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  • No worries. I tend to get far too wordy that I need to learn to keep things short though fails most of the time.

    That is how I want my postings to be..... There is just too much to cover or too much on my mind so I make the mistake of over-wording things.


    At first your had big companies making quality games (for that time) like Sony, Blizzard, Bethesda, Activision, EA, etc.. that were able to throw dollars at their projects.

    Over time they flipped to putting returns over quality and these once great company`s stepped into a downward spiral and turned to crap or in the case of Sony, sold off their gaming division.

    Used to make quality games, I agree. But even then, back in like 2003, they kept screwing around failing to do make games to their fullest. Because I felt disappointed with games back then I spent my time checking out games for a long while deciding if I wanted to support them or not. I believe Titan Quest has to be one of the few epic games to survive the test of time with actual honest developers. I haven't heard any political nonsense come from them, nor have I heard of any grand standing nonsense from them, as I do with both AAA and indie developers.

    Battlefield 1942, Titan Quest, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, just to name a few.... Everything else just appears meh. Everything dipped off gradually ever since. Nobody wanted to do actual things needing to be done......It forced me to go into the realm of Japanese gaming and entertainment, and maybe for the better. Anime here, there.... Everywhere. There is a reason I worship anime.

    You have game developers worked to the core, harassed by SJW/political nonsense, or you even see Sony sell off what used to make them the best company and console around. They're stuck in time prisons forced to bump things out without really exploring the full potential of their IP. Now? They turned into fragile weaklings turning their (Sony) games into political nonsense. I'm now happy to be back in Nintendo's hands, even if they may be backwards thinking in various areas. I grew up on Nintendo and I'm back to being with Nintendo with their Nintendo Switch. Sony America is just doing everything wrong and its depressing.

    Its a shame you see too many milk-cow type games. I know I shouldn't post games, but to get a point across I have to sharing this 'Pragmata' game as necessary example:

    Pragmata is releasing on PS5 which makes me feel sad for it. Censored, butchered, and etc. It'll be a victim of censorship. Thankfully, I've seen its going to release on Xbox and Windows. Thankfully. If it was a PS5 exclusive I'd feel horrible for this game with high potential. It appears like Nier: Automata to me. I'm genuinely relieved to find out its not releasing on PS5 as an exclusive, yet as a mostly accessible game. I've went to fanboying Sony to now cursing them because they've corrupted themselves with Californian political nonsense.......

    I feel its also the people who go out of their way to purchase a PS5 also being the problem. I warned them about censorship and they seem fine with it. A game can't get to its fullest if various parts are clipped, cut, and chopped off. Its like seeing a bird without wings....... I want to steer towards people who know how to express themselves without censoring themselves.

    Enter the rise of the Indie developer with limited resources and too often, with limited know-how and vision.

    Using Steam as a petri dish, over time video games have now turned into a wasteland of shit with an occasional gem mixed in.

    I'll nod to this one because I see it time and again. I'll admit I've fought with a few indie developers because they refused to grasp simple suggestions, or too reluctant about adding co-op or other features. They never properly weighed their options to the point we had to fight. Subnautica developers are ones I constantly bring up because they themselves desired co-op and VR, they then chickened out for various reasons. As shitty as VR is for Subnautica, people love it. It brings out a new experience, something we NEED to see. People wanted to see the scarier side of it 'in person'. They disappointed a good chunk of their playerbase when they've announced how they're going to go lazy, yet Uboat developers found a way to make the impossible, possible. Third party VR.

    Other developers (Dutch ones) desired to go political to the point I had to tell one to ease up. I agree you get varying results of games, some which fill in voids, other which muddies the void. They spawn something yet never complete it.......

    Which ties into the third, the paradigm. I think what you want simply doesnt exist yet. You said you`d like to develop your own game to your own vision (paraphrase) and I`ll jump back into the anime example and hope you`ve seen what I reference.

    It doesn't exist because people are doing everything in their "mood" to make it not happen.

    1) Canadians in WW2 can happen, simply refused because 'minor nation', or more work than they desire.

    2) No proper surface warship mods, especially with Canadians in them. Nothing wants to learn from Silent Hunter 3's open world experience.

    3) Bandai Namco is too lazy in making a Gundam VR game, probably because Sony bailed on them or they're too reliant on a Gundam MMO experience.

    4) Lacking Ship & train games (simplified versions). Something like Train Sim World & Train Sim, just something easier on the system (more accessible & still beautiful).

    There are just too many voids.

    As for making my own game..... Yeah, I made a few test RPG games. I'm still looking out for any proper game makers with naval experiences in mind. I want to make it similar to how I've seen Japanese indie developers do it where you have a hub, go explore outwards, and kill ships in a weighted combat manner then come back and rest. How complicated or detailed the game would be is depended on my skill and what I'm supplied with. Currently, I doubt I'll accomplish that sort of game I desire, more so to fill in a void. I first need to find something which shall allow me to even have this done in the first place.

    Even in RPG Maker I've even seen ways I could add co-op/Multiplayer. If I didn't lose my files I would have experimented in making my RPG project a co-op experience. If there is a will, there is a way. I lost my will so there is now not a way to do so with having lost my files. Speaking of which,..... Too many indie developers don't have a proper will and motivation to do things. They seem highly stunted. Chained. They give themselves conditions which they then subconsciously follow making them not achieve their full potential. They say certain things can't be done yet it can be accomplished regardless. They get certain features implemented one way or another.

    If there is a will, there is a way.

    SAO2 where "the Seed" has been distributed to the world and now anyone can make their own world, own characters, rules, and reality with real life quality.

    The technology is advanced enough where resources (money) isnt really an issue. All that`s needed is vision. Imagination unleashed, Also, internet bandwidth has obviously progressed to allow for this. We`re just not there yet.

    I'm amused you brought up 'The Seed' because I loosely thought of 'Unity' being that. Or the worlds I've seen in VRChat & etc. We somewhat have this with various engines, but if we can have something proper (with all game genres in mind) the future would be something as neat as in concept for SAO.

    Vision is indeed what we need and its mostly tied in with a few Europeans and a certain enlightened group of Asians from Japan, China, and various other regions. Imagination unleashed (will and desire) is something we also need to work on. Inspiration has took a nose dive, more so with SJW nonsense, to the point we need to inspire proper people again. The amount of creativity and journeys I've been on would parallel experiences in Anime. Isekai genre, and etc. Magical feeling you get in dreams when having a good time, a drink, and etc. I wish I could express myself properly, but we're near that state. We need to stop in-fighting amongst ourselves to achieve this.

    We can have the right things if we can inspire the right people. Its going to be hard when we live in a growing censorship filled world climate.......

  • I guess another thing to note is I find a developer's action quite.... fishy. Questionable.


    Truck Driver:

    I'm trying out their 'Truck Driver' game on the Switch because its apparently filling in a necessary void, though the developer behind it seems to hate criticism and feedback. Yes, I could just get this game on the PC, that's beside the point right now (I could be playing ETS2 & ATS instead). The game handles the similar to ETS2 & ATS, though in its own way with a 'story'. Its the way this developer behaves that has me scratching my head..... 12 threads in 2 pages. Maybe I'm just over thinking things........... One such thread being the below, prematurely locked.

    As you can see, a locked thread. There are a fair number of locked threads on that forum which makes things appear highly 'suspicious', 'fishy', and etc. Co-op/Multiplayer elements tend to be the best parts of gaming. Other people had their fair share of complains to where their threads were locked.

