Physics Engine in Rising World

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I may have already suggested this, but a Physics Engine in Rising World would change a huge aspect of the game itself! Cars, elevators, etc...
    Elevators are something that allot of players would love to be in the game! Building long stairways by scratch(for that untypical staircase) gets kinda old,
    especially, when building tall structures!

    Cars of course, will not be in the game for sometime, and that is to be expected! A Physics Engine would be great for cars as well!

    Also, a Physics Engine, would let players build their own cars as a matter of fact! With gears, pulleys, wheels etc, players can make contraptions that
    can move, mine and more, which would make Circuits in Rising World useful as well for players can build complex machines!

    As for building, a Physics Engine would make building WAY more realistic, by adding Structure Integrity. Structure Integrity should be a toggle option in my opinion,
    since some players(if not most) will not be used to adding support to their structures, which can cause a catastrophe!

    Just think: When the game's engine itself is moved to another, the graphics will become allot better, and the if there is indeed a Physics Engine in place,
    it will make Rising World one of(if not the best) building games of the century!!

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