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    In terms of content, it's more or less the same state as the previous building update (except that you can do these things with more people now). There are also a few basic PVP elements (gunfights with the rifle), but our main intention to release the multiplayer update now had technical reasons: RW was implemented in a "multiplayer-compatible" way from the beginning, or more precisely, every feature is affected by multiplayer. But the later we implement multiplayer, the more time consuming it would be to get it ready and to find potential bugs in this area. In addition to that, the mp update also forced us to revise every feature that's already in the game - if we decided to add multiplayer at a later stage, there would have been more features that need to be revised (and thus there would be a lot more work involed to get the mp ready).

    At the end of the day, it's really up to you to decide whether or not you want to set up a server now. In general, we're happy about every bug report regarding multiplayer, because the sooner a bug is detected, the easier it can be fixed. But on the other hand, building is actually the only real feature in the new version at this stage - so this is mostly appealing to players who are interested in building.

    The next updates, however, will add more survival- and gameplay-related features ;)

    All for it, just was / am not sure hosting a server is worthwhile. It isn't the cost. Its more about is there a reason, purpose, final outcome otherwise that will help the cause or move production /updates forward. At some point more than a few could give conflicting data or simply redundant data. I am all for helping but I am not one wanting to waste the time of red or others more qualified.

    So, what can we actually do in this version? What are we testing for. I hopped into a server last night but really saw little reason to be there. I can set up a server but is there a point for testing?

    So I have a few questions. I started another server for the current version and we always have fun. That said, these are the questions at this point.

    1. server_custom_logo= Can this only be an image? I would like to include html or similar links so when the image comes up a link to our Teamspeak or our site is clickable. If not in that logo, is there a mod or other method to do so? This would / will likely be a question for the new version as well.

    2. settings_start_weather= what are the available parameters?

    3. settings_weather_preset=default What are the options for this?

    My apologies but it has been awhile since I have run a server for this game.

    Yep we can agree on several points. The world today is more interesting than I could have ever imagined. Sadly, video games seem to be more reality that current events. I am no Playstation user nor supporter. Not sure what I own currently that is part of Sony but hopefully nothing. I have cut several companies free in the past couple of years. While they have the option to say and do as they wish I also have the choice to spend my money where I see fit.

    Not sure what the point is but I'll give my take. They program.... O noes, can't do that when its so hot. WTF ever. I worked in the field slinging hay bales and feeding animals in summer temps near 100 degree temps. I worked in a steel plant for years near furnaces used for heat treatment, custom bar forming, and coil production. No, climate change is nothing more than nature doing what she has done for millenniums. We as humans like to think we are all powerful and control the planet, cause this and that, and so on. We are but a spot on the history of the planet that will disappear when the planet or powers that be determine it is time. If you are speaking toward journalism; you are correct, zero integrity, zero honor, zero honesty in today's world. This is my opinion based on facts I have seen for decades. Your mileage might vary.

    Sadly, speaking your mind in many places is no longer possible without someone being offended. I try to be open and accepting even when I disagree but sometimes it can be difficult. I have played FPS games for years. Competed in several but things are different now. A few forums I visit no longer allow any type of political conversation out of fear of reprisal or being shut down by some nut.

    This is where we are today it seems. I keep things simple. I keep my thoughts to myself and my family. I get it I really do.

    Go ahead, post away. I've done a lot worse constantly getting moderated for my overly vocal threads, posts, and thoughts.

    Just so we're clear, did I do anything wrong or are we venting at the gaming industry and greedy corporations?

    No, you’ve done nothing wrong nor has anyone else here. Just a general statement overall . I’m fairly old so with that I have a bit more traditional way of thinking. Things like only 2 genders exist, earth is round, etc. :)

    Rather odd but I've not had to deal with any form of spam from this forum. Its possible my settings might be different than yours but nothing to indicate it being an issue.

    New question; Is there a way to either limit or prevent loss of inventory items on death? In another game I play I have the server set to lose nothing. Yes, I know its kinda cheesy but we are pretty laid back and want a bit of an easier game. I don't care if its a plugin or otherwise but I didn't see anything in the search though not sure what to actually search for in this regard.

    As an admin on my server, how can I kill a problematic entity? Say, a tiger that is bullet proof, etc? I have tried everything I can think of. Just get dead lol.