    I asked if there was multi/co-op because of a Youtube video allegedly claiming there were plans for it. A guy was reviewing the game noting multiplayer so I had to find a source; Citation please. I then went to the forum to double-check this, found more information to then eventually get a response 15 hours from this posting. So, no co-op/multi at all, eh? RIP.

    So, no co-op/multi at all, eh? RIP. That's one of the best parts of gaming. Other people had their fair share of complains to where their threads were locked.



    This is just me, and I did get in trouble saying this on 'Task Force Admiral', on the topic of 'Dutch' nationalities being fishy groups of people. Off forums, I've even heard a passing comment in a warning, serious tone which stuck with me to be wary of Dutch folks. Now more so than ever when having experienced first hand how loyalty seems to be a foreign concept, and seeing how they behave. The developer chewed put me on the spot because I'm wary of Dutch people, and I'm now in speculation/wary mode once again because of 'SOEDESCO' doing weird things.

    Granted, I've been proven wrong when in speculation mode so maybe I'm over stepping certain boundaries. I just can't help but feel Marten, SOEDESCO, Colony Survival devs, and other Dutch people have this devious aura to them, something which may also be out of their control. Nationality uprising, how you were raised, and etc; You are your surroundings. I'm at fault for this as well. I'm not perfect either as a Canadian ripe with SJW nonsense in my environment. Do note I'm not going 100% blanket mode, just that I'm wary after being severely burned by various Dutch people in a decent grouping. Various developers (Bartwe, Colony Survival, among others), or at least doing overly fishy things. Friends throwing me under the bus, and etc. I'm sure there are good ones out there, somewhere. Who knows.....

    I'm thankful these developers are filling in a simulator void, especially ones dealing with trucks. I however fear they're hurting themselves by being too "lock-thread-Happy", desiring to be political, and/or avoiding desired features in games. These developers seem to refuse to listen to certain types of feedback and criticisms, even prematurely locking threads still ripe for discussions. That's my POV and a mini-vent, or rant... However you want to look at this.

    I've even legit angered other developers who allowed me a voice in their WW2 naval threads. They allowed me to accidentally disgrace myself at times, something I've sometimes gone back and corrected which is why I'm baffled by this. At the very least, I'm happy they're updating their game by listening to other batches of feedback.

  • Not going to link to the steam game, will however mention it by name. Out of the blue for today I decided to play a neat little indie game about school girls trying to survive a zombie invasion. While people have L4D2, there are also other neat little gems out there.


    SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

    A neat little (lewd-ish, not really) game about school girls coming together to survive a zombie apocalypse while also learning how to deal with one another. It follows your typical basic anime 'tropes' with coming together, defending, conflict, and etc. I'm mentioning it because it fits a nice little void in the gaming world of adding simple fun, something it should be on the Nintendo Switch for. It also supports multiplayer, has unlockables, and is just a nice immerive fun.

    What caught my attention is the whole traditional RPG take of having various characters specializing in their specific traits of being able to find hidden items around the map, six sense, and etc. Its something I'm curious to see pop over into Rising World, development willing. Its all up to Red51, I however love the collectable charm and how the NPCs work.

    Its however a shame the game lacks any more outfit types, nor a good multiplayer atmosphere, and the AI is a bit stupid. Either way, it was a nice charming game. Even though people knocked on the story I found it quite solid. It has to be for the type of game it is. Maybe its cliche, its still worthwhile.


    Bullet Girls Phantasia:

    (I noted this game previously, though going to assume it fell on deaf ears. I suggested having witch's brooms to fly around, similar to how you could in in this game.)

    Using its previous titles as a stepping stone it adds a lot more to it than its previous games. It lacks any multiplayer while doing everything else in a fun manner. Its openly lewd (censored on Steam) while simply being free and highly expressive. As you progress you unlock more outfits and guns, something it encourages you to obtain. The fun part of these indie games is how everything behaves uniquely to its own thing. Some of them are gimmicks, they're however fun gimmicks.

    (Riding a wand/staff)

    Riding wands, piloting vehicles, throwing fire gems, & etc. If I was to see this in Rising World I would hope it would also go up in altitude, something this game fails to do. Being able to choose an altitude would be awesome. I can't wait to see Rising World capture more of these little moments and features, something it had begun doing with floating logs in water. The games insert gimmicks, something other games should expand on, or itself.

    I support these indie developers because I genuinely love to see these small features. I hope we can see witch's wand riding, flying around as birds, and etc in Rising World. That's just me, Red51 can do whatever he wants.


    At the end of the day its all about having fun with a game, and I'll always support Rising World, various indie games, and etc. You support one, you support them all. :monocle:

  • Yikes... Another facepalming moment from a AAA game company..... I was also 'proud' of the above posting but yeah. I guess we're just overly eager waiting for Rising World to pop around within the last three weeks of April.


    - Blizzard's Gender Fears with Diablo:

    The issue? Diablo purposely asking for trouble by frustrating their fanbase. They purposely want to make woman look like males while trying to similar to how Disney/Lucasfilms want to throw turds at original Star Wars fans. What a genuine disgrace.

    And then developers wonder why I'm so outspoken and frustrated to the point some third-party Steam moderator has to give me warnings, ban me, and nonsense like that; Why I go seeking out indie developer games. The tweets above are nasty bait, yet still worthless bait. Genuine cringe, unprofessional, and moronic....... You're selling a product and you do stupid nonsense like this.......For crying out loud.

    Amazon kicking the shit out of the "haters?"... The 'Karen' name ironically suits her:lol:.

    You know what? Skyrim's females are better with a Nord woman in Skyrim (Vanilla) able to brutalize anything Diablo has to share. Even Titan Quest, among other types. Honestly, the state we're in with these games......... Just stay honest with yourself. Conan Exile had better woman and they also looked roughed up (lewded or not). Lets make everything look stale and boring to prove a trivial point while degrading your fanbase. What a brilliant marketing strategy!

    I'm not into Diablo, it popped up because I follow people from VRChat who seem to follow the tribal mentality (hype/mainstream) stuff. I just happen to see this...... What a cringefest. If I could genuinely send awards to Red51 & his team, I would. I would make possible to send awards to Waveshapr for the work he has done music wise, the sound. I still fondly recall the moment I died to a dynamite hearing the epic boom it left behind, the boom which travels with a delay. I can still picture that boom sounding like a turret going off a shell, or a canon being fired. Even when incomplete Rising World is a far better game than Diablo. I guess that may mean nothing, or it may come off as 'White Knighting'... I genuinely mean what I say while facepalming at the state of gaming.

    Well, back to waiting for Rising World to update, to Azur Lane updates, and etc. The usual. :monocle:

  • - Sony Roasted For Cringe Decisions (Keeping PS3 & PSP Stores up):

    Sony used to be the 'best' brand out there when it came to gaming consoles. Yes, even when it competed with Nintendo and Xbox. Now? Reduced to nothingness, more so thanks to how the company oddly transitioned from Japan to America, for reason unknown to me. Why did Sony even move to America? Moving there they picked up on brainless idiologies causing their games to faulter; Their PS4 to not have proper games.

    I loved Sony because of its awesome Gundam games from PS2 & PS3 eras. I tried to get Gundam on my PSP & Vita, I struggled. Managed to obtain a few.



