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  • Just wanted to note something else relating to game development trying my best with my wording to make it as coherent as possible. Sorry if its long-winded, I want to however make note of it before I forget. For the people who have been following me since 2015 here may know how hot headed I tend to get, where I stand, or loosely know how I view things. Certain people may view me as "crazy", I don't blame you. Its basically "you are your surroundings" so if I'm crazy then so are my surroundings. I grew up with gaming since the early 1900's with the early Nintendo playing Super Smash Bros 3 with my father into the late nights, saw Gameboy introduced into Canada (Ottawa). I've had N64 with Perfect Dark & Goldeneye, even Playstation 2 with Gundam, and PS3. I nearly had half the gaming consoles. I know how games should be, how they should feel, what they should have in them........

    I'm no expert, I just know how a game should be. How a game feels & etc.......

    I may not know how to code and program properly, I however do know how games should feel. I may have not made any proper games, I however made various experimental RPG Maker types games and etc. I want to legit make a game others are afraid of making.... In the 2000's I felt games should be more sandboxy, eventually gaining a game called 'Black & White' where you can play god with your settlers. You even had a pet you could raise and guide to help you out. That then ventured into Star Wars Galaxies, Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Rising World, Alchemist's Awakening, and etc. Other games were too limiting and linear; Too boring. I wanted to explore a vast world, make an impact (crafting/building/surviving), have an NPC companion, and etc to the point I would constantly venture into boundaries. Star Wars Galaxies ended up being the closest to this where I could do almost whatever I wanted. I loved 'Star Wars Galaxies' wishing it was still around. It is, modded and hosted by players. I could play it. My secondary hard drive failed and it takes up too much space currently. Nobody wants to make a 2020 version of it, only linear 'theme parks'. 'Star Wars Galaxies' was the best MMO allowing you do do whatever you wanted in a true open world, prematurely corrupted & killed off. Minecraft made the proper ripple effect in the gaming industry spawning more 'open world games', something which also brought along 'Subnautica', Garry's Mod, and etc in one manner or another.


    To The Point - Cookie Cutter Frustration:

    I'm always frustrated there is always something holding back games, game development, and etc. What is frustrating is when a game keeps doing the same thing over, and over, and over again by reusing the same formula when it could be doing something new in various ways. View Pokemon how it always stayed the same with incremental new gimmicks forcing you to join in later versions. A game could always be "so much more" with special thanks to Japanese game developers (and specific European ones) I'm aware of how games should be made. I've been following various mainstream and indie Japanese game developers seeing what games & developers are actually capable of. A nice explorable open world with various 'fun' features. It contains many role-playing elements, boats, planes, enemies, and etc. Anything possible is simply added, even as a gimmick, The game would also contain a gallery mode, settings, co-op/Multiplayer, and possibly a mini-game or side features. The amount of times I get lynched for suggesting co-op and VR mode for certain games causing the fanbase to lynch me, and the developers to moan how "difficult" it is. This 'lynching' causes other games to do far better time and again.....

    A game that has stood the test of times is also called 'Silent Hunter 3', a game made by Ubisoft Romania. I befriended a game developer who prided themselves for having created one of the best games ever. A German Submarine game containing most of the participating nations with Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Canadians, French, among others. They were added into the base games back in 2005/2006 era while a game in 2015-2021 constantly whines and tantrums about adding these same features. A GAME FROM 2005-2006 ADDS IN FEATURES A GAME IN 2020 DEEMS "TOO MUCH WORK". Absolutely (redacted) hilarious. Honestly.

    I'm honestly amazed by how fearful game developers are in this era. They don't have that old-era game making passion, nor adding things because it compliments the game's scenery more. In certain ways they do, they however don't go that extra mile I've seen Japanese indie game developers go. I've seen more passion from the Japanese (with high suicide rates) than I have with AAA game developers. Its because of AAA game developers and a certain segment of indie game developers I tend to side with those who actually show results than those who constantly complain. Dutch game developers would much rather focus on politics than making games......

    There is this game I'm following called 'Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought' doing unique things, though frustrating me a bit.



    Campaign is still under development. The campaign will let you lead the admiralty for all major countries of the time period (minor nations are not playable). We will update this page as soon as we will be willing to share specifics.

    I'm near livid. You had ONE job.....You add in most of the nations, but just because they're god damn 'Minor' you won't have them as playable. I'm aware Silent Hunter 3's AI traffic wasn't playable, they however added factions because they are necessary. Your game was unique enough and you won't add in Canadians, Chinese, and etc as playable nations because "too much work" for the campaign mode. Scenarios, sure. Just not campaign? Defeats the purpose. Should have gone that extra mile to make your game "the best ever" and to stand the test of time with Silent Hunter 3. You need to push a game as far as you're able to.

    The game is advertised for you to build your own ship, experiment, make things work yet they won't let you do that in a campaign manner. This is what I mean! Games in 2020 constantly falls short because of things like these. Its frustrating. This is why other games are so popular because they simply make something happen allowing them to stand the test of time.

    I know game developers (the navy WW2 types) are going to be genuinely pissed off with me. They may be correct in that regard, maybe even claiming I may have misunderstood something. Maybe I have. Even so, they also need to see the flaws on their end. Games from 2006 and previous have done better (as with Indie developers) doing more than modern games. We have yet to gain proper remakes and remasters of these past games. Even Perfect Dark N64 can't get a proper remake because developers can't get a good grasp of the magic which made it fun. Just make the minor nations playable. I find it hilarious how certain other games gave you easteregg type features in RTS games, RPGs, and etc where you could mess around with "what if" and "respect" stuff, yet adding in playable minor nations is "off the table". You were ALMOST THERE! Go the extra mile. Copy and paste some codes so we can play as a 'minor nation', the taboo of the WW2 gaming world. God forbid hell freezes over for not adding in the "minor nations" for they may pillage a world, or something. Seriously.......

    Do what other game developers have done by copying and pasting code to make certain factions playable, yet lazily made them feel like other factions/nations, & etc. At least they're there........ I'm just amazed....... There are people who want to play with these so called "minor nations" without limitations. Stop the cookie-cutter Pokemon Gameboy game type nonsense. Stop making the same game over-and-over and actually add in worthwhile features and elements.........


    U-Boat - VR:

    At first these developers chickened out of VR, adding it after the fact as another group handles it. The developers at first had no plans for VR then they found a way to have VR added. More respect to them! This is the way. If there is a will, there is a way.

