The Tomorrow War (Movie) - (Possible spoilers)

  • Anybody see this movie?

    I have, and I'm glad I have. I had to force myself to watch it on my Amazon Prime, though glad I even did that. Its a great movie with a great plot. People will argue its "decent", I say its "awesome". To me, it told a story a proper anime would tell in that deep and proper story telling manner trying to do reverse damage control. People would claim there are alleged plot holes, I doubt that. Its fun seeing the fight happen once they go past that portal. It is also because the whiny critics had a negative hate fetish towards Chris Pratt that I also was motivated to watch the movie so thanks for the free advertising. I'm glad I picked up the movie to have a great time with it.

    Its also made so much better (after the fact) knowing all the fake journalistic sites claim the movie is trash, or knock on the movie because of Chris Pratt. The amount of salt and whining is hilarious. I went in blind (no trailer, or anything) finding the movie to be awesome. Long, but awesome

    . For those that do want a trailer, here is the video


    I absolutely LOVE the music. Everything about the movie was great.




    This movie is awesome, I recommend it. Similar to most of the Anime I've seen, Mandalorian (Star Wars), Clone Wars, Greyhound (WW2 movie), Fury, Interstellar, and etc. I recommend this because its a genuine form of media to the point journalists are now bleeding blood from their waste matter. They're raging about Chris Pratt because he spoke the neutral truth while also making mocking videos trying to blast holes in the movie when there is little to none. Basically an "no fun allowed" tactic. This movie has complex plot, great music, great acting and even pays respect to 'I am Legend'. Good stuff.

    Now if only American media can tap into Japanese anime creativity it'll continue doing awesome :nerd:

  • I guess I'm the only one on this side to have enjoyed it. If you still haven't seen it then keep trying because I highly recommend it. Those that have watched it have genuinely loved it, only the minority of critics hate it and only because of Chris Pratt.


    I'm going to side-note and say I watched Midway.

    - Midway (2019):

    Absolutely loved this movie. Friend recommended it to me, I saw it on Amazon Prime ever since I bought a joystick for Flight Sim. Similar to Fury, this movie gets grim, realistic, and to the point. I barely strays from the story it wants to tell, loving it for that. The movie is keeps to the point and I love it for that. It notes the faulty torpedoes, the stress of battle, the chaotic nature, and even the funky Doolittle raid. The Doolittle raid being bombers having been launched from an aircraft carrier out at sea, as strange as that was. Same with how it notes the code breaking was working with falsely noting they had water issues, something the Japanese commented on in their telegram proving their code breaking is working. You have to see the clues around to fill in the gaps. Funny how it even makes note of the movie guys on the island making a period film about war.

    Its a great movie. Poor Hornet being forced out.

    Loving the things I'm seeing and learning. Even glad I've played Silent Hunter 3, have played KanColle, and now Azur Lane side. This needs to be remembered. Sorry about my obnoxiousness, but I'm glad we have hope of "something" into Rising World. People on Steam calling me crazy but I view that as gaslighting. I'm just trying to respect my Canadians because nobody else shall.

    Haunting music for the win.

  • ArcticuKitsu - to comfort you a bit - i also saw that movie. Im not as hyped as you because i think the story wasn´t very indeep. A lot of information and immersive play was missing in my opinion. But i do like it and recommend it.

    However don´t feel frustrated if no one is answering here. Its a Forum for a specific game and even though its the off topic section here people don´t come here to discuss other games or movies :)

  • I'm getting highly frustrated because Anime is always being attacked. Even how any good 2020+ American media is viewed "sub-par" because of some weird new modern standards. I've called out Hollywood's stunts as SJW, faux-politics, etc because any good movie gets shamed, bad movies get supported by journalists claiming people are "sexist", Alt-Right, or "phobic" when it's a genuinely trashy media. I wish we could have free European media as in the past (1990's), as well as support any awesome current American movies while weeding out the genuine bad ones freely. I miss watching those obscure European and South American movies...... Whenever we get something neat from North America now it's now constantly put under a microscope to degrade it into nothing while always use check-boxes to grade it in a very unintelligent manner. This is far more true when it comes to devaluing Anime to discredit it.