    Basically, Sony wanted to remove their PS3 & PSP store because they wanted to focus purely on AAA games. They refuse to deal with the likes of Red51, or any indie developer we've come to know and love on the Steam platform. Blockscape, or any other developer isn't allowed. What would be allowed would be Diablo's political preaching (from Blizzard side), Last of Us II, and those sorts of games. Political oriented games.......

    Power to the gamers for voicing their thoughts & opinions forcing Sony to backstep their moronic decisions.

  • My old server had quests people could do called "treasure Hunts". I was asking if people could write a plugin where i could make "notes" that could be found all around or inside chests that had clues on them on where to go or have a riddle on them. No one wanted the money I guess I was going to pay to have them do it. So I made it where people had to bust through walls, rock, dirt, etc. in order to read the next clue on a wall. The prize was 64 of every ore, steel tools, saddles and other goodies. An added bonus of protected land mass that was the size of an entire map page. (600 X 600). It wasn't an easy task because you had to follow paths or go into caves to find your next clue. It had its dangers like Bandits, bears, boars, skeles and other NPC's. I was trying to make it sort of like an "Ever Quest" style of quests because it made you roam large areas and had to fight and face danger. I also created areas that were beautiful that were not claimed so people could of found the best plot of land they could of had. Some people complained that it was too hard because they didn't want to die or work hard at it to get the prize. Even though you kept ALL your inventory on death, they must of thought my server was a socialism type government where they get everything for free and didn't want to work for it. lol.

  • My old server had quests people could do called "treasure Hunts". I was asking if people could write a plugin where i could make "notes" that could be found all around or inside chests that had clues on them on where to go or have a riddle on them. No one wanted the money I guess I was going to pay to have them do it. So I made it where people had to bust through walls, rock, dirt, etc. in order to read the next clue on a wall. The prize was 64 of every ore, steel tools, saddles and other goodies. An added bonus of protected land mass that was the size of an entire map page. (600 X 600). It wasn't an easy task because you had to follow paths or go into caves to find your next clue. It had its dangers like Bandits, bears, boars, skeles and other NPC's. I was trying to make it sort of like an "Ever Quest" style of quests because it made you roam large areas and had to fight and face danger. I also created areas that were beautiful that were not claimed so people could of found the best plot of land they could of had. Some people complained that it was too hard because they didn't want to die or work hard at it to get the prize. Even though you kept ALL your inventory on death, they must of thought my server was a socialism type government where they get everything for free and didn't want to work for it. lol.

    Sounds like an awesome idea. I would actually support it, IF I knew about it and was playing Rising World as much as I've done so previously. Would be nice to get this sort of game mode into Rising World.

    One a side-Note: I've been trying to get some anime "mods" into Rising World, such as 'Busou Shinki', and 'KanColle'. With Rising World having dropped Java and onto Unity I know have to re-wait to try to implement them at a later time. Hopefully I'd still have access to a computer by the time proper modding support comes around.

    For RW Java I also wanted to have a plugin done for NPCs but it was never done. It kept being held, but never coded. It was suppose to deal with invisible NPCs going out on a timer (on expeditions) to then return with items, on a timer. Maybe you could set a timer, maybe you could have randomized timers. It would have worked the way I've seen it done in KanColle, Azur Lane, and Assassin's Creed. Again, I now have to wait on Unity.

    When I want something done I can never get it done because I also have to rely on people. It always ends up bad.


    Sony Embarrassments & Amusements:

    Allegedly you can now play Playstation games through PC Steam. Or soon. It may be a good idea, it may be bad. Either way, should have stayed in Japan to retain that creativity. People are now mocking Playstation because it shows they're fumbling in the dark to make something stick. Should have kept to your past ideals.

    I feel bad for the people who have a PS5, especially knowing they intentionally or unintentionally support censorship and false SJW movements aimed to control people. I've pointed out the censorship to a few people with some people just not caring. I'm not joking about the SJW part either, but if you want to view me as crazy for saying that then that's on you. I simply want games to be fun and for gaming voids to be filled........ I simply want to have fun with the games I play so I want less politics and more entertainment, now more so than ever with how brutal 2020 has been, how I lost my parents, how I nearly became homeless. I just want pure games and games which provoke the mind, not those that preach like street-side religious folks.

    Good thing I dropped out of Playstation. If Red51 was considering putting Rising World on PS5 then I wish him luck, especially with the way things are going. They want AAA games over indie games. Such embarrassment. I'm just facepalming in my mind while constantly sighing as I type this....... I'm done. Sony and Playstation can both redeem themselves if they move back to Japan to where they can regain their creativity and sanity.

    On the flip-side: Maybe I can finally play those Playstation exclusive games. There may however be a catch requiring the console to use Steam. I need to wait and see because I do want to play that one game 'Last of Us 2' trolls keep harassing for being falsely "racist". 'Ghost of Tsushima', a game I had to force Google to remember probably because they altered the search.

  • Gundam (MADNUG VR):

    Another thing to note, something I've noted previously..... Bandai-Namco refusing to make a Gundam VR Game for Playstation, or making attempts to put it on Steam PC. I've heard zero news from my side of the fence. When I cared I tried shouting through various channels, VR blogs, and etc. Nobody gave a >redacted<. Either way, I'm still watching a Gundam fan still trying to make a Gundam game in an indie manner. He was silent for a good year or two, now back at it again with some visually pleasing features. Supporting indie games is what I try to do.

    The cockpit starts up and even IDs friendlies and enemies. Nice! This is what I mean. AAA game companies are lazy as >redacted<. Not the developers that work on a game, the companies. Bandai-Namco is far too bloated for their own good. Granted, Sony/Playstation may have something to do with it also. This, in VR. Like with Rising World, I can't wait for another playable version to be available.

  • - Canadians in Games:

    Just wanted to make note of this for the curious, though mostly for myself. It shifted more to Canadians themselves to eventually being Canadians for naval WW2 stuff. I'm making note of things while updating my observations in areas. I may even use this post as reference for my push elsewhere. Ignore this if you want to, I'm not forcing you to read this.

    Well, ever since I started playing games (early 1990's; PC games 2000 onward), I've always wanted to play Canadians whenever I was introduced to Civilization. I'm going to assume it was Civ 3, then Rise of Nations, Battlefield 1942 (they eventually popped up in expansions), and then properly in 'Silent Hunter 3' as AI traffic. I slowly started seeing more games adding Canadians, just not in its full form, just in its scattered form. It always ended up frustrating me.

    We have the following games with Canadians officially and unofficially........

    • Silent Hunter 3
      (Canadians as AI traffic as their own thing. As it should be, though sadly missing their late war assets.)
    • Civilization 3
      (Modded; Not properly)
    • Civilization 6
      (Added, though stereotypically. I'm frustrated, more so with lame-ass stereotypes)
    • Rise of Nations
      (Modded; Not properly)
    • Battlefield 1942
      (Expansions; Decent. Was fun seeing them there, especially fighting Italians.)
    • Victory at Sea
      (Under Royal Navy using HMS tag; Frustrating. Memorable being chased by 'HMS Haida' as Japanese. Appears to be prematurely abandoned for another game in their library.)
    • Atlantic Fleet
      (Under Royal Navy; Frustrating)
    • World of Warships
      (Only HMCS Haida; No other vessels like light-cruisers or aircraft carriers)
    • War Thunder
      (Only HMCS Haida; No other vessels like light-cruisers or aircraft carriers)
    • Dictators: No Peace Countryballs
      (Has Canada and every nation, if in generic form. I had my fun)
    • Steel Division - Normandy '44
      (French Developer/studio added in Canada as their own side. The way it should be done, sadly landbased only. One of the better games.)
    • Wargames - Red Dragon
      (Same French devs as above adding in Canadians in a turtle manner in modern era. Still have yet to play, though high respect)
    • Hearts of Iron IV
      (Recently became aware you can play as any nation, even Canada. As it should be, though not really my cup of tea. Needs to be easier to play, Rise of Nations style, or something.)