    Shame Subnautica developers constantly flip-flop. They desired co-op & VR, abandoning both. They added the foundations to VR, abandoning it when they could have found a way to complete it, as U-Boat VR has found out. Their sequel had no VR disappointing many people because of how they chickened out. Only Anti-VR fans now support that game. Shame. It could have been so much more.

    I grew up with inspiring programmers and developers-to-be constantly telling me to tell them how to do something and they would find a way to do it. They would find a way "make the impossible, possible". That's their job.


    Rising World needs NPC Companions then the game would be perfect.

    Various other games need co-op mode & VR then they'd be perfect. Bandai-Namco should have made Gundam VR for PSVR, they're too lazy. They're too big of a company to see straight. There are too many god damn voids in the gaming market........... I'm just livid, more so on how WW2 game developers constantly make excuses for not adding Canadians into their WW2 navy games, and other developers saying why they can't add their features.

  • Part 2 to the Above. I'm genuinely livid, frustrated I can't get the "right" game to enjoy, even though I made a thread about Azur Lane, a game doing most of the work other people are afraid to do. Still waiting for Yostar to add in the 'Maple Monarchy' into Azur Lane before I turn into a skeleton. Before that, I wanted to note a few more things before I'm done proxy-venting here.


    - Silent Hunter 3 - Best WW2 naval & Sub game:

    This has to be one of the best, if not THE, best WW2 Submarine game out there. Similar to 'Das Boot', you take command of a Submarine trying to sink as many enemy vessels as possible. The atmosphere is great, the feels is great. It has a decent learning curve allowing you to do what you need to do. Some modding is requiring, though one of the best games out there. This game shows its pride all around while even adding various traffic which other games would happily ignore.

    Honestly, this and Silent Hunter 4 have to be one of the best games ever, something which hasn't been properly replicated. There is a game called 'U-Boat' (previously 'UBoot') doing similar things while updating in a more lengthy manner. It even now has VR mode. It has more elements while heavily focusing on crew management. I feel it does everything great, just doesn't capture the full magic 'SH3' has. Crew management kills it. I want to disable it to where I can simply focus on exploring the world doing MY own thing.


    - Perfect Dark (N64) - Best FPS:

    I view Perfect Dark as the best FPS for its time, and still do. No other FPS has really brought me back, except for a turn-based game called Valkyrie Chronicles, a PS3, now a PC game. A futuristic cyber game where you do espionage trying to figure out what is happening in the world. It has some of the best music (above Goldeneye N64), even pushing the N64 console to its full limit requiring an expansion pack.

    The absolute hilarity how a retro game does so much better than a 2020 era game. No, seriously. Yes, we do have Halo & etc, but does it have a laptop gun? Does it have AI you can theme to 'revenge', 'fist', and customize characters? No? Exactly. They even tried to remake 'Perfect Dark' not capturing its beauty with generic guitar riffs. Pathetic. Everything about the game was trash...... They had to do a remaster, only releasing it for Xbox when they could have easily done it for PC and Switch. What a (redacted) move.

    There is now a 2020+ remake focused on climate change, though we'll see if its SJW nonsense or actually captures the true retro magic. I'm genuinely scared it may be an SJW nonsense game.


    - Gundam Battlefield Records 0081 (PS3) -

    One of the best Gundam games for the PS3, something I've played constantly. I've "wasted" one winter constantly playing this farming for items while enjoying how realistic this game is. It had co-op mode, it had AI, and it allowed you to customize things in a decent manner. I had a blast meeting new people to play with mobile suits (mechas) in this game. Had our own lobby, and etc. Journey to Jaburo, Federation vs Zeon, and etc where the best games on PS2 leading to this game. The next step up obviously being Gundam in VR, something Bandai-Namco is highly fearful of. We however do have a fan-game called 'MADNUG VR' doing what Bandai refused to do.

    AAA game companies screw up too much not focusing where they should. The games are great, and it also showed I couldn't migrate to a PS4 and PS5 because they never made proper Gundam sequels. They're also censoring a lot of games on the PS5 causing this game to die a premature death. RIP.


    - Gaming Void - Missing Surface Warship Games:

    (Warships mod for SH3)

    Desiring my Canadians in a proper WW2 naval games I've been on a constant hunt for a "good" naval game. I've been trying to track down as many as I could, especially after seeing how awesome 'Silent Hunter 3' is. I've tried World of Warships, I've looked at 'War Thunder', I've checked out other games causing me to simply be livid because both gamers and developers keep telling me Canadians are a "minor nation". Honestly, what does that have to do with anything? Stop making excuses and just simply add them in, as any other proper indie Japanese game developer would do. Add them in as Ubisoft Romania would as AI traffic back in 2006, now make them playable. Give them their full known roster and allow us to have fun.

    We have the following Surface Warship games:

    - Victory at Sea

    - Atlantic Fleet

    - Pacific Fleet

    - Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought

    - World of Warships

    - War Thunder

    - War at Sea

    We have a decent number, just none which adds the proper roster or gameplay onto the table. Its always held back by something stupid. We have the best submarine game, just not a great singleplayer, yet co-op surface warship game. World of Warships also brutally stunted the gaming market causing clones to focus on WoWs, not what needs to be properly made by adding ALL the factions with their full roster of warships. World of Warships is no longer a proper game to play when it comes to surface warships, even if it has my lovely HMCS Haida. It doesn't do the proper things, too bloated. This is why KanColle, and now Azur Lane is overtaking them by making things more accessible by adding in various nations and shipgirls.

    If, and when I get a game with Canadians added in properly they should get the highest gaming prize because they're steps above other game developers. I've gotten in so many spats with various forum goers, developers, and etc that people may have flagged me as a toxic individual, I however want voids filled in. I want my Canadians, others want their Swedish representation, Dutch, and etc. There needs to be a proper surface warship game similar to Silent Hunter 3 and its mods. Same with Silent Hunter 4. I've come across fellow Canadians who want to connect with their Canadian pride in Azur Lane, and any other surface warship game.

    This game industry amazes me in various ways......... Please try to see things my way and you'll see why I'm frustrated.



    For Rising World:

    If there is a way for me to pilot a WW2 era warship of any size I'll gladly be parading it around the Rising World waters. Doesn't have to be a battleship, nor an aircraft carrier. A simple minelayer of any faction would do. A small WW2 vessel would do allowing me to fire its main canons would be fine. Vanilla, or modded.... Please allow me to fill in the void which other games struggle or fail to fill in. This isn't a mandatory request, just a desire of mine to have fun when able.

