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  • Hi @red51

    Hope you're well. I appreciate the amount of work that goes into writing a game, so I understand if you've not had time to spare this a seconds thought yet. But, have you any idea yet if the GuiElement parts of the API will be transferable? With the understanding that the pivots work differently on the canvas.

    My RW plugin development is stuck in neutral at the moment. Just wondering if it's time to shift into first gear or time to eat mince pies and slurp mulled wine? Either I'm happy with. :D

  • Hey :) Well, we're still not 100% certain, but this is our plan: We will very likely stick to Java when it comes to the Plugin API. Compared to other languages, this is probably the best choice (it's pretty fast, runs in a separate environment [so it doesn't interfere with the game], and has an excellent garbage collector [so much better compared to the Unity GC]). The game (and server) will be shipped with a custom JVM, so there will be no need for the user to install Java in order to run plugins. Maybe we will also add support for JavaScript in the long run, still not sure about that...

    We've already integrated a JVM in our project, and communication between the game and Java works very well (and pretty fast).

    Using Java also means large parts of the current API remain compatible (although there will be some rather small changes). However, unfortunately I can't say much about the UI yet :S Unity is currently working on a new UI API, and we're thinking about migrating to it - unfortunately it's still in preview, and I'm not sure if this new UI will be ready in time. Both UIs work quite different compared to our UI (in the Java version of RW), especially when it comes to coordinates and pivots. Their new UI would be similar to CSS flex (there are no actual pivots and no relative coordinates like in our current UI)...

  • Maybe we will also add support for JavaScript in the long run, still not sure about that...

    Oh yes please JavaScript (nodejs i think then huh?), then i can just do everything in TypeScript.

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