    When we look at anime people then have this very moronic POV on it (even fearful) the point they dismiss everything, ignorant about what Anime actually contains. Anime can go very deep in a very philosophical manner (even if I was told it wasn't by fake people on Youtube comments). You'd be surprised how deep Anime actually goes. It's just something you can't get in North American movies, media, or content as much, or anymore. People then try to defend Marvel and DC. It isn't what it used to be so I can't support, nor defend it. Sure, back in the 1950's to 2000's, sure. Anything over 2010, nah. Once Tumblr took over that industry everything went rock-bottom.

    Just look at how 'The Tomorrow War' was pulled apart in a very insulting manner. Looking back, the good movies I've enjoyed.....
    (Ghost in the Shell from netflix was 'decent', just not the best.)

    I'm sure there is more, and there are more. They're however from the 1990's during the height of great American movies. I'm struggling to find anything good 2010 plus because its harder to find, scrubbed, or not in demand. I'm constantly seeing praise for Gina Carano being bullied and abused even though that comes off as hypocritical from people when we should be treating staff and employee properly. What the journalists and Disney said about Gina Carano is genuine slander. I genuinely want to see more Star Wars Visions over any more hypocrisy.

    Disney taught me it's morally correct to use and abuse people in a highly abusive manner. It's fine to treat people like trash. Even the various journalists praising Disney over abusing Gina Carano are teaching people it's fine to treat other people in a harassful way. That is the message I'm getting from people. It's fine to be abusive.

    Anime artist Sakimi-chan targeted by hate campaign:

    I'm going to assume ResetEra is once again behind this abusing the report button to where Twitter is openly and willingly restricting anything anime, including Sakimi-chan. Of course I'd be pissed, and people are allowing this form of censorship because they believe whatever the media tells them. Of course I'm not fine with this, and I feel bad for Red51 having to decide if he wants to scold me or not over these sorts of post. Every day, week, or month we're seeing more censorship to the point even Youtube is hiding the dislike button thanks to the stupid moron, Kathleen Kennedy, being offended over the constant dislikes. Oh, but it's fine because the media said it was..... Yeah, sure. Whatever...... If the media told you to fuel up a car with water I'd bet $100 Canadian people would actually do it........ I'm sure people have done it regardless of what the media has told people.......

    We're not allowed to speak our minds, express our genuine dissatisfaction. Instead, we're being taught faux-politics to the point drinking water turns you alt-right, or homophobic, or whatever nonsense. Of course I'm frustrated. If the media was to spotlight me I'd be viewed as Alt-Right, even though I simply want to play Rising World, watch my uncensored anime 'raw', and watch things as they were back in the 1990's.... Pure, fun, and highly expressive. But no, I'm allegedly crazy, Alt-right, or whatever.......

    I understand this is a gaming forum, even so....... Poor Sakimi-chan, poor Japanese Pixiv artists, European games, etc. Everything is becoming sterilized and people are allowing it......... :angry: I even feel bad for Red51 having to constantly see these threads..... It just never stops...... Ignoring it makes it worse.

  • Oh Arcticu... :(

    Hope you're not implying anything.


    To sum up my previous post:

    It's just depressing to see Anime, Youtube, Twitter, etc go down the drain while people openly, yet happily, accept censorship changes while believing anything the main media has to say is correct. Apparently its correct to harass and insult people if you view me as a conspiracy theory, or even "them" (Them = anybody who is viewed as alt-right, or whatever nonsense label people put on others). It's fine to treat people like trash while trying to shovel garbage then guilt trip people into consuming low-grade Hollywood trash with no effort. It's why I watch Anime because that is where the effort is.

    It's apparently fine to harass Twitter artists (and Pixiv artists) just because you're offended about something. Twitter themselves even supports harassment campaigns. Youtube dislike button taken away because of Kathleen Kennedy, etc. It's all nonsense. It's as if we're inching closer to China's standards of freedom of speech and creativity. No joke.......

  • This post is now blaming both Youtube & Toei Animation abusing the broken Youtube system.

    Youtube hides dislike button because big corporations are offended. Kathleen Kennedy, among others. It's not because of "alt-right" or whatever bullcrap you guys been fed, it's because of censorship, plain and simple. Believe what you want, even if the Dislike button was hidden to defend the integrity of Santa Clause, or whatever you guys were told. Surprise me.