    Reason I made this posting is also because I recently found out Hearts of Iron IV freely allows you to play Canadians, or any other nations.


    I've went around basically harassing the following developers to add in Canadians as their own 'faction' because that is just how its supposed to be done. I mean, look at Silent Hunter 3, Eugen System's games, Hearts of Iron IV, and those that freely allow Canadians to be their own faction.

    (Games of developers I've pestered)

    • Victory Belles
      (A mobile game similar to 'Kantai Collection' and 'Azur Lane', if overly belated in releasing. Has HMCS Saguenay, that is about it. Problem is I've been socially lynched and abused I view this game in a negative light. Dialogue heavy, and etc.)
    • War at Sea
      (If they can have naval battles then they should allow for Canadians. They'll look into it, if the game lives that long.)
    • Pacific Fleet
      (Would have been nice to see HMCS Uganda, or even one of the three 'HMCS Prince (X)' vessels. Or a 'what-if' situation.)
    • Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought
      (I genuinely vented, even had a breakdown moment requesting Canadians. Only gained word from players voiding my thoughts and the thought of having Chinese vessels, even if they've been added regardless. Having a free-mode campaign with minor nations would have made this game overly epic. It could easily become one of the best naval games out there.)
    • Victory at Sea:
      (Has Canadians under RN, and as HMS (not HMCS), tried nudging for their own faction. Denied. Game was also prematurely abandoned for another title)
    • Task Force: Admiral:
      (A Pacific oriented game aimed for pure realism and overly strict linear gameplay. Requested seeing HMCS Uganda, was considered though have bad blood with developer over Dutch comment, explained in previous posting in this thread.)
    • Kantai Collection (KanColle):
      (Constantly waited for Canadians to be added, none was. Americans, French, Royal Navy, Swedish, and Australians were. Just no Canadians. I feel betrayed. Also, it'll be a case of 'a little to late' seeing as how I dropped out. If I ever get a hold of an MMD model I'm going to import it into the first game I'll see; Rising World. Americans kept whining and moaning they haven't had their units added. I've countered with Canadian arguments, threads were locked constantly, or a flame war would ensue.)
    • Azur Lane:
      (Ongoing request by others and myself within the Azur Lane community. After being teased by HMS Fortune's dialogue with 'Maple Monarchy', wallpaper, and etc we wanted to see Canadians. We want to see our naval roster in full with HMCS Haida, all the DDS, the two light cruisers, various aircraft carriers, and such. We just want to see our Canadian representation, CCP willing. CCP most likely has to allow Yostar/Manjuu to approve of Canadians with the whole IRL political nonsense and NSFW crackdown on their Chinese server.)


    Rejected Canadians:

    I noted this over and over, just to put it in one post on its own I want to note the sort of 'excuses' I was given as to why developers and forum goers give me.

    1. Minor Nation
    2. Lacking Units
    3. Unbalanced; Would lose to major factions
    4. Boring Units
    5. They're simply British & American influenced

    Too all these, and more, I countered. Honestly, screw off. Why can 'Silent Hunter 3', Steel Division (Eugen Systems), some some parody joke games add them, yet others simply refuse. I feel the developers are tardy, especially having been spoiled by Japanese game developers having set the bar high with their RPG and various collection side of games. It may be harmful to their game funding, or even time to develop. Any other reasons seem like excuses. Just copy and paste coding, or something as other games have done.........

    1) Its only Minor because you don't want to copy and paste code and assets....... Other games have freely added Canadians, sometimes even giving them full quality.
    2) Learn some creativity that Europeans have. Learn from Romanian game developers who created Silent Hunter 3, or the French who added Canadians time and again into their war games. Excuses are excuses.

    3) Sometimes people simply want representation, the fun, and the amusement to see where "what-if" situations lead. Look at 'Hearts of Iron IV' videos of Canada annexing USA. Either patriotic, or their gameplay style wanting to see what leads where.

    4) Only boring because you're a lazy bastard. There is more than meets the eye......Pandora's box of information, and etc, etc.

    5) Hasn't stopped Eugen System, Ubisoft Romania, and others treating Canadians as their own faction/nation. Excuses are excuses.

    And I'll keep saying this in various wordings for each situation. Also, for the love of creativity, even a fictional world of 'Strike Witches' has acknowledged Canadians in their Anime realm with our plane ace, Beurling.



    You may see this as ramblings, I see this as me trying to properly make note of this as I end up being frustrated with tardy game developers. Maybe they do have valid reasons, they seem to fall short when compared to more passionate game developers out there having set higher standards and the bar higher. I've praised Eugen System for going all out on Canadians in their WW2 game and modern game on their forums, even if I came off as corny, cheesy, and awkward. Praise is praise. They've done something others refuse to do.

    I guess some things just stick with you until certain people do things right. As noted, I'm still seeking out a proper noob game maker where I can insert naval units in an arcade manner. Something simple, yet semi complex. We'll see what I find, and when.

    I don't expect people in the Rising World forum to take me serious because you're here for Rising World. You do you. Stay lurking, do your own thing. I need to make note of things until something goes right.

  • *Sighs*.... This one is about 'Hokko Life'....

    I don't like it when developers censor their own forums...... I'm fine with developers warning me with my outbursts I can't control, but deleting various comments? Dude, its a forum..... People should be allowed to express their opinions. Stop being so touchy. I've tweeted, and left a Steam status. I won't expect change, just annoyed. Left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively). It'll still be on my radar, just not as heavily now.

    I'm now not happy about 'Hokko Life' when developers do weird things, especially just to show a fake "clean image"...I defended them when Kotaku clickbait-hate-baited them and now the developer is touchy. They deleted a comment where I noted that their game SHOULD have co-op and modding support; Happy about.


    Can you craft multiple items at once?
    Yes, you can!

    Good! You've learned from Animal Crossing New Horizons. Sadly, you've dug yourself into another hole, something people won't be aware of. I saw the warning signs in the Discord, and now on the Steam forums. I won't be defending the game, nor should have I in the beginning from Kotaku's clickbaiting nosense. I should have let it go. Rising World is a different case though, and that is in a different area.

    I'm assuming what got me was noting how the developer shouldn't bow down to forcefully adding pronoun nonsense because people haven't mentally graduated from kindergarten wanting to associate themselves with weird things because of peer pressure. Ah, whatever. I guess I'm crazy, vile, and transphobic, and all these other buzz words. I'm an evil villain.

    Well, the developer is going to keep getting co-op and workshop request threads. Censoring them won't help his case......

    I now have a bad taste with Hokko Life, even if it was filling in a void for the PC market. Why do developers have to do weird things. ||

    Back to playing games that actually want to be played. Again, I'm sure people will play Hokko Life, as they are with Subnautica. I can't stop people, I can however still voice my dissatisfaction. I'm left with a bad taste seeing negative signs with the developer. Not to suck up to Red51, he knows how to be a cool dev. He is correct in wanting to vent and be angry at me. You have that right to be pissed with me.