  • I will say there's a special breed of developers who develop creatively in limited hardware available at the time. Hardware has become powerful and relatively inexpensive. As a result big development studios can get away with grabbing off-shelf assets that are bloated but they assume their audience will upgrade their hardware accordingly. This is probably why console developers are still a respectable crowd since they are given limited hardware specs to work with. To develop for specific lower end hardware code can be written in assembly language and this may still be done today since compared to PC games, they are working with specific hardware. Programming on modern engines for PC gaming involve trying to be compatible with a variety of hardware which means programming against the hardware API, not the hardware directly.

    Also online gaming has made it less critical to get the code perfect on the first time. Before online gaming it was very expensive to get a game to retail where the game was written to cartridge. Nowadays developers can merely patch a game at any time and distribute it to players. This is probably the main reason AAA games nowadays cost the same as they did in the 1990s. Premium Super Nintendo games cost around $50 to $60. Adjust that for inflation would double that sticker price.

    So there is less demand for perfection. This is why I have a lot of respect for Red51 since he behaves like an old time developer who stresses quality work while still taking advantage of modern amenities.

    Regarding that special breed, they are very much alive today and still do 64 kb demos (meaning the entire presentation is a compressed into a 64KB executable). All graphics are procedurally generated by algorithms instead of bitmaps made in a graphics department that add up to several GB (lets say 8 for comparison) in size

    64,000 bytes vs

    8,000,000,000 bytes

    64 KB is a special number as its the same amount of memory in the Commodore 64 computer that was popular in the 1980s. Assembly programmers have been doing demos for that hardware and still continue to do so today. Others have moved on to PC hardware.

    Now bear in mind this is a non interactive demo. designing a game interface on top of this would add to complexity but shows you what the pure hardware is capable of producing without massive graphical and audio assets.

  • Also online gaming has made it less critical to get the code perfect on the first time. Before online gaming it was very expensive to get a game to retail where the game was written to cartridge. Nowadays developers can merely patch a game at any time and distribute it to players. This is probably the main reason AAA games nowadays cost the same as they did in the 1990s. Premium Super Nintendo games cost around $50 to $60. Adjust that for inflation would double that sticker price.

    That's true. Early access, online, everything. Even Nintendo does it every so often themselves on their Switch. Mobage (mobile games). As for the AAA games, they always cost a fortune though roughly half of them are unpolished and left to degrade over time in the gaming market. I'm seeing the pricy tags constantly which also forces me to look into indie games.


    Also online gaming has made it less critical to get the code perfect on the first time.

    In certain parts, yes. I've seen a ton of rushed games so I do generally agree with you. Maybe in the studio where you see 'The Last of Us II' being thrown out like trash with Naughty Dog and Journalists insulting gamers for not purchasing it. They want it to be the "best game ever", even though it isn't. The amount of energy messing around on social media could have been spent polishing more bugs, making sure it was an actual good game, and etc. This goes for other games also.

    As you noted we do live in a time were developers can release things in a sloppier state improving it as time goes on.... Half the time games die, the other half they may survive, or just barely stay afloat.


    So there is less demand for perfection. This is why I have a lot of respect for Red51 since he behaves like an old time developer who stresses quality work while still taking advantage of modern amenities.

    Also, its why I'm here as well respecting how Red51 does things. I'm glad he does things through passion while others are either lost, or gathering their footing in the indie developer field. The suggestions Red51 noted actually helped make Rising World an actual good game. I thank him for quality updates and etc. I may lose my composure at times, though still respect Red51 through-and-through. The passion Red51 has for his games is also the ones I've seen indie game developers in the Japanese gaming realm because they have something to prove while also sharing their fun. You may not be aware of this, the anime 'Strike Witches' focuses on adding ace pilots from various nations while exploring things heavily creatively. I miss that wishing North Americans had that sort of creativity. The next in line for that are Europeans from Japanese. There are those who sadly fumble the ball though.

    High respect to Red51. I mean it.

    I'm just simply frustrated certain game developers with actual budget won't make actual necessary games while they twiddle their thumbs wondering what to do next. The games we need are the ones we aren't getting........ It genuinely makes me livid.


    As for your video, it reminds me of both a software called 'Space Engine' as well as 'Interstellar' movie. Your video shows that when people care about something they can turn the allegedly "impossible" into the "possible". ...... Yeah.

    Interstellar cover because you reminded me of it.

    If there is a will, there is a way.

  • It's worth noting that audio hardware is better than it used to be or atleast due to CPUs being so powerful these days there's no reliance on wave samples for making music.

    For added historical perspective here's a popular Amiga computer demo from 1991. The disk image size for this is 471 KB (much larger than the executable for Mercury) but the music was not procedurally generated and relied on wav samples that a sampler program would play back. the samples take up a lot of space. The tune in the below is a favorite of mine. the music component is a tracker file containing wav samples of each instrument and the sheet music to play it all. That file is 181 KB in size so that leaves the graphical component of the compressed executable to under 200KB. Modern CPUs and GPUs have hardware-based APIs of sort (basically what assembly language interfaces with). Old computers could not natively produce 3D graphics so much of the bloat in this compared to modern demos was simply implenenting 2D approaches to generating 3D graphics. Now there's so much 3D stuff baked into the GPUs that makes the assembly code smaller.

    By relying on modern hardware where even the sound samples are procedurally generated as well as modern compression algorithms its easy to get a modern demo like above into 64KB executable file. Again, demos show off hardware capabilities. The point i was making above is that diversity of hardware makes programming for multi-platforms more complicated. hardware APIs help with this but that combined with cheap modern hardware allow for developers to take the easy route and not worry so much about efficiency of code. This causes game bloat. And that combined with the Online gaming era makes for rapid but buggy development cycles and that (unlike the Rising World updates) which seems to be what more gamers are used to nowadays and expect: quantity over quality.

  • Quote

    It's worth noting that audio hardware is better than it used to be or atleast due to CPUs being so powerful these days there's no reliance on wave samples for making music.

    Noted. We've indeed come a long way with many sound designers and artists making clear achievements and etc. Others struggle to capture the beauty of past games. Its an interesting thing to watch as I've even saw Frank Klepacki make tracks for Star Wars: Empire at War, and even Univers at War. Its interesting to note what softwares these developers use. Its fun seeing new-retro being attempted constantly redoing the old chiptunes and such. Such beauty in everything.

