RESOLVED: How to revoke friend's access to Rising World on my computer

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  • RESOLVED: How to revoke friend's access to Rising World on my computer

    My friend plays games on my computer, but with her own Steam. I gave her permissions to play my Rising World game, but when she logged in it just gave her a new toon with my name, so that didn't work. She tried to buy the game for herself, but she wasn't able to because it said she already owns the game.

    How can I take her off my game so that she can buy it for herself? She will still be using it on my computer while she waits to get one of her own. Actually, this is an issue with all the games on Steam on my computer.

    I know this might be a Steam question, but nobody seems to be answering her there so I was hoping one of you good people could let us know how it's done.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


    RESOLVED: In Steam>Settings there is a "Family" section. I found her there and removed her. :)
  • For deactivating share it should be enough to go to Steam->Settings->Family and revoke the computer authorization i think
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  • Neither of us is opted in to betas. I got an answer from Steam, that it's something in the way the game saves on computers. They suggested we write to the game devs and ask them to change it. Apparently, right now it's impossible for two different Steam accounts to play this game on the same computer unless they don't mind both of them going by the same name. This creates obvious issues when other players can't tell which of us they're interacting with.