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  • im working on a old style house to relearn how to use the new building menu,it isnt quiet finished yet ;i see many new great shapes that will save so many planks being used to obtain certain shapes ,im sure this will be great for reducing lag around detailed builds :D:thumbup:<3

    Wow it looks good but there still missing the dark shadow spots

    Hey red51 is there any new update for unity about this?

  • to anyone interested ,iv had time to play around a bit and get used to the new building version,i built a house and some accessories,simular to what i would have normaly built in the old version,i found it to be fantastic with the new shapes and tools ,the bucket onlt took 10 pieces of wood far less than i would have previousely used ,under 10 pieces of wood for most of the vases plates ect 15 for the larger bowl,under 50 for the cart about the same for the water well,lol iv no idear how many for the house,iv encounted no lag at all from standing on the smaller items like the bowls ect ...fantastic...most of the small items plates and bowls took only a few seconds to make ,no blueprints required

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