    In the mean time I'll be playing Azur Lane. I even came across a neat game made by Thailand folks, or so. They made a neat realistic (nitty gritty) tank game in a singleplayer manner called 'Panzer Knights'. Its a neat game, something better than 'World of Tanks'. And yes, it has anime characters, something which is a bonus to me. If the developer cares we "may" get co-op and Canadians, though that is yet to be seen. We'll see how much they care about their animetized tank game. I won't link the game out of respect for Red51. I will mention it, just not link it to Steam.

  • RIP. Another developer bites the dust thanks to scummy and villainous game journalists. All the doxxing and harassment campaigns. How horrendous, all because they see people who don't follow their tribal mentality. Instead of encouraging people to fill in gaming voids they're causing them by abuse and harassment. They even ruined E3 with their woke nonsense which they themselves don't even believe in.

    This is all because the Five Nights at Freddies guy donated to Donald Trump. You have to blindly hate him or else you yourself are a villain. The irony in that. It ironically sounds like a police state they themselves are trying to build up, something they noted other people doing.

    I miss the time game journalists had actual integrity and respect. Now? Its left to journalists in Anime and the games they're in, such as Valkyria Chronicles. Ms. Ellet in Valkyria Chronicles notes how integrity is important, something real-world journalists fail to follow (as shown below). The irony.

    Here is a guideline for the fake journalists in the gaming industry for Polygon, Gamespot, IGN, and etc. You know, the faker major ones.


    They won't follow the rules listed in the above link. 8)

    Game "journalists" are elated another game developer bit the dust, especially with special harassment involved. Less competition for them with less people to call them out. I guess they can always go back to harass Notch. I dare them. They'll find a new target. Always will......

    Yay for game "journalism"... And game developers want to be praised by these folks. Maybe in the early 2000's, not now. Cringe.

    That race thing is spicy.... Where is the integrity.....

    No dignity at all.....

    And then you have no dignity in the tweet comments. Yay to bullying and harassment being justified by the Twitter-verse.

    I feel bad for Rayn and Kaiju, among others who share these same sentiments wanting to actively justify harassment and bullying, especially when it comes to indie developers and similar. Even how Microsoft and Mojang openly harassed Notch with corporate support. Imagine that........ But nope, they're fighting a holy war and they're a bunch of Saints...... :saint:

    Cool. This is why we can't have nice things. :thinking:

  • Part Two - 'HMCS Yukon'- The Negativity:

    (Part one - HMCS Yukon)

    (Context - Review & Thread - Please read this)

    I may seemingly be the only one hyped up about Canadians potentially getting another battleship only because it can tie in with Azur Lane. It however has bad stigma/PR around it with how Wargaming asked and threw two people under the bus. They were asked to design something then thrown under the bus by Wargaming for World of Warships. As an outsider I feel so stupid and naive only because I'm aware of the situation happened while simply wanting to connect with my Canadian heritage. I was born Canadian, I want to connect with my Canadian side.

    While posting about HMCS Haida on an Azur Lane subreddit I was informed about what happened. It makes me sad...... I now feel a bit guilty with my naive hype for HMCS Yukon with how it carries negativity

    They told me that Wargaming worked with two folks to design a Canadian ship to only end up with HMCS Yukon, a 'King George V-Class', or 'Monarch' type battleship. I also keep forgetting what class of Battleship it is...... They haven't implemented what LittleWhiteMouse & Chobittsu both added.

    I was told that "we should be happy Canadians are even added", or something to that effect. Basically a "F U" type response.

    Then you have one of the Wargaming developers making a formal apology trying to look into the situation. Put the pitchforks away and just formally sort the issues out.

    A USN & a trucker was also equally as disappointed with Wargaming's negative PR stunt, and how Canadians are always being shafted by WW2 naval developers. Not quite the latter, the former is true.

    And then another comment noting how Wargaming should have simply added a Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship from our WW1 days to fill in the void.

    I'm happy we have another Canadian vessel to play around with, though sad that we Canadians are treated by trash constantly. Its depressing. This is just angering me all that much more to have Red51 give us modding API so I can insert WW2 warships into Rising World, even if they're passive. Just allow me to have warships to display, or even sail by filling in voids other game developers keep corrupting situations with.


    I'm now genuinely depressed because I now feel guilted about my hype for HMCS Yukon and the stigma surrounding it. We're just not allowed to admire any Canadians in any WW2 naval game because every dumb ass game developer has to make a big fuss about censoring us from it for various stupid moronic reasons. Minor nation, or whatever bullcrap they keep making excuses about......... I don't normally play WoWS because of how bloated it is, I simply wanted to hype up the Canadian side of things, even if accidentally naively. Hopefully their formal investigation will produce actual results where Canadians are properly respected and the two folks have their situation and respect mended.

    We honestly need a proper open world WW2 naval game. This is too stupid with how its stagnating everything. Wargaming is stagnating everything.....I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it....... Silent Hunter 3 is the best game out there, and Azur Lane.

  • Part 2 to the above........ (or P3 in this case) is nasty.:

    They threw two staff under the bus as sacrifice to please the 'angry gamers' because two community members were not contributes properly. They were abused, and us Canadians who have been cheated. As a Canadian I feel happy we have a new ship, just betrayed as this is a cash grab while their management throws the lower guys under the bus in a sacrificial manner.

    -The Popular opinion. Canadians are always overlooked and purposely ignored because we're a pile of trash, or something.

    Developer responses...

    Little White Mouse and Chobittsu weren't having it.........

    Former RCN Sailor giving his 2 cents. He failed to note we had 3-5 aircraft carriers built during WW2. They would count in any game.

    The "compromise".........


    Frustration from Obitissu for being led around, wasting 1 year of his work.

    Then you guys wonder why others and myself praise Red51. Its because of this I also want to insert anime mods and ship mods into the game because other game developers can't be trusted. If you want to do something its best to do it yourself, or something close to that effect.

    My stomach hurts from reading 25 pages of nonsense for HMCS Yukon because I'm Canadian and I wanted to also celebrate it for July 1st...... Happy scuffed Canada Day from Wargaming. (Untouched hype is still left in the Azur Lane thread).............

    Be thankful Red51 is as acknowledging as he is. Truly......... This is why people need to god damn listen to me when I say we need free-roamy WW2 naval games on the level of Silent Hunter 3, and other things. But nooo, nobody wants to listen to me. I'm just a crazy moron, or something...... Screw the Canadians because "they're a minor Nation"... Whatever the f*** that means. So many lame excuses and needless corporate lingo. Go to hell. I need to have 20 battles to comment on their forum, I only have 8..... I need to needlessly redownload the game and to try to link my account, or whatever. *yawns*

    They even removed HMCS Haida so you would be forced to purchase HMCS Yukon..........

    I wish other developers would listen to me for once. LISTEN!

  • I'll try to keep this short... Noting this for noting purposes while not expecting people to respond. Don't want them to. Just view this, make note, and move on.