    Secondly, Toei Animation (in Japan) has gone around flagging and copyrighting various videos on Youtube to remove them. It's going to take 36 years to get his various videos back. I need to know see what Toei Animation works on so I can boycott them also, even by other means.

    Doing a quick Google leads me to this:


    Why is Toei Animation bad?

    Why does Toei Animation produce poor quality animation despite their age/experience? - Quora. This is mostly due to overworking and deadlines. Toei has to produce these episodes quickly and since they are hand drawn, the quality dips significantly.

    They produced some noteworthy anime and titles, just not many to stand out fully.

    I bet I'm going to get labeled 'radical minded' again over a bullcrap reason again. Protect what you genuinely hold dear or you're forever going to lose it to censorship. If you don't agree with me then put yourself in a sterile box until you get bored seeing what the world shall become.:huh:

  • Two more 'Toei Animation' videos

    Joey had two claims against him while 'Totally not Mark' had 150 claims/strikes. Other people have had this issue also.......

    Even Japanese Youtube Vloggers censor anime in their videos because they're fearful of being jailed/prisoned. So much for freedom in a "free world". :wacko:


    Cowboy Bebop Netflix cancelled!

    WOOO! :party: We won, again! We won!


    Simply put, RESPECT THE LORE. As with Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. Respect the lore of the IP you're tempering with then you won't have to cancel anything. Maybe now they'll learn to make a proper Cowbow Bebop live action instead of hijacking everything then putting their own pathetic political spin on things. Especially with Fay Valentine being "westernized" removing her character and personality. Have to be faithful to the IP 1:1, or as close as possible.


    The project is the latest attempt to reinvent Japanese anime as a live action series that failed to draw viewers following titles such as 2009’s Dragon Ball Evolution, 2017’s Ghost in the Shell, and Netflix’s 2017 movie Death Note. The biggest success in the space so far was arguably 2019’s Alita: Battle Angel, which pulled sizable foreign dollars ($319 million) if not domestic ($85 million).

    And that is where they screwed up. They tried to "reinvent" something which should have simply been re-created by being respectful of the lore. It's why Star Wars's 'New Trilogy' flopped and why Mandalorian, Rebels, Clone Wars, Bad Batch, Visions, and now Book of Boba Fett is doing so well. RESPECT THE LORE!:nerd: Shame Star Trek has been hijacked, can't respect that as I used to. I find it hilarious how Battle Angel Alita did so well and SJWs wanted to cancel her for the most rediculous of reasons. They wanted something genuinely pathetic to win.... I'm glad Battle Angel was well received, even if it was shunned by fake people constantly dragging North American media down hill. Ghost in the Shell was alright, it could have been so much better. Dragonball? Horrendous. Maybe instead of hijacking Japanese IP they need to invent their own again. Not reboots, invent their own IP in America again.

    For context. The author is a female and she even warned her audience to be wary of the Netflix show. We listened and now we can get back to quality on that front. :thumbup:

    If you don't fight you just don't win. Not everything in life is "alt-right" and "white supremacy", it's just "common sense". 8) I consider this a nice win for quality sake.:party:

  • - Cowboy Bebop - Screenwriter Loss - Keiko Nobumoto Passes away from Cancer:

    You win some, you lose some. It's now a sad day hearing the news Keiko Nobumoto passed away at age 57 from cancer complications. She apparently inspired a lot of woman which is always a good thing. Sadly, we have SJW morons hijacking her death for Twitter praise points which makes this whole thing disrespectful. Let Keiko rest; Don't inject your fake politics into this mess. Have some respect for the dead you moron.

    She screenwrite for Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, Macross Plus, & Samurai Champloo, among many others.

    The main important tweets:

    Wolf's Rain OST - Strangers

    The music I enjoyed was hated by a politically minded Dutch person. I still admire this song even to this day. Wolf's Rain had one of the best music back in the day. :nerd:<3 (I'm still happy the fake Cowboy Bebop Netflix adaptation was canceled. Respect the lore next time)


    Now for the fully Negative - Twitter Clout Hijacking Someone's Death:
    The fake SJW type tweets hijacking her death to signal boost their own nonsense. Let a person pass on without being selfish.

