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    Game takes longer to load, and when I left-click it crashes. Also my cursor can not be on my other monitor or the game won't load it seems!


    Initialize engine version: 2022.2.21f1 (4907324dc95b)

    [Subsystems] Discovering subsystems at path D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/UnitySubsystems

    GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1; jobified=1


    Version: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]

    Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (ID=0x1c03)

    Vendor: NVIDIA

    VRAM: 6029 MB


    <RI> Initializing input.

    New input system (experimental) initialized

    Using Windows.Gaming.Input

    <RI> Initialized touch support.

    UnloadTime: 50.820700 ms

    [INITIALIZE [18.4]]

    Version (11) 2024-02-08 21:22

    Detected Resolutions: 17

    Detected Monitors: 2

    Set resolution to 1920x1080 @ 0 (1)

    [C++] Initialize Main.cpp

    Windows 10 (10.0.19045) 64bit (Desktop) Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700KF CPU @ 3.60GHz, 8 Cores, 3600 MHz

    System Product Name (System manufacturer) 32679 MB RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 6029 MB VRAM, 2024-01-18,

    Commit: 3999af5e27c6a34633f7111811038f007cca8882

    Branch: master JobID: 14845


    Initialize Game...

    Getting current power scheme...

    My Custom Plan 1

    Loaded 262 block infos from db!

    Initialized default settings (388 ms)


    Initialized input (14 ms)

    Initialized assets (710 ms)

    Updating material settings...

    Load terrain texture arrays (quality: 3 - 2048, 1024)...

    Load construction texture arrays (2048, 1024)...

    Material settings updated in 0 ms

    Initialized materials (2151 ms)

    Initialize FMOD...

    (0) Speakers (7- US, STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz

    (1) V277 (NVIDIA Hi, STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz

    (2) B246HL (NVIDIA , STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz

    (3) Realtek Digital, STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz


    FMOD: Set output type AUTODETECT

    FMOD: Set 64 channels (1024 virtual channels)

    FMOD: Speaker mode DEFAULT (48000 Hz)

    FMOD: Stream buffer size set to 32768b

    FMOD: Initialize studio

    Initialize recording devices...

    Recording devices: 6 / 6

    (0) Microphone (C922 Pro Stream Webcam), STEREO, 2, 16000 Hz, Connected *

    (1) V277 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) [loopback], STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz, Connected

    (2) B246HL (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) [loopback]..., STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz, Connected

    (3) Realtek Digital Output (Realtek(R) Audio) [loopb..., STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz, Connected

    (4) Speakers (7- USB Audio Device) [loopback], STEREO, 2, 48000 Hz, Connected

    (5) Microphone (7- USB Audio Device), MONO, 1, 48000 Hz, Connected


    Selected recording device: Microphone (C922 Pro Stream Webcam) (0)

    Load FMOD banks...

    Found 7 banks...

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (223878912 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (94692 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (272839712 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (28976288 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (205344256 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (19654528 b)

    Load bank: D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets/Fmod/ (3144448 b)

    Load FMOD buses...

    Initialized sound manager (1261 ms)

    Initialized 1866 sounds

    Initialized sounds (52 ms)

    Initialized 89 music tracks

    Initialized music (0 ms)

    Initialized camera (8 ms)

    Initializing Steam API...

    Steam API initialized after 974 ms

    Steam: 0 files in cloud

    Loaded 19 Steam friends!

    Init Steam friends after 22 ms

    SteamID: 76561198110593562 (150327834)

    Name: Rebellious_Ash (Online)

    Initialized platform SDK (1101 ms)

    Initialized statistics (21 ms)

    Initialized achievements (1 ms)

    STEAM SET RICH PRESENCE: Status -> Rising World - New Version


    Init language English (en)

    Load language file (en): D:/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/_New Version/Data/StreamingAssets\Languages\en.json

    Initialized locale en (53 ms)

    Initialized UI (2322 ms)

    Loaded terrain texture array after 1182 ms!