    I miss my Fruityloops days.

    If there is a will, there is a way.


    Now there's so much 3D stuff baked into the GPUs that makes the assembly code smaller.

    Genuinely noted. As I said with Petroglyph I make note of developer struggles and such the best I can. I tried programming, though a reason why I flunked it. Not my thing. I'm more of an asset person so I have to constantly read and reread certain parts. Technology is a cool thing :)


    The point i was making above is that diversity of hardware makes programming for multi-platforms more complicated.

    Noted. Though, probably not the point you wanted me to make with how certain developers tend to do better than others. Its fun seeing people's "live and learn" lessons when it comes to developing.


    This causes game bloat. And that combined with the Online gaming era makes for rapid but buggy development cycles and that (unlike the Rising World updates) which seems to be what more gamers are used to nowadays and expect: quantity over quality.

    Sadly true. Game bloat is one of the worst things I've constantly keep coming across when it comes to indie games. There is then constant patch updates after updates to get rid of these.


    On a music side note (to the above with Perfect Dark & such; Past vs Present):

    I honestly find it interesting how older music tracks sound so much better than newer music tracks. Original games leave such a large shoe to fill that game developers tend to struggle.

    Perfect Dark N64 vs Perfect Dark Zero:

    Doesn't quite capture the dark serious magic of the N64 version. I guess I'm just bias. It somewhat captures the old style. Perfect Dark with the properly coded gimmicky weapons of alien guns, laptop gun, and etc. 007 in the future with proper music.

    Rome Total War:


    Graphics improved, though there was a lot of hatred for the sequels. I'll admit certain tracks do sound awesome, they however fail to capture the magic the original had with how nitty-gritty it felt. The newer track does capture it in various ways. Once again, I may be bias.

    Imagining the war dogs, the Greeks..... The assassins and Gladiators. It knew how to have fun with witty slogans.

    Silent Hunter 3's special music which other newer games struggled to make me fear, probably because they both failed and I failed to play it. Probably my bias speaking again.


    Are we seeing each other's mark or are we talking past each other? I'm trying to reply properly back to you while feeling a bit down from the weather. I miss the good old days in certain ways while wishing someone can fill in the obvious voids in 2020 in various areas.

  • Thanks guys, very interesting.

    I have noted, that while technology makes it easier and easier, to make awesome creations. But what we have lost are : The truly creative people, who back in the days made games (and music) so great. They had PASSION for their stuff. They could make awesome stuff with the limited hardware they had.

    Today creative people are having a much harder time. They have so many tools at their hands, creating stuff might be easier, but ... First of all, they have so much more to choose from, and choosing isn't always that easy. They also have to do it on a much stricter time limit, or get themselves fired. It has become too much about efficiency and money, than the real art...

    I have a very few games in my library. Rising World is my top one, that i consider a piece of ART.

    So i certainly agree: Respect to Red51 for the piece of art that is called RISING WORLD.


  • I've made tons of typos in my previous few postings. I hope everything makes sense.....

    Well, another reason why game development is being hindered is also because of game journalists & SJW movements doing stupid crap to games. If they don't agree with your POV you're somehow a raging Nazi Alt-Right loonatic, even if you side with them. They throw their own under the bus. Recent example being what fake game journalists had done to a developer for having a Youtube channel they disagreed with, thus made slanderous lies a forum user could have done by constantly hounding and lying..... They forced a Harry Potter developer to quit only because they disagree with JK Rolling, or whatever her name is. They used this poor guy's Youtube channel as blackmail, and he bent the knee. He shouldn't have. He should have stood firm....... Shame. They don't want people being 'anti-trans' or going against their politics. Everything has to be sterile and boring. These fake folks want to destroy the gaming world..... Again, why Asian and European media wins here over anything North American. Its why I watch Japanese anime, why I seek out indie games (which seems to originate from Europe and Japan.

    Its why you have great games (by result) appearing from mid & eastern Europe. View Witcher games, and ironically. Like Anime, its funny how Polish are openly expressing their love and art in games. Game-labs is noted as being Ukranian, so that has something to say.

    Doing a bit of background check I can see the game I'm both hyping and criticizing at the same time is also made by the same developers.


    'Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts' & 'This is My Land'.

    On the latter, It was noted Europeans did a far better job at being a native than Americans making a game about it themselves. I find that hilarious. A 'Native' in NA said this in their review. We'll see if the developers pay respect to the Canadians or if Canadians are a pile of trash to them in their Dreadnought game though........ On a side-side note to that, I'm waiting on Yostar who handles my 'Azur Lane' game to add in Maple Monarchy (as noted previously). That's obvious by now......

    It seems to be well received. I haven't played it, though tempted. Its going to be awhile though because of various issues.


    Its a shame creativity and freedom of expression is being lost in North America with special thanks to fake gaming journalists and SJW movements. I'm genuine here. Need to keep an eye on the Dutch people as they've been politically corrupted themselves, I say as I look at Dutch gaming friends who threw me under the bus while also eyeing 'Colony Survival' for trying to go political.

    I respect Red51 for everything he has done for Rising World, for putting up with my various moments, and just doing what is best for Rising World. I feel I may have spawned a few awkward moments between us and the developer team, though I genuinely mean well. I simply get frustrated too easily when the standards (Strict minded Europeans, creative Japanese authors, and certain developers I've talked to) people have set for me goes unrespected by other people who fail to do what Europeans and Japanese people have done. Various people set the standard high while others fall below that which makes things quite... Awkward and weird, thus why we have this thread. A bit one-sided maybe from me, though others seem to agree with me in one manner or another with how results speak louder than words. People love good games over artificial ones, rushed ones, and etc. Again, why older games reign superior at various times.

    I'm also finding myself listening to 'Rome Total War's' classic soundtrack once again. I'm bouncing between that and Azur lane's music, and others.