    (Twitter: boodlebrain/status/1469263959974809600)

    Annah needs to 'STFU' whining about things they're highly inexperienced about. Seeing as how she directs Netflix that explains why she is so vile needing to rudely disrespect a Japanese death to gain self-satisfaction. Then you wonder why North American media constantly suffers while Anime always wins out.:poo: Turd. I guess she missed all the female oriented shows like Railgun, Jormungand, Witch Hunter Robin, among many MANY MANY others. Oh, right, they're "sexist". That's what is being passed off in the mainstream media also to the point we're supposed to bully and violate Gina Carano and anybody falsely 'Alt-right', 'white supremist', etc. Gaslighting tactics because it doesn't suit their narrative.

    Honestly, Just let Keiko rest in peace you giant turd(s). :poo:

    (Twitter: kaitsnod/status/1469347897460224000)

    Oh, Tumblr-Twitter, you never fail to disappoint. Imagine being this selfish. Honestly. An influential person passes, we grieve. We do not hijack their death to flaunt our faux-politics and SJW nonsense causing them to spin in their grave. We had Aliens, and others in a life-action, soccermoms at that point blocked anything to do with females in politics because it offended them. Allegedly "sexy", etc to the point they even went out to ban Japanese games made by 'Illusion' back in the early 2000's.

    Americans just don't know how to have fun, even Canadians. Then when you get a good running IP you ruin it placing face identity politics, fake 2020 politics being 'Anti-Trump' then BAM! Worst comic sales ever and #1 Anime/Manga sales. Don't believe me? F***ing Google it. You can't say this when in the same breath you go against anything creative claiming false "sexist" or "offensive" nature. :wacko:

    You can have all the woman you want in your media, you don't want it. You keep canceling them, sterilizing them, banning them, claiming "sexism", etc. The same breath that desires it also cancels it to the point people migrate over to Anime making it mainstream, corrupting it with SJW morons. People have been saying it may have been better for Anime to be a cult-like closet thing, not out in the open where you have pretenders pretending to flaunt anime, degrading it constantly. I'm not being "radical", I'm speaking the truth. Google is still your friend until it no longer isn't at a later date of this posting.

    Yeah, I can't respect these false tweets, even at the slightest. Yes, they do have certain points, they're however not genuine about it. Strawman for clouth.Think 'Wolf in sheeps clothing', and 'Give an inch, they take a mile' tactics. Can't give in to this moronicness. :wacko:

    Here, have another Wolf's Rain soundtrack in respect of Keiko's passing. We need positivity, not false clout chasing. 8)

  • Part 2 of Netflix insulting Keiko's passing:

    Just noting this quickly before heading off to snooze. Of course it would be those affiliating themselves with Netflix wanting to do all the damage, and damage control. As I've noted with Hannah in the above image, I also see Hero Hei found more hypocritical morons associated with Netflix whining and moaning they couldn't get people to consume their trash. If only they simply respected the lore (the IP) it wouldn't have been canceled so soon.

    We don't want to get poisoned, simple as that. Netflix staff are a bunch of turds. The ones doing all the political parading on Twitter. And no, I'm not angry as someone assumes I am. They're just delusional while I'm just disappointed how low the bar has dropped. Apparently it's fine to even disrespect a person's passing. Allegedly that's now allowable. :wacko:

    Also, if you assume I'm delusional or "radical" then you need a wake up call. Go see a doctor. I'm fine, I'm just disappointed with people.


    Also, something allegedly Keiko wrote:

    All about having fun o7

  • I'm just gonna bump this thread without creating a new one as to keep everything contained......

    Something special happened last night in the Anime world showing why Anime is still #1, why it's special, and why I view people who don't watch it as "fearful". Granted, there are those who can't watch it because of cultural differences, the other case is true also with how fearful people tend to be of the unknown. I used to be afraid of mushrooms, shrimp, and etc. I'm now eating them. We're just a bunch of chicken poops.


