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  • hey isnt it a idear to do some contests once evrey 3 months orso
    like a contest building a building thats really in your home town
    or build a tavern
    and so on iv seen it in other games like this and it had popularity on some games and maybe you can do it hre 2
    and its also a way to give a part competitive buildig to the game and site

  • Yea. that would be great indeed. Though Red51 will need to focus his attention on the development, not community events. Its a bit unfortunate there is not much room for marketing ;)

    But if someone from the community would take the time to set the rules and organize the event, maybe Red51 would commit to give some of the prizes?

  • could be cool if you could find some 1 that would love to deticate to it and make a part on the site for a contest
    i would sugest stuff like build a car or a historical land mark from your home town or build a historical plane build a tavern
    and maybe it could even be so if red would like it could even become a part of the game as price
    then he also gets buildings for the game without him having to spend alot of time making them and the winners get eternalised in the game that would be the coolest prize he could give in my eyes

  • The thing is you need to ensure no one is cheating.

    So it would need a dedicated server for that contest. Each one participating would get a certain area to build and create. Of course rules like - are blueprints (for creation process) allowed? or which plugins would be used, which console commands, etc.

    And finally someone would need a prize to give out.

    Not so easy. its a great idea but a big task.

  • think you are thinking harder than it is
    part 1 can be a link on the site to a part deticated to contests on the site
    thats just making a new link
    second of all i would do only self made stuff and no limit in size (dont want to limmit the players thats demotivating )
    and price red could make it so the bp would be a part of the finished game also not a big probem to put in if he has a bp

  • sure, you could do it like that. But honestly, not everybody is playing fair. You need an isolated environment in order to avoid that somebody is just using a old Blueprint, stealing from another server or simply downloading from somewhere. Even some might just work together to achieve a winning structure.

  • keep it limited to 1 price that demotivates players to build together or motivate tehm to do so to get even better once
    and what if the use old made blueprints aslong as they made them there self it isnt a problem i got like loads of bp's and even 1 im working on that i would enter in historical replicas of home town buildings

  • But old blueprints are already known, you have a feedback from the community, etc. A contest should not be about old stuff brought up again but showing / proofing new creations.

    And working in a team is not fair to others who build alone. If team is permitted it should be in a separate contest, not allowing 1vs10vs5vs1vs20

  • What do you mean with cheating?Cheating is something that harms other players, wallhacks in css or something like that.

    Personally, I'm not convinced of a competition, unless there are judges who do not play the game themselves or vote for friends.

    Cheating could be hacks as you mentioned. But also simply downloading the creation of another player (who knows about it or not) and present as his own creation.

    I love the idea of a contest. But especially when its official, public and with a prize there are too many black sheeps out there. Aside this i can imagine that a dedicated, closed, server where the participants are building on would be a nice thing for a moderated letsplay as well. Commenting the building of other players, maybe some smaller side-contests (i.e. build xy within 30 minutes).

    But as i said - its a lot of effort. Simply saying "build your favorite building and show it to us" is not enough.

    And about team building.... its not a problem as long as the conditions are equal. Imagine if 2 participants want to build a house of their home town. One is building it on his own. He got limited time as the contest will end at some point and only his point of view.
    The other one has 10 helpers who build either together or in shifts, having no issue with the dead line. Also you got 10 point of views. Some are more detail-builders, others do the rough building.

    Nono, you must not allow this. Either its a 1vs1 or a team vs team effort. But not mixing it. Having 2 contests at the same time is also possible. One for single participants, one for team efforts.