    And on a final windy note:

    I recently watched an anime movie called 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel: DC & Cadenza, both good parts of modern, yet WW2 of things. Modernized WW2. Freedom of creativity is something I'd love to see more in the gaming world again and in full force. I miss the standards people have set two-three decades prior from 2020.:monocle:

  • I share your sentiment, and my son and I were discussing this same topic the other day. It seems the best innovation and magic comes from Indies who still have a passion for what they do. Many many skilled devs work for AAA titles and use all the latest tools to make amazing games, but as you said certain features are often left out. AAA devs are often over worked to meet unrealistic deadlines. Keep in mind, they work on multiple projects and are expected to deliver/finish within a timeframe which is not ideal for the additional depth and content we crave. They usually work for a large corporation who seeks a return on investment A$AP. I used to provide IT support for groups of developers for a large company. As many hours I worked each week (60+), the devs often worked a lot more to meet deadlines unrealistically set forth by their uppers. Long hours and stress working a corporate job can often kill the passion of those who slave under it. They don't have time to create the content you seek because they simply are expected to quickly finish and move onto the next project, which also stifles passion and innovation. We only have 24hrs each day, and we all have mouths to feed and bills to pay. What you seek in games takes ALOT more time than you may realize, even with the latest tools and tricks in their arsenal. Remember, a company needs to remain profitable to stay in business. Many Indie Devs make little to no profit but work their passion w/ the limited free time they have. Most need to keep a day job they may hate outside of their passion to survive, which is why the best games always take so long to create.

    "The past is history, the future a mystery, but today is a gift, which is why we call it the Present."

  • I share your sentiment, and my son and I were discussing this same topic the other day. It seems the best innovation and magic comes from Indies who still have a passion for what they do.

    Indeed. I agree with it. I'll also note that there have been countless Japanese who loved Anime wanting to become animators to only find out its slave labour and dirt-cheap pay so they lose their interest in it. They bail on something they found interesting, something even the education itself tends to do to people by propping the wrong things up and putting stuff in the shadow for people to ignore.


    Many many skilled devs work for AAA titles and use all the latest tools to make amazing games, but as you said certain features are often left out. AAA devs are often over worked to meet unrealistic deadlines. Keep in mind, they work on multiple projects and are expected to deliver/finish within a timeframe which is not ideal for the additional depth and content we crave.

    I agree with this. There is no way I could disagree with when shadowing game developers and hearing their stories. There are awesome ones out there, also ones who would break NDA to even tell spoilers of a game and get punished for it. Happened to a community manager for Petroglyph Games we all "loved". I even came across a piece of shit developer who treated me like trash when playing Soul Calibur (PS3) against him from the same company. He kept mocking my skill level while also failing to take into account latency in a fighting game. My button presses wouldn't register in time.....He mocked how I keep an ANime list asking "why". That experience ticked me off. The amount of scoldings I've witnessed and even been a part of a bully campaign, something Petroglyph Games seems to have supported. They eventually didn't like me so they supported any public bullying I got myself in witnessing cancel culture before it was an actual mainstream thing. I managed to talk to a developer from that studio who also resided in Vancouver Canada talking about how we could theoretically turn 'Last Exile' into an anime.

    I agree there are awesome developers while there are also trashy ones. On a side-note I guess some people could see why I've been let go as a moderator & etc, though people were being outright trash to me back in 2005. Again, beside the point, though noting it because its partially relevant.

    Amusingly enough, that is another void that needs filling with steampunk airship battles and etc.

    Following various Youtubers I've even noticed that developers also accept crunch time because they get paid more while in certain situations. It all depends on their contract. People know what they get themselves into and only certain things can find their way in. I'm aware. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad though noticed how unfaithful journalists and game journalists are in the gaming industry.....

    In a Ubisoft's Assassin Creed Collectors edition the developers noted in a special section how they wanted to add more NPCs, yet were unable to. At the very least Ubisoft could have allowed them to patch it in within a future update. Ubisoft has the funding for it........ But I do get where (almost) everything comes and goes.


    They don't have time to create the content you seek because they simply are expected to quickly finish and move onto the next project,

    I'm well aware. I've seen how Ubisoft, Blizzard, and other developers play which ends up forcing me to go the indie game route. Its a slower paced, but at least it gets where it should on the indie game side of things. There are certain AAA which are genuinely good, I played them and hyped them up. I won't knock them. I may end up pissing developers off in the process (some more than others) when it comes to requesting features, I'm however happy Rising World listened to my feedback while Minecraft developers haven't. No proper boats, no pumpkin pie, or tameable pets, yet Rising World added my suggestions and others, when able. It all comes down to experience when developers respond back to me. Our experiences vary between people.

    I've even come across forum users to try to label me as someone spoiled just for suggesting things. If a game can be improved, it should be improved. I've been spoiled by Japanese & certain European game developer's passion so I say things in that light. I grew up with classmates who constantly went above and beyond constantly calling me lazy, or made me feel inferior. Once I feel superior or feel like I'm ahead of the game (smarter than people) then something screwed up somewhere. Someone somewhere screwed up......

    I'm aware I can't have everything, I had European friends who were constantly kept pushing the boundaries, even became overly arrogant with WW2 knowledge and knew how to program, and everything. Its almost like the Asian stereotype of doing your best while you can....... I hope the point comes across.


    and stress working a corporate job can often kill the passion of those who slave under it.

    I know that feeling in a few various ways. School makes you hate a subject, workplaces wring you dry like a towel, yet certain counter-balance that making people make indie games to do what they want instead. Japanese students wanting to become animators for anime to find its a high-stress & low paying job.... RIP industry.


    Many Indie Devs make little to no profit but work their passion w/ the limited free time they have. Most need to keep a day job they may hate outside of their passion to survive, which is why the best games always take so long to create.

    Noted. I'm watching MADNUG VR taking forever to program as a fan game of Gundam, something Bandai-Namco should be doing themselves...... Watching Red51, among other indie games. I wish I could be making games, music, and other projects myself. I really want to make a game, but need to find a program more at my skill level and what I desire out of it.

  • This is relevant

    "No fun allowed".

    I'm currently tired so be happy I'm not typing out a wall of text. I'm about to pass out in my chair.:sleeping:

    Even if there are people who disagree its a case of "give them an inch and they'll take a mile"..... They'll keep doing the sort of censorships SJWs and Sony keeps doing so its best to call them out while you can.

  • Go ahead, post away. I've done a lot worse constantly getting moderated for my overly vocal threads, posts, and thoughts.

    Just so we're clear, did I do anything wrong or are we venting at the gaming industry and greedy corporations?

    No, you’ve done nothing wrong nor has anyone else here. Just a general statement overall . I’m fairly old so with that I have a bit more traditional way of thinking. Things like only 2 genders exist, earth is round, etc. :)

  • No, you’ve done nothing wrong nor has anyone else here. Just a general statement overall . I’m fairly old so with that I have a bit more traditional way of thinking. Things like only 2 genders exist, earth is round, etc. :)

    Alright, cool. Had to ask for clarity :)

    Yeah, the whole gaming side of things is just a mess.