    Mushoku Tensei - S1 & P2 end:

    The whole of Mushoku Tensei has ended last night which continued on from part 1. This Part 2 isn't quite a season 2, it was a 24 episode run from start to finish with two parts starting off from when the main character was ran over by a truck re-starting his new life in an alternate world. Basically being a recluse getting bullied to then being a full on NEET shutting himself in his room. The world was vile to him to the point he shelled himself off, tried to assist people in the real world to only die in vain by this truck. One incident at school caused him to be hung on a fence nude, the other caused him to be run over by a truck to which he was rushed to a hospital and died. RIP.

    Part 1: Learning the way of the world; Learning and tutoring

    Part 2: Forced out into a more dangerous world with the things you've learned meeting new companions along the way)

    Reborn, a fresh new start in a 'crude', yet beautiful fantasy medieval era world. He still however has to come to terms with his previous life learning how to get past his bullying, his shattered persona, while making a new serious living in a new fantasy world. Things always pressure him, put him on the spot. He may be perverted (bullying does that), he however tries his best in any situation.

    This show is the reason why I look down upon modern American media because they don't have this level of carefully crafted narratives the way DC or Marvel does. Not as they used to be in the 1990's. They may be able to hold a candle to Anime, they're however no match for the blinding anime scene being many times more expressive. All those philosophical points made, decisions, life lessons, etc. They're very carefully woven in this show and I love it for that. The only good thing I'm hearing is the new Spider-man movie, that's the few good things left in the western world. Everything is genuinely being censored and I'm not being "radical" about that. It's the plain simple truth. GOOGLE IT if you don't believe me.

    This opening theme is just too good to be skipped to the point it was even tuned specifically into the opening sequence to give off specific vibes:

    The music itself is a class of its own. Not only is the plot itself professionally written and executed, as is the music. Everything compliments one another, even the animation and visuals. Everything compliments each other.

    I can also relate to the main character (now named Rudy) because I've also found myself dealing with the vile nature of society. We've traveled a similar path in life. A good story is also possible when the viewer can relate to the main character (or any character). People always harassing others for what they're compensate elsewhere to the point they've sadly harassed poor Rudy in his previous. It pained him so much he was deadly afraid of venturing outdoors in both lives. It took a very caring nudge to allow him to feel safe in his second fantasy life thanks to Roxy mentoring and tutoring him as a kid. Thankfully, I was able to hold more pride doing more than the character in the anime. I'm however guilty of doing the same as the MC because of the negativities of society. Our paths are however more or less the same yet different as well. I'm still however always getting blamed for shit because people love blaming other people. That never changes. I'm however happy the ending to this anime has shown the true power of story telling. It's why it's the best, even if now the toxic part of the western media shall try its best to either hijack it for their own clout or void it for their ignorance, envious they can't create the same form of media themselves.

    (Someone special said this about Rudy)

    Even if it appears you may have nobody to guide you, there'll always be someone. Even if they're silent. The problematic part is that they stay silent to the point you become depressed allowing 'self-deletion' to happen. They're there, in the shadows. Maybe far too deeply in the shadows to the point we become oblivious to it, as Rudy had become in his time of need for support, twice.


    If anybody is going to knock on Mushoku Tensei I won't trust them. I'll view them as a fake seeking clout. It's definitely one of the top anime of the season, and the year, to the point it even teaches you how to be better at life. This is why I always gravitate to Anime because the authors always tend to leave life lessons, personal experiences, and a part of themselves waiting to be discovered in the show, something your average viewer will miss. While you have morons going "Anime is too complex, it sucks" they openly admitted they failed at life missing out on philosophical points made.

    'Rudy' (in his IRL life) wanted actual respect, comfort, and acknowledgement. There was none. People disrespected him, shamed him, even traumatized him to the point he feared going outside. People looked down on him, shunned him. Granted, some tried. They sadly didn't try hard enough. Even in his second life he feared going outside with how painfully traumatized he was. It had to take a comforting touch of a female magical tutor to reassure him there is nothing to fear. People need that reassuring touch, not some therapist or governmental bullcrap. Yes, it helps. People are just so lazy these days it's amazing. It's no wonder people feel so disconnected, less happy, etc. COVID spotlighted this showing how people simply can't connect with one another. People simply need to feel acknowledged and accepted. That is all it takes, and that is what this anime teaches and what I came to the conclusion of in life. It's why we go anonymous on the interweb because we seek things we lack.