    Loaded terrain normal array after 282 ms!

    Loaded terrain opacity array after 34 ms!

    Loaded terrain emission array after 9 ms!

    Loaded construction texture array after 3619 ms!

    Loaded construction normal array after 1813 ms!

    Loaded construction glass texture array after 101 ms!

    Loaded construction glass normal array after 73 ms!

    [POST-INITIALIZE [35.1]]

    Load definitions...

    Definitions checksum: 3d38c8ffb76642f1214153b3c386027a

    Loaded ore spawn definitions from db!

    Loaded 229 item definitions from db!

    Loaded 40 item variants from db!

    Loaded 30 picking definitions from db!

    Loaded 50 item-info definitions from db!

    Loaded 26 consume definitions from db!

    Loaded 5 projectile definitions from db!

    Loaded 5 weapon definitions from db!

    Loaded 44 construction definitions from db!

    Loaded 264 plant definitions from db!

    Loaded 129 object definitions from db!

    Loaded 13 object variants from db!

    Loaded 9 object info definitions from db!

    Loaded 12 storage definitions from db!

    Loaded 45 clothing definitions from db!

    Loaded 38 skin definitions from db!

    Loaded 2 vehicle definitions from db!

    Loaded 8 vehicle components from db!

    Loaded 8 vehicle assembly data from db!

    Loaded 43 npc definitions (37 variants, 95 loot tables) from db!

    Loaded 3 music track definitions from db!

    Found 584 crafting recipes...

    Loaded 10 crafting stations from db!

    Loaded 524 crafting recipes from db!

    Loaded 7 crafting requirements from db!

    Loaded 23 biomes from db (474 spawns)!

    Loaded 4 world regions from db!

    Loaded 14 weather definitions from db!

    Loaded 24 loot definitions from db!

    VehicleAssembly rib: Could not find path for bone 'root'

    Vehicle rib bones: [root/engine, root/engine/propeller, root/engine/propeller/propeller_end, root/engine/IK]

    Vehicle rowboat bones: [root/base, root/base/pivot, root/base/row_l_knob, root/base/row_l_knob/row_l, root/base/row_l_knob/row_l/IK_l, root/base/row_r_knob, root/base/row_r_knob/row_r, root/base/row_r_knob/row_r/IK_r, root/base/storage_lid]

    Warning: Missing localization for object "primitivedoor1c" (en)

    An option in creative mode in which you can place a ‘camera’, or even several at a time for different perspectives.

    Camera settings such as:



    -FOV(without having to open the game settings)










    And more!

    An option to manipulate:

    -sun position and color

    -sky color


    -wind intensity


    -Clouds and cloud positions(randomized)

    -Different sky types

    And more!

    A GUI with sliders and toggles would be very helpful in this case!

    Another suggestion is a pond tool. With this tool you can place ponds(with different sizes, etc in the game with f6. I find that making a hole and trying to fill with water is kind of a pain lol. So yea just a thought on making ponds easier!

    I will update this thread when I think of more things to add!

    In RL i would't use the same grinder for grinding flour after using it for sulfur even when the grinder has been washed. The most realistic way to play is to use at least two differend grinders.

    True, but what if someone only wants one?

    I guess this is where we need a windmill Grinder and when we get the option of movable objects (central pivot) surely this is a nailed-on building?

    and yes I agree. A separate type of grinder that only wheat can be used in would be a great addition to the game!

    Hear me out:

    You use the grinder to crush coal and sulfur, right?

    Let’s be realistic for a sec-would you seriously make flour with the same grinder you used to crush coal and sulfur previously?

    In the future, a way to wash out the grinder bed with a water bucket would certainly add realism to it! So the ability to wash the grinder bed after each use.

    Perhaps this feature could also be applied to the furnace and anvil. Perhaps a furnace and anvil will need to be “seasoned” after a certain number of uses? This could also be a reason to add flax-flax seeds can be used to make oil to season the furnace/anvil or even iron/steel tools?

    Just a thought…