    I'm not trying to put anybody down, and I am aware I tend to view things with regret later. I later see what I have missed earlier so there are times where communication problems do occur. I'm once again going to neutrally note that when I feel I'm further ahead than someone then that is when you have problems. I'm used to following in people's footsteps when it comes to passion, programming, and etc. Once I see everybody else is behind me then there is issues to point out. I'm used to being shown how to program, how people themselves have strict guidelines to making games & etc. I guess certain game developers just don't have those strict rolemodels, creatively influential folks, or one at all. *shrugs*. I'm just saying things semi-randomly now so don't look to deeply at the last part.

    As for the 2 genders, I'm with that also. When it comes to trans people only a select few can pass off as such. When everybody wants to do it then that just doesn't work. Not everybody can have Ferrari's, so why should everybody be fake trans? The whole madness when it also ties in with Harry Potter, Ion Fury, and other games. Even when people cancel Japanese & Chinese artists for allegedly using the wrong skin colour when that isn't the case. Google up Pixiv artists & various artists getting canceled for fake outrage. I'm fine with supporting the genuine few actual trans folks over the massive fake ones seeking it for clout. I'm sure someone now is going to see this paragraph calling me transphobic when I'd rather see genuine sentiments over fake ones. When they start screwing with my anime to make it more preachy and less entertaining that is when I have issues. One of them is within the VRChat realm.....If people want to legit sacrifice their life by being the other gender then cool. Make sure they're doing it for themselves, not for internet clout. Not everybody can be Le Chevalier d'Éon. Real, or anime version..... Not everybody can own Ferrari..... It should be an actual 100% serious commitment, not like buying a cheap car or a camera in a store.

    (Note: This is my thoughts, not Red51's. I have freedom of speech, I should be allowed to speak my mind, and I'm not speaking hate speech. Just a disclaimer for any trolls. I'm not speaking hate speech, I'm speaking my mind and within various neutral rules around the interweb.)

    I've seen many of my hobbies destroyed (or devalued) because people don't know how to treat things in a more quality manner. They go for quantity failing to see things proper in their quality light. Bismarck in KanColle & Azur Lane being over popular. Scathach in Fate/Grand Order anime, Fox spirits in the Japan/Anime realm, and anything else that gets needlessly hyped up. Same with my 'Busou Shinki' hobby...... Everything that had that 'rare' significance g ets reduced to the common nothingness......I'm constantly frustrated with the state of things.

  • Sadly, speaking your mind in many places is no longer possible without someone being offended. I try to be open and accepting even when I disagree but sometimes it can be difficult. I have played FPS games for years. Competed in several but things are different now. A few forums I visit no longer allow any type of political conversation out of fear of reprisal or being shut down by some nut.

    This is where we are today it seems. I keep things simple. I keep my thoughts to myself and my family. I get it I really do.

  • Sorry, this is going to be long winded because it also contains thoughts I held back from last night. Going to be a two-parter single post.

    Sadly, speaking your mind in many places is no longer possible without someone being offended. I try to be open and accepting even when I disagree but sometimes it can be difficult. I have played FPS games for years. Competed in several but things are different now. A few forums I visit no longer allow any type of political conversation out of fear of reprisal or being shut down by some nut.

    This is where we are today it seems. I keep things simple. I keep my thoughts to myself and my family. I get it I really do.

    When I was much younger I wanted to be like 'Emiya' from 'Fate/Stay Night' anime. At that point in life I didn't know who he was (you probably don't know either), though will note I was as naive as Emiya wanting to 'save everybody' and etc. I wanted to save all the animals, do what Green Peace does at a core level (not their corrupted political current day form), and etc. If I wasn't woken up I could have been a naive brainless Canadian puppet like my other fellow Canadians. My European parents kept mocking and taunting me and I see why. Even after their passing I still why they've said what they've said........ I wanted to naively be polite to everybody, to apologize, and etc to the point I kept saying "sorry" in every situation. People can still see my softness in me because that is how I grew up, granted now I'm frustrated because of it clashing with naivety and crudeness. The Canadians I talk to are crude while others are politically brainwashed. Its like walking among plastic robotic drone. This carries over onto forums, game journalism, schools, and etc. You're taught to be fake social justice warriors.......

    The schools I went to taught me to be anti-America so I spouted Anti-American sentiments here and there (in Canada). Teachers kept striking because of political gains, among other powers. Certain teachers were arrogant as f*** wanting to instead encourage bullying, show off their fancy BMW Convertible back in 2004-2005 timeframe. Whenever I visited Eastern Europe my education would be mocked by the locals saying how Canadians know nothing, how we only draw in school, and how we don't know how to do basic math, among other things. The amusing thing about this is its even being backed up in current world news showing how Canadians are lacking in proper education. You may have to Google a bit, its however out there (I've seen a headline) saying how students in 2020 don't know how to do basic math, basic reading.....

    Then you have this infecting the gaming world. It gets nasty. I'm the type of person who is an introvert in person in real life, yet an extrovert online because of how frustrated I am with society. People have noted I'm much different online than I am offline and vice-versa because I feel like I can be human online. In VRchat, in Rising World. I can be me. Even in Star Wars Galaxies back in the day. Whenever I get stressed I would hide away in games, and its now consumed me. Funnily enough, even though VRchat is a host of SJW nonsense that game allowed me to be human again from 2017-2020. People stopped hanging around because of life issues & their own priorities (political & life). It was fun while it lasted.


    As for the gaming voids again.......

    Rising World (Console/Tablet):

    I'm finding the Nintendo Switch & a tablet to be powerful gadgets. If we can get Rising World and more games onto both devices I can pry myself away from a PC. If I can play Rising World (even if dumbed down) I'd be happy on the Switch. If I can back up my files, if I can have fun with NPC companions, then that would be a dream game. I can't push Red51 on this matter because he is swamped as it is, it would however help me and others who don't have powerful computers. Even if its on the basic, I would have fun. I can't pressure Red51 for a portable version, I can however dream and desire.

    I've already done too much damage showing various VR games for VR support, various indie games for similar features we would love to see in Rising World, and etc. I may still keep doing it out of habit, but yeah. I constantly suggested NPC companions among other difficult features.

