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    Good day, the new Unity version will get a new water with good physics. My question is: will it be possible to build underwater structures that contains air inside and allows to observe underwater? If I remember correctly collisions between water and construction elements will be not implemented in first version with water, but, probably, in future it will be great if it will be possible to build underwater base with ability to see underwater life


    Some people mentioned that official discord will take a lot of time from game development, but from my own experience Discord will not consume development time - it is possible to chose some volunteers as moderators and allow them to do most moderation work. Discord is a good place for community to discuss things, and sometimes (but not always) it works better then forums. That's why some projects have both Discord and Forum (Minetest, for example, or some large mod projects)

    I think only one person has to start with it

    The problem with such approach is that the owner of server has a full control over it, and if he is not one of game developers - there can be consequences. For example he can abandon server, and if server don't have moderators - it will sink in spam, fishing links and other bad things. Or he can become mad at one moment and do something really bad with server or its members. The best solution is when the owner of the server is, well, same person as the owner of the game, and moderators are his trusted people who take care of server while dev is working on the game. In that case both problems will be solved together as in case of any conflict the server owner can easily solve it, and even if one of moderators will lost his control - effectively solve it

    Rising World will get enhanced plugin API for Unity version, this means that you can add your own objects with functionality of game furniture. In this case it will be possible to export your model as OBJ and then add as functional furniture into the game. Probably this can be done as one single plugin with ability to export model and convert it into in-game object without any additional actions, but I'm not sure, And this API is not published yet

    Answer - it allows you to export blueprint as OBJ model and use it later in any software. For rendering, 3D printing or any other purposes.

    Example of usage:

    I guess the proper solution for this would be to make sure that you can't place blueprints for free (so you need the actual resources that would also be required to create the blueprinted elements). In case of the iron rocks, that would be iron ore accordingly, as mentioned by Yaromid ^^

    We should make sure to add the resource requirement for survival in the near future, otherwise it's indeed too easy to exploit the game :saint:

    If the blueprint contains more elements than player can have in inventory - it will be a problem to place it, what if blueprint will be placed as a "ghost" structure without collisions that will accept items from inventory by pressing interaction key? Something similar is implemented in some Minecraft mods (for example - schematica and litematica)

    In this case structure can show player what resources are required and the player will be able to bring them during a long period of time (for example if you are building a skyscraper you will not need to have all materials in inventory at once - you can mine, farm and craft them and then bring to structure). This also makes structure placement not immediate, so it sounds more balanced for survival gameplay

    Was this behaviour really different in previous versions? :wat: IIRC the manual pivot snapping always behaved like that... we didn't touch it recently, so if something changed in this regard, that must be a bug.

    I mean behaviour of object rotation in general, looks like it was changed in 0.3. For example previously boxes were able to be attached by center to other objects points which made placing them simpler, now they are snapping by edge instead of central point and placing them with old behaviour is possible with custom pivot point, but due to its behaviour their rotation will not follow local normal

    Good day, I'm not sure if this is intended or not but when custom pivot point is active the rotation will be always global (without orienting by normal of face where element is attached). This is the opposite behaviour to automatic pivot point which will change rotation of element. Due to differences in building between versions and this behaviour of custom pivot point some constructions that were easy to build in older versions are now really hard to build as you can't attach element properly

    Some more suggestions, now for upcoming content - water. I don't know if this is in plans or not, so I will put it here as suggestions :)

    21. Water depth shading

    This can look great for large water areas like oceans, rivers and lakes. Under shading I mean changing light and fog color with depth increasing - deep waters get darker blue colors and denser fog

    22. Underwater rays

    This is a cool effect that can bring a lot of atmosphere to underwater. There are 2 possibilities how it can be created - with shader (probably with too large performance cost) and with particles (that are distorted sprites starting from water surface and moving together with sun)

    23. Fake Caustics

    Fake caustic (real cost too much) can add a lot of atmosphere to the see/lake/river floors (as caustic can be seen only on first 20-30 meters in water). There are also several ways of how they can be implemented, most of them are texture projection on the scene from sun position and multiplication with shadow map.

