Changing paint in creative

  • In the past I used the scroll option to change the paint (grass, dirt, etc...) However with my new computer I'm that mouse no longer works and I'm using a different one. It also has a scroll feature, in fact it has 2, universal and auto. I've tired all the different setting but I can't change the paint. I've been told in the past that if I can't scroll I'm just out of luck. So my questions are now 2 fold; is there a way to get my mouse to work and is there a plug-in or a way I could change the scroll option?

  • It looks like the scroll isn't recognized as a "mouse wheel scroll" for some reason (or the delta value reported by Windows is too low or too high) :huh: Do you run any software in the background which has an impact on your controls?

    Unfortunately it's difficult to say what's going on there exactly... if you can't get the mouse wheel to work, I'm afraid the only thing you could do is changing this setting to a key on your keyboard. To do that, open the "" file in your game directory with a text editor and change "input_scrollup" and "input_scrolldown" to another key (e.g. "KEY_6" and "KEY_7" [for keys 6 and 7], or "KEY_PGUP" and "KEY_PGDN" [for page up/down])...

  • Sweet! I will have to go in and change it as I have tried all I can. Of course if anyone know more then me I’m always willing to try.
    The mouse is a trackball from Logitech model T-BC21. It does have a program that you can use to program the mouses extra buttons. I have tried the program everyday I can think of, there is even a game setting but nothing worked.
    Thank you

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