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The multiplayer update for the new version is now available!

    Thanks for the reply :-) , I have tried the plugin for the java game but as you say most of the models i tried had problems when imported and one actually broke the game. Maybe a better plugin will come in the future that can filter out the incompatible ones and I will try again :-)

    Would it be possible, in the new name to create a block or marker element that could allow the user to upload their own custom sound effects into the game? This could be similar to the poster system and could include features to add different effects to the sound such as volume, looping on and off and play at random. Perhaps it could allow for multiple sounds to be attached to play in sequence or randomly. This system would allow for more ambience and richness to the worlds created.

    Would it be possible to implement a static model import system into the new game similar to the example plugin for the old. This could work in a similar way to the poster import system and provide for models with multiple textures and higher polygon levels than the latter and provide robust error checking so that bad models don't break the game. Maybe it could accept the .dae file format from Second Life? Also when the model is imported into the game the system could then allow the user to manipulate it in any way, rotate and move like any other building element. This system would allow for the creation of much more immersive and realistic worlds.

    Yeah the key bindings are overlapped so when i tried to fix it, i clicked with the mouse to rebind them to another key, it counts down from 3 to 1 but no matter what key i press it wont change.

    I tried the new version with all the graphics and distance settings set to maximum and the game is so smooth (runs even better than the java version) I had no errors and gave it a fair test. The game uses around 67% processing capability compared to the java version which is around 15% - but im sure there will be optimizations when its released in full. I did not get any errors or crashes.


    nvidia gtx 980

    I really love the new graphics, ambience and immersion. It definatley feels a more realistic environment. I cant wait for the official release.


    Tried to install the gps plugin, but getting fatal error from the shared library plugin

    RW SERVER: Fatal error occurred!

    pluginapi.PluginException: com.vms.RWGUI: Main class does not extend Plugin: "com.vistamaresoft.rwgui.RWGui"

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPlugin(SourceFile:307)

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPluginFromJar(SourceFile:218)

    at pluginapi.PluginLoader.loadPlugins(SourceFile:48)

    at pluginapi.PluginManager.initialize(SourceFile:79)

    at server.Main.e(SourceFile:601)

    at server.Main.initApplication(SourceFile:272)

    at commons.JIWApplication.initialize(SourceFile:242)

    at com.jme3.system.NullContext.initInThread(


    at Source)

    was the first line green?Did you activate the Sign in the Config?
    Please send more info!

    Please send the Error-Log-File!

    I looked and it didn't produce an error log, but not to worry as its not a big problem. Now I've got some help with the guide from a German friend I'm realising just how great this plugin is! It adds loads of functionality to my server and if you make the plugin for the new version of the game I will continue to use it on the new version of rw server. Many thanks to the dev of this plugin. :)

    The plugin is a really cool idea and I would love to be able to use it but unfortunately when I added it the server crashes on startup.

    You just need a capital S in the [SpawnNPC bandit 3] then it will work

    Any Chance of the instructions in English?

    scrub that, ive got it working.... I have however found a bug. If a user accidently adds a character into the cost that isnt part of the numerical varible syntax... ie a string character, then the program will crash and also the server will crash too. Maybe an error catching routine is needed here.

    Nice plugin..... Is it supposed to play just one song and repeat, or play every song in the music folder in a list? my jukebox just seems to be repeating.

    Oh btw, theres an error message that keeps spamming the log file, but the server still runs ok despite this.

    2018/02/17 07:48 PM JIW-Network
    WARNING: [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] Unable to find ClientConnection for /
    [TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4255
    [TcpSessionHandler ExceptionCaught] /