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    Light emitter nodes. They can be resized and used as LED lights if small enough. Or you can make less lag with the addition of making a actual thin light strip instead. It would look like a smal plank but with lights hehe. Also could add color options as well, which would emit colored lights! With the new light physics, LED lights will look really great in the game! Imagine putting LED lights in the corners of a room, with the nodes hidden and out of direct sight, imagine how modern that would make your rooms look!

    Adding extra health requirements and dangers for the player in hardcore mode(s)!

    You could add 2000 calorie diet/day requirement for the player. This one may be a little ridiculous, but it could be something to add.

    Either that or a certain amount of vitamins/minerals the player would have to consume in order to sprint longer or regenerate heath perhaps?

    You could make the player's body more sensitive to temperature, therefore the player could get hyperthermia more easily. Another addition would be adding temperature drop in caves that could make the challenge even more intense? You could also add frostbite, perhaps?

    OR, you could make it so that the more stable the player's vitamins/minerals are, the less sensitive their body will be to temperature and/or other heath-draining sicknesses?

    I know that illnesses and disease is on the Trello roadmap, but these are more of a perspective on what you could add to make harder gameplay optional(I recommend making it optional).

    The more ideas I come up with, I'll add to this thread :)

    If you wanna go sims, you can have it where the player can actually eat too much, and you can finally make the toilet useful rather than just for looks ;)

    And as always, red51 and KingGenius your hard work and dedication to this game is greatly appreciated!

    cool! I got it to work by pasting the UID into the server settings, but had the same issue with typing in the console...I typed makeadmin (UID)

    but I was not admin at start. How can I allow certain commands for default permissions? There is an option for that I believe. Maybe I can admin myself that way?

    I am on the old version at the moment. I just wanted to import a blueprint from my creative save to my server world, also I fixed it. All I did was change false to true for blueprint permissions under default permission settings.

    Hi! I start a LAN server and I try to make myself admin by typing in the console: "makeadmin Ash", but it doesn't do anything...I even tried using my steam ID code but it still does nothing. Would anyone know what is going on?

    red51 So, when the blueprint update comes out, we can use blueprints made from the Java version, correct?

    Also, if so, will the textures be the same? I am afraid that the new version will replace the textures with others, etc. May I assume that you will make it so this doesn’t happen?

    Also, will there be anyway to make 3D prints from blueprints, since the Engine is now Unity? Or does the Engine matter? If It does not matter, and if it is still possible to 3D print said blueprint(s) could you tell me how or send a referral on instructions of some kind? I’d love to have a 3D model of one of my best builds sitting on my desk 😍

    Thanks! Again, your hard work on this game is greatly appreciated!

    I hosted a LAN survival world on a server. Made myself admin to change the world spawn. I hop off that world into one of my singleplayer worlds that have without a server. I go to change the weather and it says I have insignificant permissions, and I made that world on creative. Can anyone tell me what is going on??