    From being betrayed by society, harassed by bullies, run over by a truck, reincarnated in a new fantasy world, being mentored and doing the mentoring he sure went a long way. You see actual character growth from beginning to end. This is the kind of depth people desired from Rei in New Trilogy Star Wars, something Luke and Anakin had to learn. Even Ahsoka. Sane people were pissed with the fake Star Wars New Trilogy garbage. Thankfully newer Star Wars after this rectified this issue. I'll always be biasly in love with Anime because it's the last proper uncensored and intact form of media out there. It's also thanks to Anime that I'm even alive because if we didn't have anime I'd be dead. Most likely. I would have finally snapped from societies sins in some form or another. This is after any European media. Europeans may have become corrupted themselves pretending what they're doing is right when they probably naively fell to the Borg-hive mind of political correctness, something Anime still hasn't been corrupted by. I used to admire European media, can't say I do now because nothing stands out except for a few gems here and there. Hence, why you have such good story telling done by Mushoku Tensei teaching people to simply do better, live your life the best you can so you can leave a proper impact of some sort.

    Going to quickly note that it took both the Japanese Busou Shinki community (2009-2016) and the VRChat community (late 2017-2020) to see the best sides of me; Seeing me actually being happy and vocal. I was able to become human, converse with people, etc. I also equally saw the sins of people bringing out the worst in me being a brutal struggle between good and evil. It's constant and never ending. It's why I relate and admire Rudy. It's thanks to VRChat (and Nagzz21) I was able to become fully vocal again after so many harassment campaigns by Ottawa and the bully brigade. Everything was always my fault for everything, and even by people I consider "friends" also. Everything is always my fault to the point I'm constantly wary. What about Rising World? I'm here to do what I was unable to do in Minecraft by modding in Busou Shinki and rebuilding my lost Empire in Minecraft. I see great potential wanting this game to be the best it's advertised itself to be. As for if I'm able to 2022 onwards, hard to tell. I'll do the best I can. People need to be genuinely friendly without labeling me 'radical', or other bullcrappery. People need to be genuinely honest with themselves doing the most that they're able to instead of being scared or traumatized as I was, and others.

    Going back to the anime people now respectfully look up to and admire Rudy, even though they could not tell him up front. He's done a lot. People are weird that way not able to openly express their true feelings of support, even in the real world. People wait until its too late to uplift people to the point those people have fallen from grace, 'self-deleted', or other negative happenings. It's probably for this very same reason this poor voice actress even 'self-deleted' herself in Japan, or it may have simply been the pressure itself. Japanese are known for 'self-deleting' a lot over various pressures. May she rest in peace.

    (She is roughly the same age as me. I feel for her. They all go through the same pains in the industry, something which was also noted in anime.)

    Seeing Rudy's pain, and IRL 'self-deletions' makes me wonder about why people fear complimenting people to the point of regret. It's fine to point out flaws, people still however don't know how to elegantly point them out. Instead, people point things out to the point it alienates and villainizes them. People need to learn proper elegance. People only come out once you're a celebrity status, otherwise stay silent to the point death is the last option to the person. Makes me think of that butterfly analogy how helping a butterfly out of a cocoon makes them weaker yet allowing them themselves to escape makes them stronger.


    What do you do... Support people or hold off for far too long risking the very person you admire to self-delete themselves? That is the very question this anime poses. The other is overcoming traumatic experiences to become better at life.

  • December is being a rough month, but what made it worse is the recent conversation I had off the forums basically telling me how disconnected I am with everything. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I simply stored a tweet and I got railed for it. I wasn't expecting a discussion about it, only to notepad it for later. I'm annoyed and disappointed with certain people and I guess I just can't expect to have these people understand. It may have been a misunderstanding and miscommunication, it however left me genuinely frustrated. If you hate me then you hate me..... I can't do anything about that. I'm just a human on borrowed time doing what I want to do while trying to co-exist with others also with borrowed time. When the going gets tough I get blunt and we all hate that. Yes.