    - She Will Punish Them - Steam Drama:

    I won't link the game, I will say it by name. I wanted to support the game because I viewed it as Rising World going through the same struggles. The game is basically a simplified RPG attacking story-based nodes, respawning patrols while collecting 'lingerie' loot while leveling up your companions. Its themed in a mature sense filling a necessary void in the Steam market while also getting attacked for its theme. A few threads have been knocked out already whining about the theme by moderatoes. ResetEra folks (or those acting like them) still keep harassing, provoking, and insulting the forum base to shame, shun, and censor something that has a valid reason of being on the Steam store. "no fun allowed".

    Someone voicing their concern about the moderator being an (corrupted) feminists which shall ironically kill the game its themed by instead of helping. I view it as speculation, and I don't want to spread drama. I'm simply making note of it because even in its obnoxious nature it still contains valid criticisms. The game has been attacked for its themes, people are getting hot headed after having been provoked by people attacking the game, getting moderated for defending the game while also feeling betrayed in the process. I'm just hoping that this is just needless drama and that the developers behind 'She Will Punish Them' shall work on their game with pure passion and dedication.

    The game fills in a void yet it also being shunned off of steam because it offends people...... "no fun allowed". Then you have conspiracy theories (of varying value) floating about dealing with the developer team and moderator. I'm trying to hang back to lurk, posting less while fighting with a stupid brainwashed Canadian from Guelph. So much for playing games for entertainment eh? Not with these people who constantly shun certain themes and anything that offends them.

  • Hmm..... I'm disappointed. Highly disappointed........

    That moment when there is a German developer group busy preaching about politics instead of making/publishing games.....

    Basically reads as

    1) We're into fake politics.

    2) We don't want you to buy our product(s); Refund if you have purchased it believing we are wrong.

    3) We assume the world revolves around us while we assume the world is only one person. We love to shame the many people, gaslighting as if the many are a simple '1'. We LOVE gaslighting people, even doubling down.

    4) We would rather spew politics on Twitter instead of making interesting games, or even publishing them.....


    Compensating for something? Obviously shows. Corrupted by fake social politics when they to the point they have to compensate for their poorly performing and coded games to spew politics and bigotry on Twitter. I've never heard of them, probably for good reasons.

    The thing is, they claim they're doing this "for the good" when its all a farce. I feel bad for Red51 and his team (and any other genuine German devs) doing actual work while Assemble Team are doing moronic political things making Germans look brainless. If only their call for "diversity" and "support" was genuine. It ain't.

    You heard them, don't buy their products. Screw them. They only want to end up destroyed as Electronic Arts and other game developers when they advertised "don't like it? Don't buy it". Their sales dropped.

    Stop compensating and just make games. Why do you think the world plays games that actually want to be played, including Rising World, Azur Lane, She Will Punish Them, Genshin Impact, and everything else not including politics. Why do you think I play those games, and others. All this nonsense is making them appear as religious zealots spewing fake politics they don't even care about.

    No god damn wonder we have gaming voids...........



    And they're doubling down. Such brainless morons. This 'team' (from my POV) assume they're doing the "right thing" when they're burning themselves with politics. So brainless. You'll get what you've asked for, especially with the corruption now known as Twitter (formally Tumblr). Assemble Team is nobody special :)

    *middle finger*

    Fine! I will! I'll play games that actually want to be played. F*** you guys too. Morons. Absolute cringe. Back to games that ACTUALLY want to be played.

    Maybe I'm missing something, though at a glance (and a quick Google) everything seems to be in order. Just focus on making/publishing games instead of playing politics. It never goes well........

  • Yikes......... Alright, screw the game 'She Will Punish Them'. I got banned on their steam forum for the stupidest of reasons. I'm now going to delete every mention of SWPT from my posting when I come across my posts again........

    View this posting for extra information:
    RE: (Gaming Voids) - Gaming Development Missing Features


    I simply got banned on SWPT's Steam forum because I left simple comments saying I agree with another poster when disagreeing with another person about how FUTA (female sausages) shouldn't be in vanilla while being a modded thing, not a vanilla feature. The developers were hesitant in adding that feature......People desiring "female sausages" should chill out seeing as how they're painfully aggressive demanding it in a way a child would, yet I get banned for a day. They would actually make thread upon threads, posts upon posts yet a simple quote of mine saying "This^" gets regarded as "spam" and "false information"............ I call moderator corruption.

    Because of that, I'm now going to go all "Hush hush" about SWPT. Even if it updates I'm not posting anything. As good as the game is, the moderator is a pile of trash. Warn me? You provoke me. Ban me, you get my wrath...... At the very least give me an actual solid reason, not "just because I felt like it". Even if the game updates I'm going to keep my hype about SWPT on the down low. I won't post screenshots, I won't tell Red51 to "inspire" from that game. I'm going to edit my Steam Deck posting in the Rising World Steam forum thread to remove that bit.

    Holy crap man. Just can't have fun, nor have a proper conversation anymore. Everything is overly sensitive and you get moderated for everything. Just like Reset Era forums........ Back to my Azur Lane and Genshin Impact hype. The other persons' concerns seems far more valid and justified now..........:thumbdown:

    Its small things like this that kill games.||||||

    (Point of this post is to point out alleged "censorship" on their steam forums while moderating me under questionable reasons".)

  • Yeah, Steam threw me under the bus for that last moderation claiming they were "valid" and I am this evil super villain on the planet. I violate people and pillage settlements. Whatever. That action soured what "good will" I had with the above developer. I'm sure it can be restored, just ticked off by the double standards of allowing ResetEra folks to run rampant with raids and assault on forums while banning opinions and discussions. The irony.


    - More WW2 Naval Games:

    I'm gradually seeing a rise in more naval war games, something Steam needs more off. I'm seeing a slight rise in more U-boat games, something which is good. It is also constantly recommending Silent Hunter to me, something I do admire just not the ones it keeps suggestion. I would obtain Silent Hunter 4, just can't at the moment. I'm glad there is an attempt at making more Silent Hunter 3 type submarine games.

    What we REALLY need are more proper surface warship games similar to War Thunder's mechanics, just more Silent Hunter 3 style of roaming the world with the whole world at play. We're almost there, we just need a brave studio to break the ice to then gain proper fortune. Everybody is a bunch of chicken crap.


    Still waiting on a proper naval game to add in Canadians into these WW2 naval games without developer tantrums. I know of one game (Warship Girls), I however don't play that. I still can't believe how hard it is just to add in Canadians as their own entity in games when SIlent Hunter 3, Normandy '44, and others can. Why can't others? As noted previously Canadians are treated as cash cows for milking purposes on both War Thunder and World of Warships. Canadians are trash used to milk gamers of their money.

    Azur Lane still failed to add in Canadians, something that still has me frustrated. I'll stop when I either turn into a skeleton or when someone gains a god damn brain. Azur Lane had the perfect chance for July 1st, 2021, especially during the August 10th 3rd Anniversary for Azur Lane. Congrats, but you guys failed to respect Canadians. It's probably political related.......... Chinese probably banned from adding Canadians for this reasoning....... I'm speculating so I could be wrong.

    If true (on the political part) then I guess Canadians are just "trash" because China said so. Let us hope I'm wrong and this is all speculation. Still waiting..... Canadians aren't allowed to be added into naval games also because they're "a minor nation", whatever that means. Just like how adding VR into games isn't "worth it" because of lame excuses like 1) Low adoption rate, or 2) "ToO HaRd". I'll keep repeating myself until something happens, somewhere............ Someone, somewhere, has to have a brain.......

    Waiting, and waiting, and waiting......

