The Moogle's Pom - Pub

  • Hi folks, well it's finished and ready. I did not decorate upstairs and left a couple of rooms downstairs unfurnished. Sorry about that but I kinda want to start on a new project! However I am not sure if it's a bug just on my PC or if there's an issue in general with large blueprints... Basically it works perfectly if not rotated. Whenever I tried to rotate some parts would be flipped/misaligned. I tried with and without terrain saved into the BP.

    :!:This is a resource heavy building with over 40k constructions and 20k blocks. Please test in an empty world to be sure it works and nothing explodes before placing it into your "real" world:!:

    I hope y'all like it :party:


  • The Pub looks very good. ^^ I know the problem with so many parts. I've built a library with about 450k parts and a very big Medieval city with house and facility inside them.

    Holy Moly that's a lot of items! Was wondering if you have encountered an upper limit to blueprint functionality? Naturally I plan to upload more buildings as I make them but don't want to upload anything that is broken/causes PC's to explode! The rotate bug was the reason I didn't add any more details and uploaded as is... I wanted to furnish all of downstairs and the cellar too.

  • Zinri @<3

    That was a lot of trouble to those time. Restart the server 4 times, renew a Singleplayer map more times,, but than it works. In the meantime I think such big blueprints aren't that problem anymore , but I try to avoid such bigger parts at one place or I try to reduce the parts. Building with the size command reduces parts, but the way to use the grid system is much quicker for me. But, if I want to have a big city I will build it, and if I'm the only person who will ever seen it, except I make a video ir would invite friends on the map. The comparison may be completely wrong, but if I've build things over years and see them growing and getting bigger I really love them. ^^

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