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    Oh so good :wow: Horses to ride in a beautiful world !

    Since you will be working on npcs, if you think this could be done, it will be soo good to have some specific/eating/rest stences for animals, like cows laid down, seated pigs (as shown on the picture bellow), instead of being continuously wandering which is not very natural. It will be so immersive and cool :wow:





    Also was wondering in order to complete hostile's challenging, do you plan to introduce a skills based system evolving, with skill points or so, to gain on the long-term, things like, longer stamina bar, more strenght, etc... IMHO I think that could be an interesting way to encourage people to be continuously looking for improvements, challenges, etc

    Well, the thing is, the player can't eat bread directly, instead he has to cut it first. It didn't seem reasonable to us to offer this functionality for burned bread as well, so that resulted in burned bread being useless atm... but maybe we'll change that in the long run ^^

    Yes, agree, that make sense indeed.

    But you introduced baked beef... maybe we can have now baked potatoes? :thinking::D Should be nice to have it, no? :)

    some feedback/bug repport :

    Saloon door can only be resized on width not on height

    Maybe a small adjustment could be done, for fleeing animals, maybe reducing a little bit the distance detection when you are crouch would be a good hint imo ^^

    A small idea, could be a consumption of 1 gunpowder to use the riffle until we get bullets :)

    And finally if possible to you to explain, I would like to know, how much damage do a stone arrow in comparison to an iron arrow? Also want to know if you target the body or the head will it deal the same damage or is it different? If you can explain a little bit would be cool ^^

    EDIT: I forgot something, since we have now different chests, could we get differents capacities for them, some of them that can contain more items than others

    Thank you anyway and congratz again, for your amazing work

    Hello red51

    Great to see this update released ! :party:

    Bow and arrows ... I can now, stop running over rabbits hahaa!! So cool, nice thank you :)

    Now I will only wait for Horse, Wolves, Birds/Aigles (chasing rabbits/chickens maybe :thinking: ^^ ) , Crabs and Bandits :)

    (also biomes and caves updates)

    Anyway, thank you very much. And, as usual, keept it up, with the VERY good work ;):thumbup:

    IIRC it also affects camp fires / cooking / drying at the moment. Not sure if a separate slider would be more appropriate maybe?

    Maybe it could, depending on how the food system will improve (maybe with cooking mixed meals system if you have plans like that) maybe could be a good idea to have it separatly, dunno

    Yes, currently the "plant growth" also affects trees. Mabye a separate slider for tree growth would be a nice addition, we'll think about that :)

    But for this, for sure it's a good addition, because the problem right now, as all is included, when you want to adjust your plants, then the trees made too long to grow, and if you want to adjust trees, then plants will grow too fast... :wacko: so yeah, maybe one for trees would fit much better here

    And I remember another topic, discussing about iron boulders... that where too much at the surface and/or too big (imo they are a bit too big yep ^^), but for the quantity, a slide for them could solve the problem for each personal likes :thumbup:

    Note: We need some snakes to sting our leggs :wacko: ;)

    Hotfix (2023-03-04):

    • [New] Added setting to change the spawn rate for animals

    I have no intention to do that, but keeping the logic with the others slides, maybe for it's minimum, could be set to 0 instead of 20 ?

    Also, concerning slides, I have some interrogations.

    I guess "Ore smelting" slide, only affects furnaces, and not fire camp (to cook meat), if's correct, could you maybe consider to add a slide for cooking (in general, including rack meat dryer and futur cooking features) ?

    Another slide is the "Plant grow", are the trees included on this one, or it's only for vegetables consumption, (because trees are growing much more slower than anything else) maybe have a slide only for trees?

    tell me the command for re-spawning animals, please

    the command is: spawnnpc

    then you specify the desired animal, for example: spawnnpc Fox

    Also found another small bug, when you place black wool in a chest, next time you open the chest black wool is shown as white wool (but technically it stills black). If you get it outside from the chest it shows black again. Anytime you put it in chest and re-open the chest it shows as white again ^^

    Is it a creative mode world? In the singleplayer menu you can see if a world was created in survival or creative mode :) If you want to change it permanently to survival mode, you can load the world and type this into console sql Meta UPDATE worldinfos SET value='survival' WHERE key='gamemode';

    Yes, It worked :nerd: thank you so much ^^

    Oh, thanks for letting me know! This is caused by the shadow caching (the game only renders shadows once and cache them for reasons of performance)... I will put that on our to-do list :) As a "workaround", you can fix this by turning the torch off and on again^^

    ok thank you, and yes the workaround works, and you can also update/modify the terrain and poouuffff , it gones... ^^ ^^ :thumbup: thanks ;)

    Hmm, my server keeps disappearing from the server list as well. I wonder if its because we have a Creative permissions group in the "Areas" folder?

    Seems to be something wrong with creative mode indeed...

    Cause in my SinglePlayer mode, don't know if it was beacause I activated (before update) the creative mode, but now, each time I start the game I start by default as GM 1 activated all the time (and my stats food, drink, etc... always rested to full state... kinda embarrassing) :/

    A part of that, I also found a small bug red51, as you can see on the picture bellow, when you place a torch the shadow of an animal nearby, become stuck to that point forever and the shadow will never more be dynamic and follow his NPC...

    Ok, nice to read.

    Thanks for clarifications and thoughs, that sounds good

    Super, waiting for next amazing stuff to come :party: Keep the good work ;):)

    Hi red51, I'm exhauted to run behind foxes, moose and rabbits!! hahaa we need a bow :D

    But, very happy with this update! Congrats! At least, the world now is much more alive... ^^ :thumbup:

    Curious on what will be your next step. Caves & ruins implementation? NPCs part2 (with aggressive animals and bandits)? New biomes? What's your next move for your beatifull game? :saint:

    Quick question: What's included in "altered chunk"?

    Cutting a tree or destroying a rock or grabbing a potatoe, is it considered as chunk modifyed?

    Or only constructions make a chunk to be altered?

    Also, killing animal, makes a chunk altered?

    Thank you, if you can give some details on that please :)

    Congrats again :thumbup:

    Crabs are actually on our to-do list :) Unfortuantely we still don't have a proper model ready for that, so I'm afraid they won't make it into the initial NPC update... but they're definitely planned ^^

    Maybe we can get the scaffoldings ready for the next update :D I can't guarantee that though, so if they don't make it into the npc update, they will be ready shortly after it^^

    Awesome !! Cool, thank you :party:

    I know is not a really good manner nor a good way to ask that, please forgive me :/

    red51 do you think it's faisible to have Crabs with this initial NPC update? Sorry for asking, but I really love the idea of sandy beaches with this little guys running all over to catch them :wacko:
    Just to know if it can be possible at the first shot or if they will come, on a later update ^^

    Thank you, if you can say few words about it ^^ DOMO ARIGATO :saint:


    And maybe one or two birds (Eagle) ? :wacko:^^<3

    We don't have any screenshots yet (because the animal models aren't fully ready yet), but once the first animals are in the game, we'll definitely share some screenshots ^^

    Well, thank you so much for the sharing !! They are beatiful, specially hens, they are so realistic and well done :wow:


    For those that didn't see it yet :





    Thank you red51 keep it up :thumbup: