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    In Photoshop, you can actually make transparent posters in the texture of a glass panel with custom colors to put over glass panels in-game! If you don’t have photoshop, you can make a thread on the forum asking people who have photoshop to upload some colored glass textures! ☺️ I hope this helps!

    Are you guys planning to increase the price of Rising World once the new engine is implemented?
    If so, will you recruit more Developers so that development will be much faster?

    Hiring more developers would certainly help with customer satisfaction(in terms of faster updates), but I am sure you'd want
    to increase the cost of Rising World! Also, the new engine would make a legit reason for increasing the price of Rising World as well!

    I think we can all agree that faster update development would be nice, especially to keep more people interested in playing Rising World!

    On a personal level, I would like updates to come out at least once a month, if not earlier!
    But I understand that you guys can only change things(faster updates, more profit, etc) based on the circumstances, like budget, time etc!

    I hope this falls under the correct category!

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking on how to make custom building construction blocks for Rising World, to enhance my modern builds!

    For example, I want to make a glass triangle and frame to make triangle windows.
    Now, I am not familiar with Java, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn!

    If there is not a simple answer to this question, perhaps a video tutorial would suffice(if indeed one exists)?

    If its simply not possible without changing “core code”(I forgot the correct term, but I’m sure you know what I mean), then I will suggest to the head developer, Red51, to perhaps, consider implementing triangle windows in Rising World within the future!

    If I were to build my house (in real life) in Rising World, how could I use the “set Command” for, say rooms that are 8’x 8’, as accurately as possible? Also, how can the grid help?

    Earlier this year, I made a thread similar, but I didn’t as the right questions! Also, the answers I got were incredibly confusing! Perhaps this time wont be as bad!

    I can do it on a server(Green Valleys), yes! I have creative permissions, and can freely craft the planks and beams in whatever texture without having to “pay” resources!

    But please elaborate on how to turn on free crafting for this plugin in singleplayer if possible, thanks

    In creative it says I dont have enough resources.....I tried switching from creative to survival, then back to creative and it still has the error!

    A better way to place coal(or lumber) into a furnace besides holding down right mouse button.

    I was thinking of a GUI that comes up which gives the player the option to put max fuel into the furnace, of course if the player has enough coal(or lumber)

    or, perhaps to add not only a "max amount" button but a scroll bar that allows the player to manually select the amount of fuel the player wants to put in the furnace.

    Another feature of the GUI would be a "dump all" button, which would allow the player to dump all the coal(or lumber) into the furnace, should they have more than the max amount of fuel a furnace takes, the remaining coal(or lumber) would stay in their inventory!

    Currently it's 7 days a week, more or less the whole day (of course that doesn't mean 24 hours non-stop, everyone needs to sleep, eat, take small breaks periodically etc) ;)

    Wow! I speak for everyone when I say, thank you so much for all the hard work and time that you guys have put in this game! I hope that one day, you guys can recruit more Developers, in the result of shorter time in update development! Not saying that having a little group of developers is bad, of course!