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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Version 0.0.2 - now scaled down output of the complete map possible

    Hi all, i added the option to export a png of the complete map, but scaled down dynamically. This means, when you press the command 'm', a map with the following scale will be created:

    Dimension in maptilesscalepng in pixels
    up to 80 * 801:1up to 20480*20480
    up to 160 * 1601:2up to 20480*20480
    up to 320 * 3201:4up to 20480*20480
    up to 640 * 6401:8up to 20480*20480
    up to 1280 * 12801:16up to 20480*20480
    up to 2560 * 25601:32up to 20480*20480

    and so on, but i think you won't recognize anything if you go above that size. Even at scale 1:32 is very ambitious to find anything on the map, but for those who have such a big map it is possible to create an image of their world...

    Download is here:
    To install you will need to proceed just as with version 1; if you have already installed version 1 you will need to replace mapviewer-0.0.1.jar with mapviewer-0.0.2.jar. Starting the program is unchanged.
    Have fun

    Ok, i've created a little tool that can display a bigger map and save it as png. I put it under 'Plugins' although it is technically not a plugin.
    Have fun trying it out

    Hi there,
    i wrote a small java application that runs directly on the client, so it is technically not a plugin. However, you can view a bigger part of your maps on your screen - all you need is a local jre version 8 and the attached zip-file (as well as a rising world client, of course).
    Installation is very easy: just unzip the attached zipfile ( into a folder of your choice. it contains 2 jars: mapviewer-0.0.1.jar which is my application and pngj-2.1.1.jar, which is a library to save big png files.
    To run the program you will need to start a console, cd to that the chosen directory and use the command:

    java -cp .:./* ch.sfu.mapviewer.MapViewer on MAC and Linux

    java -cp .;./* ch.sfu.mapviewer.MapViewer on Windows

    Soon a dialog will appear where you need to select the directory where your map is located. The dialog looks like this:
    After selecting the directory, the program scans all tiles and shows a map of a region near spawn, looking like this:
    In the title you see the tile coords of the upper left corner and the zoom factor.
    you can move the map around using

    • w - up
    • s - down
    • a - left
    • d - right

    you can zoom in and out using the + and - keys, the available zoom factors are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16. A bigger zoom factor makes not much sense since you don't see enough details any more - and the file sizes when saving are too large. I tried and could create a 1.9GByte png of the whole explored map on one server, but i found no application ith which i could view that map, although i have 16 GByte RAM

    and... the last function is to create a nice png file of the displayed map part, but in full resolution, so with zoom factor 16 that will be around 250MBytes per png.
    The key you need to press for that is p

    The filename is combined from the upper left corner coords and the zoom factor, so in this case tile 8/20 with zoom factor 4

    While the png is created (can take some time) you see a dialog with the progress like this:
    After the image is saved (to that same directory where you copied the jar files) that dialog disappears and you can continue moving and zooming around.

    If someone would like to have the source code i can supply it, just ask.
    And if you should encounter bugs or have any questions, do the same.

    Now i hope everyone has fun with this little tool. Enjoy.



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    I know i‘m reviving a zombie thread but anyhow, can someone explain the structure/compression of the map tile file data? I could then try to write a program to create an image of the complete map.

    I fully support that thought.
    Why not use mithril to upgrade tools so they have a smaller chance to break and / or degrade slower? That would be a nice use imo

    I also like the availability of gives the resources that bit of special topping, and i was a bit saddened that it was removed from the steel tool recipies. It was something that you had to work for quite a bit to get better tools. Now it has gotten much easier (for me too easy) to get those.
    Just my 2 cents though...

    Only thing is, if you enclose the furnace in block walls, it might be a bit more difficult to open the side door. For me it helped to stand real close to the furnace and point ‚from above‘ to that door. Did work well for my 3 big furnaces i built into a house.

    I happened to experience the same thing, it was always when i added multiple new blocks exactly on the border of a chunk.
    Leaving and re-entering the game solved it for me, and the blocks were always correctly placed.

    @yawhoo: yes, you would need to synchronize the stored uuid / name combinations on login of a user. Should not be too complicated... you could even perform an update any time a player logs in. like : update <table> set friend_name = <login_name> where friend_uuid = <login_uuid>

    A possibility would be to store the uid together with the friends name in your table when you add the friend. Then you can retrieve the uid even when the friend is not logged in.