    Who knows how I would use Rising World on a Switch when FPS games are insanely difficult. You would have to have auto-aim on enemies. I've died many times in Minecraft finding any worthwhile combat is stressful where I would instead go mining, fishing, or anything which doesn't require me to play seriously. If Rising World could be played on a Switch then it would have to be stuck to crafting, building, farming; NPCs doing the grunt work, and etc, more so than on PC. Any combat I would have to rely on helper NPCs with. Visuals might be downgraded, worlds 'may' be smaller (unless a solution could be found), among other concerns. I would still love to play using boats, trains, and etc. Rising World doesn't have to be fancy on the Switch, it simply needs to be casually fun and entertaining. I'd accept it if it was a budget form with visual things cut out (within reason).

    Rising World would fill MANY voids on PC and console versions. More so than Minecraft....... MY computer is degrading and I'm just losing so much. I can't really freely repair any damages anymore with Rising World on a Switch (or tablet) sounding fairly appealing right now. Red51 also noted (back in 2015, or so) he desired to loosely have console & tablet version, something I'm seeing as more and more appealing as time goes on and the various situations myself and others are finding themselves in.

    Life is a bastard.


    Nintendo Switch Problems:

    I'm using my Switch more and more now as various components are slowly failing on me compute wise. I can still use my PC, its becoming more difficult. I can VR, I however lost my secondary hard-drive. I can still play Rising World, I'm however gradually being forced away from it, unable to buy parts, work, life & etc. It even feels better being away from a computer having a portable gadget instead. I can afford the parts, I however can't purchase it because of the situation I am influencing me to use my tablet and Switch more. Switch has many games (more than you can count), its however a problem when people spam games without really adding ones of your interest. Either that, or actual proper fleshed out games. There are those which fill in voids, such as cheap flight sims, boat sims, and etc. I bought Ship Simulator, its however a very cheap mobile game. Switch is technically a mobage (mobile game) platform......

    I'm seeking out similar games I'm finding for Playstation & PC Steam hoping to find them eventually on Switch. My currently library at the moment:

    • Pokemon Quest (decent game)
    • Dungeon Village (decent RPG town building game)
    • Venture Towns (Same developer as Dungeon Village; Decent Town sim building game).
    • Lego Worlds - (Decent open world game, have on PC. Bought it for $9 CAD).
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Recommended to me by friends.)
    • Animal Bomber (Sale; Meh game. Stuck with it now).
    • Club House 51 Games (Surprisingly good game. Can occupy your mind for a decent amount).
    • Minecraft Dungeons (One of the best games; Better with friends).
    • Uno (Decent?)
    • Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu (Decent; Made it halfway into game. Mostly a gimmick game)
    • Nintendo Entertainment System (I grew up on this needing it on my Switch).
    • Blades (Decent; Could be better. Skyrim, yet not. Doesn't really work on Switch though is an 'alright' game. Clunky).
    • Minecraft (Decent, though not the best. Combat is its weakest point. You need that PC movement)
    • Ship Sim (Fills in a gaming void, though needs to be much better)
    • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Decent game. It was awesome at launch, ruined things by gating things off worse than previous game. I feel cheated. Its great, its however been made to feel 'stiffer'.)
    • Pokemon Cafe Mix (Decent, though haven't played for awhile)
    • Tetraminos (only there to fill in a void; Don't play it.)
    • Jewel Fever 2 (Same as above)
    • Tetris 99 (Same as above two)

    I'm now seeking out various Japanese games I've played on PC. Switch still has nasty gaming voids needing to be filled......

    Needs a Rising World type casual-ish game. Maybe even Rising World itself in a 'budget' or 'diet' form. It needs a proper WW2 naval game (bonus points if it has Canadian ships). If I can get a proper WW2 surface ship game (that isn't World of Warships) I'd be happy. It needs more train games (control your own trains), more flight sims, more NPC settling games, survival games, mecha games, and etc. Switch is a powerful machine, though with obvious flaws.

    Maybe even some simplistic NPC type games where you have the NPCs help you and vice-versa, NPC tending games. 'Black & White' where you do things.

    I'm not going to link to these following games, I however will note them by name because they would work well on Switch. They're on Playstation devices, Sony however went censoring happy making me side more with Nintendo. I also happen to have a Switch so these games would fair better on a Switch regardless......

    • Bullet Girls Phantasia
    • SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter
    • Craftopia (Not a console game, though a decent concept needing a Switch version)
    • Silent Hunter 3 (Not really; Needs a similar game for PC AND Switch; Fill in the void)
    • Uboat/Uboot (Not really the game itself, similar genre in an arcade manner. Light version; Simplified submarine & warship game)
    • Train Sim World (Switch horribly needs a proper train sim type game, even if heavily simplified for Switch, even if Ship Sim type cheapness.)
    • War Robots (not the mobile game itself, more like the VR version where you can command a mecha in a more simplified arcade manner in FPS to kill things. Semi-clunky arcade, of course modified for the Switch).

    I'm aware its up to the developers who own those games, these games and game types really need to find their way onto the Switch. Also, yeah....... Wordy, I know. Too many voids. I'm trying to find specific games to play while finding numerous voids. More developers need to try pushing their games on the Switch, as well as the PC to fill in necessary voids.


    I'm also on the lookout for an open source game maker where I can try making a naval game. I can make a decent RPG & FPS game, just not a naval game. If I could just design a basic surface warship game I'll be happy. I don't really see anything at my skill level, except for Unity, something which would force me to release an overly severely buggy game. Yeah.......

  • Going to note another thing because it appears game developers love attacking other game developers in various contexts. This can be taken as individuals, as studios, and companies. Its happened with Red51 with Rising World when everything was hosted by him to where his servers were being Ddos'd. He had to switch his hosting to Steam hosting because of funding and the severity of the assaults. When Rising World was being attacked so was mine internet. It was timed around the same time. The timing can't be a coincidence, or so I still believe.

    I've put the special PSA in the attachments because people need to stop being scared of sharing art, games, and etc.


    Can't Focus on Various Things in Gaming Format:

    Apparently you're not allowed to do Anime games, Pokemon games, FPS games, and etc.....



    Osama Dorias


    · Mar 24

    Please take the time to sign this petition to stop the making a game that intends to normalize and trivialize the murder of my fellow Iraqis.

    Please RT and spread the word any way that you can. Don't let these monsters get away with this.

    which was then met by this Tweet


    Hey @wbgames
    I'm curious if it's common practice for developers in your studios to call for other studios' games to be censored? Or to describe the people working on non-WB games "monsters?"