  • Holy <Redacted>, it appears we've lost another good hit to the fake woke mob. Then people wonder why I'm always angry, and I'm playing more and more eastern made games from China and Japan while patiently waiting for Rising World to update to its previous point in Java. We've lost GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas to the fake gamers on Tumblr/Twitter/ResetEra who want to claim everything is offensive in the world.

    The trilogy is being revisioned to "more modern audiences", such as the 100 people on the internet from Twitter/Tumblr/Resetera. Yes, I'm echoing what Yellow Flash not, it's still true regardless. I also say this because I've seen banks cater to a non-existent customer base of imaginary gender identities while not doing their job when it comes to dealing with legal matters with my father. No phone call, or an e-mail. I always had to prompt them. I'm still waiting for that "professional" banker call or email. Still haven't. Maybe I should go trans gender maybe they'll care about me then.

    Westerners are becoming more and more insane, as am I from their idiocy. Can't we just play games without the political nonsense and fragile nonsense.........

    Then you guys wonder why I make all these venting and ranting posts...... Why I play Genshin Impact and Azur Lane........ I have fond memories of GTA. Shame it's now ruined to a sub-group of soccermoms hell bent on corrupting various games now labeled as 'SJWs'. :angry: (The group from Tumblr & Resetera). People are getting so ticked off (the actual people who care) moving onto Anime and Asian games. If you're not concerned then you're either ignorant or willing to push for censorship. No joke.


    Well, on the bright side I won't be playing them. I however do know the new generation shall have watered down garbage so I feel sorry for them. :poo: The new generation simply don't know what games are anymore. People in this era and generation are tolerate of censorship which should be concerning. I grew up in 1990's with everything being acceptable. I wouldn't be surprised if we lived in a Chinese & North Korean society in 2030 with the way SJWs behave. No joke...... Nudity has been censored, as has opinions, and now gameplay....... Don't assume I'm joking. I'm however frustrated and gradually becoming more depressed society is dipping.

    Maybe GTA's trilogy can be restored......... If not, Asian games are going to have to work harder to recover lost ground us westerners destroyed. :poo:

  • Still on the topic of "filling in the void", I HAVE to cover Genshin Impact because of the whole western corruption and eagerness of the Asian market. One side slacks, another picks it up. Red51 may hate me for this because I'm advertising a game, though it's on a note of developer corruption. I still respect Red51, though feel a strong necessity to post this just to make note of a certain point, probably going over various peoples' heads.......


    Critiques of Genshin Impact:

    Part 1: Pon

    Part 2: Another World/Isekai

    Part 3: Escape

    Part 4: "Waifus"

    Part 5: A second side (Gacha)

    Part 6: Conclusion:


    (Azur Lane character from the Dragon Empry faction)

    Part 1:

    I can agree people love the whole surprise factor when it comes to winning prizes. Rising World has it through finding chests, biome generation, etc for looting while other games has it for characters themselves. Thankfully, you don't spend real money for Rising World's form of 'gacha'. Like gambling, you eventually obtain what you loot, even from a bandit or fishing. F/GO has the worst gaming mechanics, and is even xenophobic to the point they region locked, IP banned, and all the random nonsense. KanColle was my actual main game from the Japanese side dealing with in game RNG Gacha to the point it became too salty. RNG mechanics no longer was RNG, it was scenario based to the point your actions no longer mattered. Those Japanese forgot what fun was making game mechanics so painful to the point you could legit obtain a stroke, or even a heart attack. It's because of KanColle's forgettfulness of what "fun" is that others and myself both migrated to Azur Lane and Genshin Impact, now happier for a more addicting gameplay. I do spend money, I try to be sensible. I try to limit to my limit instead of going over my monthly earnings limit.

    (Ayaka in Mondstadt.)

    Part 2 & 3:

    With our world being cruel and monotoned at times we desire an escape. Games are our escape, hence why morally corrupted individuals constantly want to hijack it to preach at us, something Asian media simply focus on entertainment. We want to be free, or seek beautiful things. We love admiring the feminine form, the gorgeous sakura trees, or even whatever Rising World has to offer. The landscape, the vehicles, our own proudly built structures, or even default ones, and etc. Movies, cartoons, anime, etc are now our main escapism because people are now morally politically corrupted. Isekai genre in anime is a big thing allowing people to visit landscapes and worlds they otherwise wouldn't; A temporary bubble. Even examine "what if" scenarios.

    Both KanColle and Azur Lane allow us to see warships in their humanoid form as we take command and battle the enemy with them. Becoming appropriately intimate with vows & rings. Nothing more, though there is more in the form of lewdness, that is simply natural when it comes to human procreation. As with Rising World, we love hiding away in our own version of the world doing our OWN thing. Our own pace, etc. As with Minecraft, now Rising World, we love doing our own thing. Exploring

    Genshin Impact rewards you for exploring every inch of the land. Looting, harvesting, swimming, gliding, climbing, etc. Scenery is beautiful. The view distance is far and wide attracting you to visit far off lands. Something we're also bound to see in Rising World (unity) "soon". Can't wait to have these sorts of beauties unchained when it comes to Rising World Unity version.

    With how political everything has become, as with entertainment becoming gradually more and more taboo, people are finding it harder to enjoy pure entertainment. Everything is becoming a sin, and taboo to the point everything is "no fun allowed". People gaslight, people void other peoples' opinions. It's horrible. Genshin Impact (as with Rising World, AND Azur Lane) allow us to hide away from these SJW political freaks pushing their various agendas, and any other external negative threat. Don't believe me? View how Manga is outperforming DC & Marvel comics in America. People want to escape to more beautiful environments uncorrupted by mentally corrupted clowns and their school/workplace. People want to enjoy the serene beauty of a gorgeous landscape, proper characters, cool music, and awesome features. No politics, nothing. If politics, has to be own lore related, as it naturally goes. Corrupted SJW clowns keep interjecting games has politics. Yes, but not their stroke-inducing nonsense. Genshin Impact is fun, as is Rising World, and any non-political game.

    There is a reason Anime & Manga is outperforming anything American, as with Asian games. Westerners lost their passion, I simply wish they would regain their lost intellect and creativity. Everything feels stunted.

    (Noelle fighting enemies in a gorgeous scenery)

    Part 4:

    In a world where entertainment is "sin", we constantly desire beautiful viewpoints and enjoyments. I admit I fall under the "waifu" bandwagon having claimed my fair share of "favourite" feminine characters all because the real world appears to lack actual females in it. It's only natural to admire these fictional characters (both male and female), to the frustration of morally corrupted woman out there. The fake SJWs shaming, forgetting we live to procreate, impress/court, and to allow another generation to live on. We seek mates, to share experiences. We seek friends to feel companionship, something "friendship" is viewed as "lewd" or "gay". There is no loyalty in life, or little. Best friends are viewed as "lovers".... Such a cruel world prevents genuine friendships.... With these waifus in mind the next best thing are "friends" in the real world, or even waifus in the anime world when you're socially shunned constantly for no real proper reason. People gravitate to beauty. Not purely anime as people have been found going female companions in western games with Raid Shadow Legends, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, etc. I admire all my "waifus" in Azur Lane as they come off as more human than the actual human folks in my world. More engaging, inviting, and playful. This ties in with Part 2 & 3 as SJWs taint the world with monotone workplaces while people seek beauty in life. Like paradise... Indiana Jones finding treasure.

