List of items

Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
  • Can we have the following Items added to the game

    1. More New Blocks shapes in the game plus the ability to rotate the blocks.

    2. More doors with door frames around them.

    3. New items like a bathtub with Taps

    4. Street Lights,

    5. A working Elevator.

    6. Fireplace.

    7. The ability to make colour paint to paint one side of the wall made from blocks without using a colored plank

    8. A rotated airvent like the block rotation.

    9. Smoke

    10. Fire

    11. Square cast iron storm drain grate

  • 1. Yes, with the new version

    2. It's simple to build the frames with planks. If you don't like to build them over and over again, just design them for you once and blueprint them.

    3.would be nice

    4.nice addition but can be done with planks, beams and logs quite easily + i believe you can find some blueprints here on the forum

    5.with the new Version

    6.can be built with planks and beams but some premade would be nice. Though i saw also some here on forum

    7.i think it's planned though planks or posters work fine have a ventilator. If you blueprint it you can even rotate it as you wish's available but only via console command

    10. Good one. Until it's possible use fire place or torches, sink them in the ground to see only their fire.

    11.not sure what you mean. Build it with beams or logs. Even you can use some existing ones

    In general planks and beams along with blueprints allow huge creative freedom

  • Hi Avanar,

    Thank you for your feedback

    " have a ventilator. If you blueprint it you can even rotate it as you wish"

    Is the Blueprint the same for all items

    "11. Square cast iron storm drain grate (there man hole covers for the streets)."

    I know we have two round one's in the game that open and close but a square one with slits would be nice that you can open and not static with planks and beams.

  • 8. Of course. You can blueprint everything and then turn any degree you like. Only exception is terrain and blocks, which can be roatated only by 90 degrees

    11. Ah now i get what you mean. For half doors just burry a jail door halfway in the ground.

    But you are right, it doesn't look well for vent gates

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