    I'm all up for a civil conversation. I've tried it last night. Instead, I however feel it was an open opportunity to rail against me when I'm at my low yelling at me when I can barely comprehend things in exhaustion. People have this bad habit of scolding me when I'm at my lowest. See an opening and BAM! It's your fault this and that. If it's done in good intention, I get that.

    Alright, fine. I'll stop posting these but don't blame me when you continue getting more censorship in Germany, more stale games, media, etc. I warned you, I got voided and gaslit. Words were twisted in some wacky logic. I couldn't defend myself because of how exhausted I was (and still am) to the point I'm now further desiring NPCs in games. Maybe I should keep finding threads about how Germans are pissed off how they can't play their game because of various legal and bureaucratic.

    As for the whole comment about "pushing people away", people do that naturally. They don't need my push on that. People hang out with their tribe, friendzones, etc. Basically "cliques". People hang out with certain people and I'm just someone who is into Anime. I won't fit in with anybody no matter how hard I try. I'm a Canadian into anime talking on a German forum with Germans mindsets. Even the more recent mindset of how the news speaks no evil, even when it constantly click-baits and sins a lot. I don't expect to keep friends, or make friends. It's why I had a private server. I'm always expecting to be blamed because that is how it goes. No matter what I say, do, or act people already have this pre-conceived notion of "friend" and "enemy". I simply desire people to be as honest as possible. That is all. Anything before the 2017 mark. If I lose people because of these fights then I guess that's life. I already lost my will and spark to take figure photography because of a Dutch friend blaming me for his problems. The fun I had was taken away from me. People have done horrible types of damage yet I'm not allowed to return it to people. I mean, I guess that makes sense but I'm also annoyed by it. We're just not allowed to do things we genuinely enjoy and admire.

    Maybe I should do what I had done on the Steam forum going on hiatus.

    As for my love for anime, I will not budge on it. Anime is genuinely superior until western media can get back on its feet in that 1990's manner. We do have 'Spider-man: No Way Home' which was noted as being awesome. I want to genuinely see that movie. As for Matrix? That's a reboot and a cashgrab. I may still watch it, I however shall view it poorly for rehashing an IP for money and not for the love of lore. Again, this is why I favour Anime because there is love and respect, something you rarely see in western media. It's rare now, so rare that we have to hype up Spiderman for how rare it is.

    I even Googled this last night to check.

    It backed me up. Maybe I am rambly, maybe not. I'm going to think it over if I should probably stop posting on this forum or not. People just don't understand me even when we try to have a civil conversation. I'm disappointed and let down on that regard. If anything doesn't make sense then just blame my fatigue. I'm going to try to tone things down the best I can, maybe for the worse though shall try to consider what to do from now on and how to post. :wacko:

    (I even have morons on Steam doing another round of hate baiting so I feel bad Red51 is now going ot have to deal with that again. Screw those people. Steam moderation won't do anything about actual harassment. Thankfully I can hide in my Azur Lane game until Rising World matures enough.)

  • You remarks lately about Germany and "someone" you had a discussion with make it quite clear to whom you are referring to.

    This is not the place for such drama. If you got to tell me something do it on pm.

    I have and you wouldn't listen, nor acknowledge; See things eye-to-eye. Yes, this isn't the place for such drama to the point I went silent on you then you pushed me away just as you refused to acknowledge the world around you. This is only happening because you refused to acknowledge the world around you and because of a purposely caused divide. If that means pushing you away at the same time then so be it. Even in a DM we couldn't see eye to eye and I do agree to keep things private, hence why I went vague and anonymous.

    You guys can blame me all you want, I'm now considering going on a hiatus because everything is going to be my fault again and I'm not happy about that. Like a pincer attack on both ends. Everything is always allegedly my fault that I'm now fuming. Going to force myself a break.

    WE had our moment, it was spoiled. This is what it devolved into. I can't wait for NPCs in Rising World but I also equally don't want to pressure Red51. I mean, I want the NPCs, I'm just at the point I'm now wary of people again. Very wary.


    While I'm here I'm going to note this.........

    People preferred Spiderman over Matrix reboot.

    One of many tweets.

    Now to go into a hiatus, or at least try to. It be better if Red51 could solely focus on the game without having to deal with me or our messed up disagreements.

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