RIP Naughty Dog & Gaming Censorship

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Alright, not sure how comfortable Red51 is with this topic. Its however getting far too extreme and heated that it needs to be covered here so people can be aware that games should be about fun, not a political showcase, nor a medium for censorship. Art is supposed to be raw and provocative, not preachy and annoying.


    The Basics:

    Naughty Dog has basically done two things wrong here from what I've been reading for the past 2 days:

    1) Overworking and underpaying their employees. The disgruntled employee even allegedly leaked the game.

    2) Game getting leaked showcasing how Naughty Dog teamed up Anita Sarkeesian, a known scammer having ruined a good game by injecting identity politics derailing the game and the story.

    (Leaks showed how males die in the game while woman are propped up as "goddess". Even adds in Identity politics so you're forced to accept trans-gender folks, or else be guilted into being falsely labeled as "transphobic". It gets quite messy. :poo:)

    Expanded Situation:

    This gets quite nasty because anybody who dares talk about Naughty Dog & their leaks gets copyrighted. It becomes less about having fun in games and more about gaming censorship having identity politics shoved down your throat similar to how Canadians (in Ontario) are forced to learn Canadian French or else fail their education. You HAVE to accept the identity politics or else you're a "phobe". You're being forced to not have a choice in this matter. 6 Youtubers (and counting) are now facing copyright strikes, two of whom are now contacting their lawyers to contact Naughty Dog and their mischievous friends to mend the situation. Youtubers are getting their channels copyright striked just because they shared an opinion (no content). The game being designed to be more about checkboxes being checked off with "variety" instead of focusing on the game itself which tends to take the fun out of the whole game. Games are supposed to be about having fun and relaxing where this has been noted as being more preachy than anything.

    "Obey and consume without question".

    Tweet from Naughty Dog:


    We know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. We feel the same. It's disappointing to see the release and sharing of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to avoid spoilers and we ask that you don't spoil it for others.

    The Last of Us II will be in your hands soon. No matter what you see and hear, the final experience will be worth it.

    - Naughty Dog

    Look, I respect developers when they're honest, genuine, and passionate about their own project. That part is legit. Its when they start lying, making up excuses, and use their medium for fun and entertainment to exploit people. Exploiting people to push agendas and ideals is not the way to go here. For one, pay your employees. Retail staff & game developers are treated like trash so treat them with respect. Two, games are meant for fun so keep them fun. Its been noted the sequel was forced to have identity politics (thanks to Anita) forcing the game to become trash. You've ruined people's cherished game. I've heard many good things to only have it all squandered away like Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Blizzard, & etc. I've heard MANY great things about the original while also having explored a level in VRChat someone uploaded. It looks fun and awesome........ All that tainted, corrupted, and squandered for nonsense 'SJW' (generalizing now) nonsense... All for fake 'SJW' nonsense..... RIP genuine entertainment.

    This is allowing Japanese & Chinese games to take over the void, especially European Indie developers. You add fake nonsense into a game you'll get burnt by it. Games are supposed to be raw and provocative, not lecturing and boring. Certain hard-core Japanese games find this out the hard way. Its nonsense like this which tends to force people's hands into watching foreign media, especially Japanese media & anime.
    (Sidenote: Anime is also under siege for how free and open it is, something certain folks don't like.)


    Copyright Claim - Tweet:

    Copyright strike if you dare speak about Naughty Dog in a video on Youtube. Loopholes & third party members come knocking.... :silenced:


    itsagundam @GundamIsHere


    NaughtyDog is about to learn the streisand effect the hard way.

    Truth. The more you try covering something up the more visible it becomes. Should have been honest and genuine....... Shady stuff gets you in trouble, more so when people are in quarantine. People want GENUINE CONTENT.

    You're simply not allowed to talk about Naughty Dog, nor discuss how bad their game is. They'll come get you! They'll find loopholes and get you!

    Naughty Dog & friends are trying to do the whole "bully" and "silence" tactic. Will it work?:silenced:

    Don't talk ill about Naughty Dog or how they ruined 'Last of us II' with identity politics & poor workplace standards. They'll come get you! :silenced:

    Game censorship is rising.

  • If you need a summary then here you go. If the video is gone then that means Naughty Dog & Sony censored another video because you're not allowed to critizize, speak out, share or have an opinion.

    If you don't want to read my wall of text then that video shall sum things up. Watch it before his video gets copyright striked.

  • I'm just going to note more hilarity that they're still DMCA'ing Tweets, Youtube videos, and anything just talking about their game. Just uttering the game is going to get you flagged, and they keep doing it. This isn't about suppressing information, or anything. They even had their own Tweet DMCA'd in a twist of irony. They're too aggressive with their tactics that they're just making a fool out of themselves. Both Sony & Naughty Dog are heavily abusing DMCA to the point its censorship, and worse.

    Kotaku seems to be cowardly defending Naughty Dog praising censorship, harassment, and other nonsense. Gamers are Evil! They'll violate the opposite genders, & etc........ Gamers rob and pillage while destroying everything they touch.......... *yawns*…s-to-new-twitter-feature/

    *Yawns*........ I don't want to make post like these anymore....... This is why I love Rising World, and why I enjoy Japanese games.... Games were made for fun and entertainment, not for Kotaku, Sony, & Naughtydog to punish gamers while forcing people to blindly consume their corrupted games. I just want to play games to unwind and to have fun, not to deal with their dramatic nonsense. I however do hate I'm being flagged as the villain & troll just for posting this. I just want to play my games without the nonsense.

  • I'll keep this short.......

    Its nice to know that you can get banned off of Twitter just for posting jokes/memes..... Basic humour. Mindlessly consume and obey or else you're some negative label......

    Doesn't look bright for this game because Last of Us 2 has been noted as being a very damaging game for the gaming industry, same with how ACTUAL reviews are noting how the game is a 3.3, not a 10/10. Fake journalists drummed up fake support and fake praise. People are allowed to voice their opinions, even if they love trolling on Steam forums & etc. Just posting a picture on Twitter can get your Twitter suspended and deleted. Same on Reddit & Youtube; DMCA takedowns. So much for freedom of speech. I'm not joking here..... North American games are feeling so sterile (not all) forcing me to go play more obscure games and Japanese ones.

    Sorry, just give me Rising World & Japanese games. ACTUAL games. :monocle:


    EDIT: Sony allows nudity in Last of Us II yet censors it for Japanese games. Double standards for political North American reasons. *yawns*

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