Please create realistic&versitale forests

Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
  • Please put soil, old leaves, moss, undergrowth into the woods instead of grass... In forests dont grow grass. furthermore it is not good for the performance either it is realistic. If there is soil, mushrooms, ferny, brambles and smaller trees&bushes show to advantage. brambles should hurt the player if he step on it.

    The undergrowth can be very versitale if you go into the woods or look like games like "Kingdom come deliverance".

    Furthermore add small steep slopes here and there, where roots and rocks get visible.

    Also add old sticks and rotten trees with moss, mushrooms on the ground.

    Think about different living areas (wet, dark, light, beside trees, beside rocks. a.s.o.) where different kind of plants are living. Also think about there rarity and which plants grow together or are they growing alone or in groupes a.s.o....

    This would add much atmosphere.

    Outside the woods on grassland, grass is not growing everywhere, it has many places where soil is visible, it is high and very low, it is dense and light, it is very versitale, also within his coloring. There are many other plants, some groupes of plants, some single plants. There are bushgroups which are different big and there is dry grass here and there. there are small grain and corn tussocks and at water are growing reeds and other plants beside water.

    This kind of versitality would add so much atmosphere.

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