Dummy NPCs API access

  • Looks looks some of what I've asked for is in https://javadoc.rising-world.n…orld/api/objects/Npc.html

    I can see a getClothes method but not a setClothes one.

    I'm assuming that's because it is a little more complex, as it would need methods such as npc.getClothes(Type.shoes) npc.getClothes(Type.hat) etc.

    Still, would be super useful to set clothes of an npc, even if it was limited to full 'costumes' which would mean only one method with a parameter. Such as npc.setClothes(Costume.Armour1);

  • More control over NPCs via API is planned for the new version :) Probably I can say more about that as soon as NPCs are implemented.

    However, in the Java version, you can already set the name of NPCs (via npc.setName()) and also them invincible (npc.setInvincible()). Actually you can also change the clothes: There is a Clothes object linked to every NPC who can wear clothes. You can get it via npc.getClothes(), then you can modify it directly (clothes.add()) :)

    Changes to the Clothes object updates the clothes of the NPC immediately, so there is no need to reassign it.

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