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    Can you post a screenshot?

    Also, did your brother use the right keys to rotate?

    Post a screenshot of what exactly?

    As for the right keys yes I even went to his place and had him show me what keys he was using he is doing it right, I even tried myself while I was at his place.

    He knows the keys as he always building houses and putting on the trimming which needs alot of doing the setp and setr and so on.

    Yes, it's solely caused by the SimpleCar plugin ;) The long message you're seeing is a so called "stack trace", which is basically a list of methods which were called when the error occurred. The game called the "update" method of the internal plugin manager, which then invoked a method in the SimpleCar plugin - and inside this method, the plugin tried to reference something that does not exist, resulting in this "NullPointerException"^^

    Thx I got rid of the simplecar plugin and it did fix the problem.

    Here is a question that I believe relates to this general help, my brother made a blueprint on his single player he then tried use the blueprint and rotate it so it is standing upright but it will not flip, so I joined his game made me admin and then I made a blueprint of his model then I brought out the blueprint and I was able to flip it upright but he tried again and he could not. S would you know why he is having this issue.

    PS he has also checked the integrity of the game all came ok and he has also un installed and re installed the game .


    I have the plot plugin all setup all loads with no errors or warning.

    The issue I'm having is when I type /plot create 0 and press enter the chat window responds with select area, I tried left click nothing happens then I enter the /plot create 0 then press enter again it tells me select area I tried hold left mouse and drag still nothing, then I repeated the same but use right mouse still nothing.

    So what am I doing wrong.

    Thank you

    yahgiggle I think I understand, I know I'm being a pain in the butt but I'm not the smartest individual when it comes to this stuff but I try.

    Anyway if I understand correctly as long as I'm in the server all new players will receive the items I have on me!

    If that is correct than I want to thank you once again for being sooooo patient with me.

    You have to set what the items they get by what items you have on you,

    then use the command setspawninventory <---- push ` or ~ then type that and enter

    Ok 1- setspawninventory that is going in the farmer.permisions file ? or are you telling me that I have to open the console and type setspawninventory

    2- As for the first line what does the items I have on me have to do with the items all new players will get.!!!

    I'm creating groups I understand most of it but I'm confused when it comes to how to make sure that when a new player joins the server that they will get for example a pickaxe a waterskin and a few other items, how do I do that in the group farmer.permisions file. Or does it go somewhere else!!

    Right now when a player joins they only get what looks like a stone pic/axe.

    Thx for responding

    What exactly do you mean "literally you can use anything for it."

    First of all the error... from rw_server.exe - System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR120.dll was not found.

    Red51 as per your pinned post, "Set up a server with SteamCMD [Java Version]" The only thing i don't understand in this example [./ +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/risingworldserver +app_update 339010 validate +quit]

    The thing I don't understand is this part ./

    The balance I do understand +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/risingworldserver +app_update 339010 validate +quit]

    Three things - I have steamcmd.exe in a folder called Steamcmd, where does come from? and lastly when I enter ./ +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/risingworldserver +app_update 339010 validate +quit

    in the Command Prompt window it responds back with, force_install_dir must be entered before you login.

    So basically I'm at a total lost now, can you help me Please and Thank you ||:thinking:

    I have a question that i don't ever remember seeing on the threads, what are the dimensions of the blocks and what is the character's height? I'm only asking because i'm making a replica of the street i live on which spans 10 city blocks in length, I have tried a sample of one of the buildings and used Google earth to take the dimensions of the building but once completed two things did not add up one the building looked to high and second the stairway from one floor to the other did not work as the character could not get pass to the landing to go to the second floor it's like he was too tall.

    Hi Red51 or anyone that may know
    I noticed in one of the post Deidre mentioned the "size command" to make wood even smaller, my question is how do i use this command ? For example i made a woodbeam the smallest in diameter then when i enter size 1 1 10 it becomes the size of a brick and in full length instead of making it smaller. I have searched the forum in variest wording but could only find the one.
    P.S. Thank you again for helping me solve the Play with friend, my brother and I love it now even more.
    Please help

    Hi everyone

    I’ve watched a few YouTubes on cars that I can add to this great game but I’m at a lost !!! I downloaded a plugin called and according to the videos all I had to do was to create a folder called plugins an then drop the SimpleCars folder with files in the car folder, but here is my problem when I start my game I have no clue on how to get the cars.
    Is there someone that can maybe walk me thru on how to access the cars or maybe I just don’t understand the way it is explained.

    Please help

    RisingWorld -----
    .................. |
    ....................---plugins ---

    I have a Noobs question

    The update that we just got for the server, I have now it's How do i go about updating it without it changing my sever properties file and so on?
    Because when i go to extract the files server_0.8.2.4 it ask if i want to overwrite !!!!

    Thanx all

    I updated my Java to 64 bit.
    I checked my firewall settings and they seem to be all in order, so i turned off my virus then tried the server again, still the same msg then i tried turning off my firewall for the moment and the virus, tried again still got the same msg.

    I'm at a lost why did it work perfectly yesterday and this morning but now after 6 hrs i turn the server back on just to get that stupid msg.

    BTW thank you for your support Red51