    Combining these effects together can create great underwater environment (and probably a place for players underwater bases or gigantic cities)

    Updated parameters for the new version + 1 new type of weather

    And some new screenshots

    One issue with the glass panes is that they're merged to a single mesh, so we can't sort individual elements while rendering. And specifying an order beforehand doesn't work either, because this indeed depends on the view angle.

    There is also additional solution - it is possible to re-build mesh based on player position. For example if player position was changed on 8 units all meshes can be updated. Meshed with larger distance can have less updates (with just scaling amount of units that will require update). As all triangles are same sorting will be just re-ordering vertex indecies

    Hi, this is a small (or large?) issue with all transparent objects (glass elements, for example) - looks like their quads are rendered in unsorted order which causes rendering issues - sometimes quads behind current one will not render at all. This will happen for all transparent quad in game and affect glass panes and visual effects (like fire). Implementation of quad sorting can solve these issues

    This could be a cool idea, there is nothing stopping you from setting up this type of website, you could have two sections, one for java and the other for unity. :-)

    The idea is that this will be done on official Rising World site as the point of the idea is the official place to share plugins. This also makes it possible to integrate it into the game.

    Thinking outloud here, you would need to also write a plugin to manage other plugins - a Plugin manager.

    The idea is that this thing should be implemented from game core, without additional plugins. But this is possible only in nexus will be official and unified.

    A platform would also need to be created to allow plugin developers to upload their plugins, and updates to. Think PaaS

    I think there can be a set of "trusted resources" where plugin devs can upload their plugins and link them to plugin pages. For example - GitHub releases can be such save resource.

    Good day everyone. This is a small suggestion about big and probably very useful thing (for RW Unity).

    My suggestion is about creating a special website section that will be dedicated only for plugins. And unlike forum it will have pages for plugins with unified description and download section (and with possibility to link forum topic to it for discussion and comments). This section will be used for official plugin distribution and for plugin search.

    What benefits of such thing we can get?

    1. Official trusted place to share plugins with good search - you don't need to find specific topic on forum and search for links, all will be unified and in one place

    2. Possibility to integrate this into the game. Some existing games have such things (Minetest, for example), with in-game GUI that allows players easily install mods/plugins.

    3. Automatic updates (with possibility to disable them) - addition to thing above, will help users to keep desired plugins in up-to-date state.

    4. "Global statistics" - we will know how many plugins exists for RW and for different game versions.

    5. Easy search - when all located in one place and unified it will be not hard to find plugin with desirable functionality

    What are differences between it and already existing forum section?
    1. Easy search - all plugins can have short description, categories and game version flags, so player can fast and easy find desired plugin for his game version.

    2. Unification and possibility to integrate it into the game - with unified downloads and version check it can be integrated into the game with special GUI.

    3. Comfortable for users outside of this forum - I think there are a lot of players that don't know about this forum and will not search for plugins in it. Having official place that shares plugins can help them to find things that they need.

    4. Easy feedback for developers - as users can easily find plugin they can send a feedback or bug report, this can help developers to improve their plugins.

    Examples of existing nexuses:

    Good example - Modrinth (recently appeared, lightweight, share Minecraft mods, have integration with GitHub)

    Not very good example - Curseforge (nexus for different games, have many benefits, but is laggy, bad-designed and overcomplicated)

    NexusMods - nexus for different games, not very known to me

    Question 4 - how tall constructions you can make?

    Answer is 1090 units. This is the largest height that you can reach in building things. Any element cannot be placed upper than that. So the height allows you to build even the largest world buildings in 1x1 scale.

    Question 3 - how big constructions you can make?

    Construction elements have very effective rendering, but any renderer has its limits. So, how many elements you can add into your constructions to make the game lag?

    The answer is - near 3-4 million of elements. This value can be different for different users, so this is my values that I get during my experiments with Menger sponges.

    If you will construct menger sponge with 6 iterations - you will get cube with 3.2M parts.

    This is a very huge construction. If you will try to place it with blueprint - it can take 15 minutes to place it in game. Most player-made things will be much smaller than it.

    So, if you want to build something massive like this will this make the whole world lagging? Answer is - no. If you build such thing - you can just look into another direction and your FPS will become stable again. This is a result of thing named culling which don't allow invisible things render and waste your memory