    We love seeking beauty in the world. Seeing gorgeous waifus (or man, for woman) is similar to taking a stroll through the forest as it recalibrates your body to natural frequencies, something hippies also corrupted. We've lost our way in life. I love raising my shipgirls in Azur Lane, as much as I love leveling and ascending them in Genshin Impact. They have this charm that tends to be lacking in the real world as relationships tend to lack various elements. Everybody is too cruel and lengthy with each other.

    There is a reason why we love our waifus. Asian developers know how to tap into desire while North Americans have been found to be skittish. Afraid. Everything is "abusive", even someone who French-Canadian and woman. Asians love being "showy" while North Americans come across as being more painfully "reserved". I recall when European woman were expressive in various ways, now they're just as corrupted as any North American. It's depressing. Hence, why people seek out waifus in games and other outlets because real woman failed them.

    (This art is a fan-made interpretation of what HMCS Yukon would appear as. It is indeed awesome, it however lacks certain charms due to the artist's fears of how "lewd" other shipgirls are. Woman aren't allowed to be woman, hence why this art comes across as lacking various charms. It is impressive, and I do respect it, though Chobitsu noted in a comment how they dislike how Bremerton was mostly swimsuit while Yukon had to be tattered and rugged. Fears ruin art is my point. Asians tend to be more expressive, and are shunned by westerners for that.)


    (Musical beauty, why we love games focused around art and gameplay)

    Part 5:

    Gachas are indeed cruel, though gain a necessity in longevity and server costs. I hate gachas because they tend to stunt the gaming industry, especially World of Warships when it comes to 'Silent Hunter 3' type open world games. Everybody tends to copy World of Warships, not Silent Hunter 3 for inspiration. It sucks. Without gacha though these games may not survive on casuals, though there are steady streams if game is fun. Genshin Impact has proven to be fun, hence the support. Same with Azur Lane, and actual games with proper gameplay elements. These two games have constant trending hashtags how people admire them. People love it, also because it isn't political with fake western politics. It is a proper escapism, and you can even play the game for free. I love the music. You always see SJWs hating on Genshin Impact because it does not kneel to their desire, as with how Anime refuses to lower itself to these corrupted morons. People love their escapism, as do these games, even if it's simply exploitative for business. We are aware it is exploiting us, though it also rewards us with their charm, characters, and other elements.

    The game constantly updates with new features, minigames, characters, among other coolness. I love Genshin, even if it's sadly stuck in online mode. I wish you could play it in offline mode, though people would hack the game to mod in characters they wouldn't have, etc. It's a touchy subject. You need to sadly play this with an active internet connection, something Rising World beats any day. Co-op mode is nice, but only for farming items, bounties, and small things. No partnering in a quest or story mission.

    (Lisa reading her book in Liyue, a Chinese territory)

    (Gacha, at its worst and finest. A necessity to keep games alive.)

    Just look at that beauty! Rising World can compete in the landscape department, and the music, sadly has yet to do the same in the character department. Rising World needs to do real work to allow beauty found in the Asian gaming market when it comes to teaseful and appealing characters of both genders. Rising World has made progress. Once red51 and friends nudge customization to this level Rising World shall do so much better, as with any other game also. Modding is where Rising World shall shine and I strongly hope it will take full advantage of it by tapping into the Japanese and Chinese modding community. Swimming, climbing, gliding.... Yeah. Music especially. Fighting, combat, farming, housing...... Even taking care of your companions as you get to know them. Key features. It is all important.


    Western game developers need to relearn how to make games fun, and less political again. Games need to be made for fun again, not for political speeches to put down players saying they're worthless. This is why Chinese and Japanese game developers always end up winning because of various corrupted western mentalities........ You can ignore my postings all you want, it just means we'll have more crappy games until developers do what is right again.

    Still waiting on Rising World to mature. I'm being patient while noting things as we wait.

  • Because I forced the Genshin Impact post out in a hasteful manner I had to go back and edit various portions with edits and fixes. Hopefully it makes sense now, or you guys probably don't care. Probably more focused on Rising World updating, something I don't blame you for. While editing my posting above I came across something I just had to quickly note.


    World of Warships - HMCS Huron Addition (Compromise):

    It appears the developers at Wargaming have come to a resolution/compromise over alleged abuse, something I 80% believe. I also believe 20% was also the two folks own fault with personal desires playing a part in all this.

    HMCS Huron shall be added to the line-up, something which should have been added in the first place. The destroyers, Light cruisers. I'm still amazed a 2006 game called 'Silent Hunter 3' can freely add in Canadians while other game developers make up the laziest of excuses of "minor nation", and other brainless comments. Still nice these folks could come to an understanding.

    Instead of only adding in Canadians as a cash-cow element (or ignoring them for lazy reasons), it be awesome to simply have Canadians out of pure passion for making games. Game developers forgot how to implement features simply out of love and desire for making a game. Similar to how Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the classic) added in the Battle of Kamino because they had extra time. Never enabled, though modders were able to piece the puzzle together.

    I miss the love and passion from Japanese and European games, though they do tend to pop up every now and again. Rising World is it, as with a handful of others. Shame game developers view Canadians as "trash" though. Screw them. The more they resist the more harm shall come their way, and how their game ends up being forgotten in the long term. There is a reason 'Silent Hunter 3' keeps popping up and why I keep hyping it up........ Witcher done by Polish developers, and etc. Yeah.

    You folks probably assume I've lost it, or am wrong. If only you guys could see what is actually happening.


    In case it was missed:

    I wish Chobittsu had the mentality of a passionate Japanese gamer because they fear actual feminine traits in their character representation. As a female French Canadian they fear woman being woman.... Fake politics tends to drip from the cracks not allowing their full creativity to take over.

    The above is their take on HMCS Yukon, and I do respect it. Just lacks certain charms. They've noted in a comment how they fear USS Bremerton because she is "lewd", or "showy". So? Maybe certain conversation points were lost in a game of 'telephone' (lost in translation), I however do not see Bremerton being "showy" as a problem. Proper American woman (even traditional European woman) enjoy being showy, unless they're the SJW types who later adopt cats because they can't hold a significant others. Japanese mangaka artists enjoy self-projecting themselves into other character types having their created female characters being "showy", as with Neptunia anime. Azur Lane is ripe with this stuff, and it's good we have this. We love beauty. North Americans keep punishing themselves needlessly to the point we (Canadians & Americans) are known for having high strokes and heart disease problems. No wonder...... (granted, food is also the problem)

    I see nothing wrong with Bremerton, especially in warmer climates. Asian games tend to be true to their nature while western games tends to censor everything. Why Asian games are popular (always has been) and western games not so much. There are gems here and there, they however don't last. Mob mentality, tribal mentality just to feel accepted tend to make games popular, though briefly, when you look at Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and other "popular" games because people simply don't know any better. Accessibility. If they were aware they would choose games they would actually find interesting. Half the time it's to fit in with a special crowd because of how we're social creatures.


    My point was I'm happy Wargaming came to a compromise, something other developers need to learn from. Just add in Canadians (and other features/elements) without making the lamest excuse. Also, if you're a helper in the community you need to encourage creativity, not shun certain elements for political beliefs. There is a legit reason why Asian games are constantly overpowering western game formats. You can think I'm crazy all you want, do a Google.... Manga is outperforming American comics because Americans love their politics......... I love my games :)

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