    You've seen it with Naughty Dog, and other American game studios. Its saddening. Games indeed do get spicy, it however goes to show people haven't dived deep into Japanese RPGs which goes all philosophical about time, memories, emotions, slice-of-life, and etc. It can be highly innocent, or deep down depressive. People have a lot to learn, especially these game developers who attack others........ People are afraid of thinking games, philosphical ones, and educational ones. Its why I keep having to "harass" developers to try and put them in check.

    Bus Simulator 2018 was afraid to have VR so users spoke their minds for 'The Bus' which is considering to do VR support. Supply and demand, need to focus on that.

    The things I'm seeing here is the same thing I've seen numerous Dutch folks doing. Even the Dutch developers to 'Colony Survival', something I called them out on for the whole political boosting nonsense. We pick up games to ESCAPE POLITICS, not enter back into it. They corrected their stance, I'm however still unimpressed with their lack of professionalism in their news updates. They love rambling in their developer posting. I guess its "each to their own", right?


    Youtuber Nonsense:

    Just sharing this quickly before heading back to the topic because Youtubers/Twitchers & etc (Vtubers) are constantly on assault because of the weird social climate we're in.

    This poor girl gets verbally assaulted for saying certain things. I've had my fair share of nonsense when an anime hobby "friend" told me I should stop playing wish fish in VRChat. He got upset with me and never talked to me again on Twitter. I've seen a lot of that. I'm not allowed to do things, thus why I've been stunted in various places. I'm vocal because of it........


    - Japan's Pushback:

    Japanese Pixiv artists are having enough constantly being assaulted by weirdos online to the point they're pushing out special tweets. They're also warning other Japanese artists to watch out for 'BLM', among other Twitter bio descriptions as to avoid them while proudly sharing what they enjoy. SJW weirdos are obviously frustrated because it goes against their cult-like nonsense.

    Fight against Censorship | Twitter Nonsense:


    Yeah, its amusing to see the people it calls out crying a river because they want to openly assault people without punishment.


    Maybe I am rambling, I however am disappointed it has to take Europeans (half, or so of Euro') and Asians (China & Japan) to keep the gaming market afloat while North Americans twiddle their thumbs with social justice nonsense. People have also said I'm doing what these rabid folks are doing, I'm just making note of things in a notepadding manner.

    Because I posted this I'm going to see what positive thing I can respond with to balance this out.


    Note: If Red51 wants to moderate me then I'm fine with that, just as long as its within reason. I'm trying to be rational here, thus why I spent longer than usual making sure things check out. I'm trying to follow the rules.

  • Something happened over at Steam that I HAVE to make note of it. Gaming voids are being filled! I'm happy! (supply and demand)

    Bus Simulator 18:

    "No Plans for VR"


    - 'The Bus':



    TML Studios [developer] 4 Sep, 2020 @ 10:55am


    At the moment The Bus will probably not going to support VR natively. However, if you own a VR-Headset you can surely give it a try as we already support Tobii Eyetracking and TrackIR.

    We want to focus on full controller support, modding and multiplayer before we are going to tackle the next big new thing for us as a development team.

    Keep you +1 coming, so we can track how many people are seriously interested in The Bus with VR.


    Quarney_TML [developer] 31 Mar @ 4:48am


    We are still observing this thread, don't worry :steamhappy:

    A better game is the one that has a more observant developer, more so when they actually take action. I'm into these types of sim games because I'm just that sort of nerd having grown up in both Canada & Slovakia. I love how European (Slovakian) buses & Trams appear that I love to play games reliving my past nostalgia. I want to control any Tatra trams or vehicle. I make note of any vehicles around me. What I'm seeing with 'Bus SImulator 2019' versus 'The Bus' is what I've seen happen to 'KanColle' because they stayed far too stationary for far too long allowing 'Azur Lane 'to overtake it.

    To the point: I love it when a developer makes note of feature requests, in this case being VR. The developer (or two) have noted how much we (the community) want VR that they're looking into it. I'm thankful they have which shall allow it to follow the route Uboat has by third-partying their VR, or so I noticed at a glance for Uboat. We 'may' see VR support which shall also give the developer more buck for their bang (backwards, I know). Supply and demand is important here.


    I've also witnessed some alleged sabotage and/or slandering towards 'The Bus', probably out of jealousy, envy, or false accusations. Its interesting to note people's various tactics and behaviours. I'm genuinely positively stunned by what I'm seeing for 'The Bus' with how highly detailed their Germany appears. I doubt I"ll ever see Ottawa in a transportation sim, its however nice seeing games like this. I'm even seeing Europeans tackle the Tram sim void with 'Tram Sim' game. Its sadly in one region (Vienna), yet awesome none-the-less.

    If only I could just find a proper train game, something I'm betting Rising World shall be. Minecraft has Traincraft while Rising World shall have its own trains, however it'll appear in its final form. I can't wait to see.

    Gaming voids seriously need to be filled.

  • Sorry if Im late to this thread. Upfront, I didnt read it in its entirety, its too much of a word wall but I scanned enough to get the gist of where your frustration is aimed, I think.

    I believe its a multi-headed issue so here goes...

    At first your had big companies making quality games (for that time) like Sony, Blizzard, Bethesda, Activision, EA, etc.. that were able to throw dollars at their projects.

    Over time they flipped to putting returns over quality and these once great company`s stepped into a downward spiral and turned to crap or in the case of Sony, sold off their gaming division.

    Enter the rise of the Indie developer with limited resources and too often, with limited know-how and vision.

    Using Steam as a petri dish, over time video games have now turned into a wasteland of shit with an occasional gem mixed in.

    Second, there`s now what I`d call trope saturation. Until something paradigm to the gaming industry comes along its all been done.

    I know you like anime so using that as an example, almost all you see now are the same tropes used over and over ad nauseam with everyone jacking someone else`s idea, putting their own stupid twist on it, and calling it their own. Again, with the occasional gem of originality popping up.

    Which ties into the third, the paradigm. I think what you want simply doesnt exist yet. You said you`d like to develop your own game to your own vision (paraphrase) and I`ll jump back into the anime example and hope you`ve seen what I reference.

    SAO2 where "the Seed" has been distributed to the world and now anyone can make their own world, own characters, rules, and reality with real life quality.

    The technology is advanced enough where resources (money) isnt really an issue. All that`s needed is vision. Imagination unleashed, Also, internet bandwidth has obviously progressed to allow for this. We`re just not there yet.

    Again, I only scanned your OP so I hope I at least came close to your mark.

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