Add size tool to survival

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • s(ize) is working as long as you stay in the ranges.... our players use it on our survival server. Just beware the limits!
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    • I think he was trying to say the limits put on the smaller range just makes no logical sence. Why limit the size you can reduce an object just because you are in survival. I agree with him. The size limitations for reducing an item should be the same for survival as it is for creative.

      I understand why there should be a limit on increasing the size for some one in survival. I personally think you should still be able to increase the size of a beam but if you do it would just remove more resources from your inventory. So if you want to increase beam beyond the 1 1 1 it would remove 2 or 3 logs/stone from your inventory . The main reason I would like to see this is that it would decrease the number of beams required for a build thus helping decrease lag. Anything to help reduce lag in this game is a good thing. Love to see spheres in the game as well some day. You have to use a lot of logs to make a sphere now which means lag lag lag.
    • You're not able to use the size command in Survival games only in creative mode. That's what he wanted to say.
      This point was one on my wishlist. :thumbsup:
      But with size command you can make 15.99 x 15.99 x 15.99 no 16. ;)

      Of course you save materials with the size command, but I think that there will be a switch off button. However, it is
      also possible to build finer things in the surivival mode, so why not. Can reduce the numer of components, so reduce
      lags and that is always a positive thing.