ramp to finnish the edges (having used half block).

    Iv included a screenshot of the problem maybe its me doing something wrong but for what iv tired so far it seems anything that i try it leaves something sticking out or just cant be placed (as in the screenshot red outline) and doesnt blend in at all but having a half slope would work.

    Hi all Well having played this now for a few weeks i throught i would share some of my buildings with you all but please bear in mind that iam a complete NOOB when it comes to building so these will look kinda basic compared to others but with each one im getting better (cough) with using different styles designs and techniques.

    One more thing and i know this is in the wrong thread but anyone els having custom posters disappearing ??

    So if anyone has got any tips or suggestions please let me know…197972283202/screenshots/