  • yeah but if you see some of my builds there done in 3 weeks avarage and even i build stuff that would normaly take group efford to make in sutch a short time
    the trick is not to work harder but smarter iv learned to my self to use bp's to copy smaller parts so i can spare time in my build but its always a bp i made my self
    i also use them to get things mirrored and using those i do work that others might do the same time over as a group my theater was a build that was easyer to make with a group but its all 1 persone me who builed evrey thing in that and now im making a historical building from my home town it takes a t of time but with bp's i cut that time in half so with right using of bp's you can do the work of group in this game so the difrence wil be big betwean players i think cause not evrey 1 uses b's to really build stuff it also helps with placing some items in spots that ussaly wont work so im a lover of bp's real big lover of tha in simular games i could never build as big or complex as here justt cause you neeed to do evrey part by hand

  • No argue about that. I´m doing exactly the same. Though if blueprints for modules are allowed everybody can use them. No matter if solo-play or team-effort.

    thats why i say if there is a contest it needs to be with clear rules on a separated environment. Where the one leading the contest can control who does what to avoid someone is just downloading a blueprint from someone else as his own.

    Of course if modules are allowed as part of a bigger thing this must be clearly stated as well.

    Forgive me, i guess with all these rules i can´t hide my german soul :P

  • Hey.
    Home, home.(((
    1. Task: Build a location of the famous games (the scale of the location is specified). Complexity I, II, II.
    2. Contest participants: creative mode is Enabled. + PNB
    3. The participants of the Admins of the servers or just the Owners.
    4. The duration of the competition (31 days)
    5. In the competition to participate 6 servers.The server owner does not participate in the contest.
    Upon completion of the construction, the contest Host records a video review of buildings and votes.
    Judiciary. The owner of the server and the players who come to the server for judging.
    Remuneration: on YouTube, on server, SOC. network, Steam group, Rising World forum (Theme: Contest) and ...... everywhere.
    Contests are held on each server in the course of the year, year-end results. The best player, or admin, or owner, the best

    location, the best server.
    I did so earlier on the server where I was admin, not the owner. Players put the location of the famous games.
    But not just, there are strict conditions, requirements for the project.
    If anyone is interested in the contest, I would make the calendar server + requirements for projects.
    Sorry for my English (Googlek TR)

    this motivates players to participate, improve their server + online server+ server fame.
    Applications for participation in the Rising World Server Competition (RWSC) are accepted here - - - >
    I will be glad to offers and help.
    Zu Hause zu Hause.(((
    1. Aufgabe: Erstellen Sie einen Ort der berühmten Spiele (die Skala des Ortes ist festgelegt). Komplexität I, II, II.
    2. Wettbewerbsteilnehmer: Kreativmodus ist aktiviert. + PNB
    3. Die Teilnehmer der Administratoren der Server oder nur die Eigentümer.
    4. Die Dauer des Wettbewerbs (31 Tage)
    5. Am Wettbewerb um die Teilnahme von 6 Servern teilnehmen. Der Serverbesitzer nimmt nicht am Wettbewerb teil.
    Nach Abschluss der Bauarbeiten zeichnet der Veranstalter des Wettbewerbs eine Videoüberprüfung von Gebäuden und Abstimmungen auf.
    Justiz. Der Besitzer des Servers und die Spieler, die zur Beurteilung zum Server kommen.
    Vergütung: auf YouTube, auf Server, SOC. Netzwerk, Steam-Gruppe, Rising World Forum (Thema: Wettbewerb) und ...... überall.
    Auf jedem Server finden im Laufe des Jahres, zum Jahresende, Wettbewerbe statt. Der beste Spieler oder Administrator oder Besitzer, der beste

    Standort, der beste Server.
    Ich habe dies früher auf dem Server getan, auf dem ich Administrator war, nicht auf dem Server des Eigentümers. Die Spieler setzen den Ort der berühmten Spiele.
    Aber nicht nur, es gibt strenge Bedingungen, Anforderungen an das Projekt.
    Wenn sich jemand für den Wettbewerb interessiert, würde ich den Kalenderserver + Anforderungen für Projekte stellen.
    Entschuldigung für mein Englisch (Googlek TR)

    p / s
    Dies motiviert die Spieler zur Teilnahme und zur Verbesserung ihres Server-, Online- und Serverrufs.
    Anmeldungen zur Teilnahme am Rising World Server Competition (RWSC) werden hier entgegengenommen - - ->
    Die Teilnehmer
    Ich werde gerne Angebote machen und helfen.

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